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Best Amature type IEM for hip/hop and rap

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  1. Gilly87
    I don't know about the Copper, Gold, or Miles Davis Tribute, but the normal Turbines will likely not satisfy the bass needs of someone coming from S4.
  2. jacobap100
    Would the westone 3 or ie8
  3. Zalithian
    If the W3 bass doesn't satisfy you, you'll need to stick to dynamics, I would imagine. It definitely had the most bass out of BA's that I have heard, though. Very visceral with good quantity. Plan on spending plenty of time trying different tips if you order them. :)
  4. jacobap100
    So i might order the westone 3 and if they don't work for me I'll go ie8
  5. shamrock134
    I have the W3, IE8 and Tribute. It's tough to pick my fave out of them, but for hip-hop the Tribute and IE8 have more of that reverberant bass while the W3 has quicker, punchier bass IMO.
  6. rangerid
    I am going to say TF10s, they were my first ever high end iems and their bass is the best I have heard from the armature group out and they pair very well with hip hop. 
  7. AykDaddy
    i am mostly listening to Hip Hop/Rap and the Coppers are excellent for this genre. The lows go really deep but are supertight and with lots of impact. the Golds i found to boomy which takes away from the overall accuracy and balance.
    The Coppers have excellent treble with neither forward or recessed mids. For Hip Hop the Coppers are an absolute recommendation from my side. The MD Tributes are pretty close to the Coppers with more forward mids and a little boomier lows. Still very good and i think a little cheaper too....
    The Coppers are currently 220$ on Amazon. Thats a really good price. If you need Control talk with it its 275$.
    Best of luck
  8. jacobap100
    Ok so it's between 2
    Westone 3 w/ Fiio e6 286 earphonesolutions
    Sennheiser IE8i for 300 amazon
    I'm so split I'm thinking about flipping a coin
    Can anyone help?
  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    The JVC FAX1X.. $20 will throw down the bass like you won't believe.. Perfect for hip hop.. No one knows anything about them but they are astonishing for the price. Cheap enough to try out n see what you think.. They will surprise you.
  10. jacobap100
    One or the other lol
  11. Zalithian
    Is the IE8 from an authorized dealer? They should both be pretty good for it really. W3 has better isolation, better highs and clarity. The IE8 is still a great earphone. I would give the IE8 an edge in soundstage and durability. Both companies have good customer service if you buy authorized.
  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya get one of the expensive ones these guys are suggesting. And then throw down $20 for one of these HAFX1X.. I haven't heard too many headphones or earphones that does bass quite like these JVCs. Anyone reading this that might be curious about them.
    Heck I spent more for cheap street tacos the other day..  Try em out.  You just might regret spending all your hard earned cash for less of bass on a earphone. Their called Xplodes for a reason. Absolute blast to listen to hip hop on these. The headphones suck but the earphones are special. Fun and warm sounding with nothing missing and add a copious amount of BASS and you get the JVC FAX1X.
    I think all the ones the guys suggested are fine for your needs.. Though you will miss out on some atomic bass with these however. They will shake your eyeballs!! haha
  13. jacobap100
    Ok I'll go with the w3 cause I need isolation and plus they won in the coin flip lol
  14. AykDaddy
    I think you made the right choice!!
  15. Poetik
    The w3 is nice but when I put on the ie8's I am constantly tortured by the smoothness and rumble of a dynamic driver.  It hurts my head trying to decide which customs to get. 
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