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Best android music player app?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by metalgeareh, Nov 27, 2012.
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  1. mehdikh423
    I use usb audio player with mojo i should say difference in sq between this app and other app like uapp is night and day:rolling_eyes::ok_hand:
  2. 18SMiTH19
    Sound wise, I personally like..

    1. Neutron
    2. Poweramp (Alpha Build)
    3. Radsone DCT
    4. Onkyo HF Player
    5. Planktone

    I also have V4A, both fx & xHiFi installed on my phone. But I rarely use them with players mentioned above. I only use V4A with BlackPlayer EX.
  3. davidcotton
    Do any of the android apps support the m4b (apple audiobook format)?  If so which ones?  Also any of them support true gapless?  I'm after a player that basically is as seamless as the ios one but not on the ipod if that makes sense.  Don't have a player atm but looking at either the cayin i5 or the upcoming fiio x5 III.
  4. idabgamgsx9754
    I never heard of m4b, but, if you can send me a sample of it offline I can try it on USB Audio Player Pro.  
  5. music4mhell
    UAPP can't play m4b formats, i just checked a sample file.
    Edit : You can download Audiobook player / Smart Audiobook Player from Playstore, they can play m4b formats...
  6. davidcotton

    Thanks for checking.  It's a toss up between the cayin i5, or the sony a35 with the sony a bit in the lead. 
  7. rkt31
    is there any chance of foobar free app bypassing the Android system and providing the same functionality as Uapp. currently only hiby player is free and bypasses the Android system.
  8. Sp12er3
    Is there a way to use Spotify on Android but also bypassing the internal DAC/Amp? I must say the sound that come out of my Samsung Galaxy note 8.0 is just awful, I don't know what's wrong with it, as I tried IEMs, MA900 (has Impedance compensator) and slightly higher Impedance cans, it still sounds awful. No matter what player I use.
  9. guliver
    The big issue so far with Hiby is the playback order on network if you playing an album everything is alphabetical and not track # the technical support is aware of this issue, waiting for a fix, This is very problematic for Opera and so on
  10. Ram Spencer
    Wow! The beta build of PowerAmp for Android sounds amazing! Hibby and others are getting uninstalled. There are so many ways to tweak it under the hood. I'm running it with with an Axon 7 with 1More triple drivers .(The surround virtualizer section of the Dolby Atmos on this phone actually sounds pretty amazing as a side note) This build of PowerAmp is night and day light years ahead of the current stable build.  The tweak to use high-res output is really sweet and plays well with the Axon 7.

    Here's the kicker: With the really decent dac/sound-chip in this phone and the new PowerAmp, I am not even using my Fiio portable amp, which sounded much better than my LG phone, but makes no discernible improvement with this new setup.

    Check out the the new beta build of PowerAmp.

    And, if you happen to have the Axon 7, try the surround virtualizer section in Dolby Atmos. It's a really hard thing to get right, but this new version of Dolby did a excellent job. But for god's sake, turn off the volume leveler, too aggressive and squishy.....volume normalization produces too many artifacts for me. With the right settings in PowerAmp they play really well together. I haven't been able to stop listening to this combo all day!
  11. jam130
    Default Samsung Music app is surprisingly good on the S8. It's outputting FLAC at the correct sample rate. Given the limitations of my DFR I can't only confirm DSD output up to 96khz

    However I can't get the volume as high with Samsung Music as with UAPP through the DAC. My HD650's actually sound better through the onboard DAC due to volume restraints with Samsung Music app and the DFR
  12. PsiCore
    Neutron users, is it possible to add music (songs, whole folders) to Now Playing/queue (it's called dynamic playlist, I think)? The last I checked it had only playlists creation and I can't recheck as my eval is long over.
  13. cirodts
    I neuton find it a bit tiring as sound, the medium high a bit high, I currently use jetaudio and I find it very balanced as sound, a free player bypassing the android session?
  14. gaiastar
    my phone doesn't play opus files
    is there an application that can play them?

    and just a question are only the application with their own codec that play better then other applications?

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
  15. Signal2Noise
    JetAudio & Neutron can play OPUS file format. I believe GoneMad and PowerAmp can as well.
    gaiastar likes this.
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