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Best android music player app?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by metalgeareh, Nov 27, 2012.
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  1. Mmurin
    I really like Rocket music player.
    I would like some opinions on the quoted post
  2. gaiastar
    i liked it too ,but it doesn't support all the audio files only the audio files supported by the phone
    other software like foobar2000 for android has its own codec
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  3. Mmurin
    But my HTC10 support everything natively
    And seems to be doing a good job decoding flac, even from the free version of rocket
  4. Signal2Noise
    I'm partial to Rocket Player, been using it for years. However, I still haven't come across "the best" music player app. I have to rely on several apps for specific features for the listening situation at hand. Sometimes I wish I had the time to teach myself app dev to come up with one of these apps. If Rocket Player (UI, fluidity, SQ), Neutron (options!, EQ), and UAPP (USB to DAC - onboard & out) got together for one night of debauchery and at the end an offspring was born that would be the ultimate player app, imo.

    There's some honourable mentions that I have been enjoying to use lately, although still require improvements in one regard or another: Shuttle+, Phonograph, Hiby, Black Player, & Stellio.
  5. jjmai
    As much as I enjoy poweramp, I hate how it occasionally cannot verify license in the middle of a flight (airplane mode, no data), and stops working all together.

    Anyone know what good music app supports streaming local files from phone to Chromecast?
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  6. Dipper
    I find UAPP USB dac driver is worse than Android driver. USB dac has narrower soundstage. Volume is too loud and the melody/beat is too forward. It sounds too in your face. Android sounds better, even though there's resample. Everything blends in and nothing is too forward. Music is more relaxing and emotional. Is it just me that hear this?
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  7. phiemon
    I would like to know this too because I'm looking for an app with the best audio quality with the DragonFly Red.
  8. Paulus XII
    UAPP period.
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  9. cskoog
    I've been around the block with Android players. I've got almost 10k tracks on my phone so I'm only interested in players that can handle so many. Also I'm organized in recursive folders, so players that are dumb about that are useless to me. I often use an external DAC with good results just through Android. With an external DAC I find both Pulsar and Rocket Player to be most convenient and to have the features I want. But AIMP has even more features and two levels of sorting as well as a 10 band equalizer and its own audio engine, so despite a less intuitive interface it is excellent both with and without an external DAC. However, when I am not using an external DAC and do not need complex sorting, I like the sound I can get from Noozy best. Its audio engine and DSP options give a wide range of very clear and musical listening possibilities. I'm really disappointed that Noozy does not seem to be getting updated, though.
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  10. TYATYA
    Idk if your dragonfly can decode dsd or not. If YES, go for Hfplayer (Onkyo)(Tiac has same one 99% same, as copy).
    In the past using a dsd dac/amp I found that app has a very good special function : PCM to Dsd real time during playing (high spec smartphone required). Its is not placebo effect.
    Also it has good eq.
    Neutron is good at Eq and it is an unlimited format : mp3, pcm, dsd, dts-es6.1.... all!
    For diriect use 3.5 jack output of smartphone I prefer VLC then UAPP (UAPP is bull**** in upscale, very bad)
  11. audiophilefan
    Hi everyone! Honestly, I don't have time and energy to backread all 38 pages so please pardon me if I'm repeating anyone else's opinion.

    The best player for me is Stellio, bar none.

    *Pretty cheap to unlock and remove ads
    *Interface is really clean with great looking themes for every tastes.
    *Album art support is great. Auto added and accurate. Easy to add them manually too.
    *Adding and editing playlists is easy by multiple-select.
    *Gapless playback works great.
    *Crossfade is subtle and works great if you're into that.
    *Audio buffer size is adjustable, though you may need to measure your phone's so you can adjust it accordingly (default works for me just fine)
    *Behavior is highly customizable (pauses when volume is 0, or when headphones are unplugged, etc.)
    *Plays the usual hi-res formats (even the highest quality of flacs, wav, etc. Of course not DSD and the likes unless your phone supports those)
    *Supports external DACs natively. No additional set up required when I plugged in Fiio K1. It's plug and play. Hiby Music and others are finicky so I uninstalled upon trying.
    -No streaming support. I think this is intended for purists.
    *EQ has a lot of useful options, including replay gain (called as AGC or automatic gain control within the EQ). You can also disable the EQ to use third party ones. I let Dolby Atmos in Music mode do all the work (I leave it flat, with just the Virtualizer on).
    *Best of all, sound quality is the best I heard, neutral and I dare say pretty natural. Other players just sound "metallic" or too digital if you know what I mean. It must be bypassing something in android and being able to use the full potential of the phone's DAC (or external DAC or amp for that matter).

    For reference, my phone is a Lenovo K4 Note running a Wolfson WM8281 DAC, mostly stock Android Lollipop. Sounds great with Stellio. YMMV but it doesn't hurt to give it a try. :wink:
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
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  12. tuxx
    Thank you for this addition, @audiophilefan!

    I would like to retire Poweramp for a number of reasons, the lack of development being the most important one. Looking for a replacement that can scrobble to Last.fm, supports Vorbis, has a clear sound over my DT770s and does generally not get in my way, the two finalists were Stellio and jetAudio, despite their little quirks.

    I found that there does not seem to be a way to get rid of the jetAudio notification, I can't seem to be able to exit the player without opening the main window. Is that correct? Because, if nothing else, this might give me a reason to pick Stellio...
  13. chokini
    Does JetAudio have direct output to USB DAC ?
  14. Sebilion
    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but, if you are not afraid to download unknown files, you can download the dolby atmos equalizer from technonation. You don't need to root your phone or anything. I must say that on my oneplus 5t it works like a charm, on my Samsung galaxy note 8 though, that's another story, the device won't even download the apk. I don't know why. Anyway the equalizer is simple but amazing! I love it!
  15. audiophilefan
    @tuxx - Sorry for the late response. As far as I can remember (long ago), I downloaded JetAudio and then uninstalled same day. :beyersmile: That's the thing for me, man. If it feels even a little bit buggy or gives you notifications you do not need, I'm not keeping it. The main purpose of having a player in a smartphone is convenience. If it gives you headaches, uninstall, then try something else (like Stellio, of course). Best of luck! :wink:
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