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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Awolmartinez

    That is the version 2, and youre right it was confirmed a while back that it wont fit, but "supposedly" the ihp-35l does fit, at least in the v1 they say it does.
  2. jazzy007

    You have different version of of IHP35_. There is 17 version of IHP35_. you have original IHP35, not ADL iHP-35L or ADL iHP-35B I mentioned.
    See link below.
  3. genpoker
    To sum up, what is the best replacement cable for the v1 under $50?
    We are giving 200€ for a headphone but it still needs cable improvement for giving it best. This makes me angry. Am I the only one?
  4. gianrond
    Apart from the build quality, what'should wrong with the original cable? Would replacing it increase sound quality?
  5. Dopaminer
    This version definitely does not fit: 
    And this version definitely does fit (I use it with my H6) :
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  6. gianrond
    The version you say fits for sure, is it for v1 or v2? Have you noticed any improvements in sound quality over the original cable?
  7. Dopaminer
    I`m pretty sure mine is V1.  I never actually used the rubbery stock B&O cable, so can`t comment on the sound of the ADL, but the super-low profile 90deg jack is great for pocketing DAPs. 
  8. DivaFonda
    I have cables that increase the volume over the stock cable. Not audiophile quality cables like the other one posted, but nevertheless, there is still an improvement. However, if you need to use the phone capability, maybe the stock cable is best for you. The microphone can come in handy. If you do not, then you can replace with better cables.
  9. genpoker
    From what I heard it increases sound quality. The ADL iHP-35L seems to be priced over 100$. I should go with the stock one I guess. Im not an audiophile or something, giving 100$ for just a cable is too much for me.
  10. nk126

    Super subjective. I swear I hear better sound with the vModa replacement cable. I also believe those who tell me that's scientifically impossible. Beauty is in the ear of the beholder.
  11. nk126

    Best: Vmoda audio only cable
    Some say cable improvement is "needed." Others swear new cable does NOTHING to improve the sound. Plenty of people spend far more than 200€ on headphones only to spend more money modding them. Everything is subjective. 
    Welcome to the rabbit hole.
  12. adambuckeridge
    I bought the vmoda cable since it was cheap and worth testing, I was immediately able to tell a difference between the two cables, there is definately a volume difference, but I am not sure if my ears can tell other improvements.
    I also bought the vmoda cable with the built in mic, I have not tested it against the other two cables to see what the differences are yet.
  13. nk126
    This is exactly why it's the best cable, IMO. Cheap enough to be worth the risk. Cheap enough to offer a great chance of perceived ROI. Cheap enough to not be a $150 cable for a $300 pair of cans. If that's your thing, cool. But to me, that doesn't quite make sense. But hey, it's all about the [​IMG] however you get there!
  14. adambuckeridge
    Would having a mic / remote on the cable be one of the reasons there is a difference in sound?
  15. terencetcf
    So which cables' volume is louder?
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