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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. h8dk97
    It wouldn't surprise me at all if the new version catered more for mass market - more bass. I always thought that this wonderful product, the original H6, was a result of B&O design error :)
  2. Dexter22
    I clearly remember my V1's had lot of 'boosted bass' in the beginning(I had it written in my review, and edited later) and then after a month, it settled down. Also I am sure its not placebo, that I wasn't using it much during this period, and my headphone was in the closet doing the burn in! So if the V2 was not given enough time, well.. And B and O has always produced good sounding products along with their beautiful timeless designs.(They are not in the BOSE category) I remember having a vintage RL 60.2 speakers from them. And to say these headphones remind me of them.(Airy treble, sharp imaging, sharp bass. clear non forward mids) They preserve some character throughout their premium products.
  3. theexexpat
    Wow just tested gen1 against Beyer T70p. Difference is night and day. The T70p are terrible!
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  4. Tran67
    Ordered the black v1 H6s from the Vodafone store on EBay for £148.99 !!!
    So what is the best cable for the v1s ? I will be using them with the Fiio x3 original player,the Galaxy Note 4 & the Shanling M5 when it is available in the UK.
    I am very grateful for all the comments on here which made it a no brainer to go for these,I am not an audiophile, just want to get the best listening experience for the money I can afford so cheers guys
  5. theexexpat
    I've just been testing against this cable
    Its excellent and a massive improvement over the b&o supplied. It's also great value at £9.
    I also tested against the cheaper cable mentioned earlier in this thread at £3. It's physically too short and thin and as far as I can tell no noticeable sonic improvement over the b&o.
  6. Dexter22
    Wow, I had seen this for many days and was reluctant to test them, as I saw few bad reviews on the seller. But was tempted to try them always. Did you notice any microphonics? I normally walk around with my headphones, so its important to me to have a cable without any cable noise while walking? Also, can you describe a bit, about the improvement area?
  7. goody
    Listening more to the V2 H6,i have 2 other headphones the MH40 and the Momentum 2 ....its certainly sounds more articulate especially with that treble it is more extended but the mids sound a bit laidback for some reason....I think i like the momentums better the mids sound better and its more comfortable .
    Also if i compare it to the MH40 the MH40  has got  a better soundstage then both headphones as it it is semi opened                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  8. Blinxat

    I think the mesh on MH40 is only for show, it is in fact a closed can.
  9. Tran67
    Thanks Exexpat,have ordered the cable,for that price is worth trying.Don't see where Dexter has heard bad things when the seller has 99.7% feedback
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  10. goody
    it certainly does not isolate well if thats the case 
  11. theexexpat
    For me nothing special and uncomfortable - the pair I tested for a couple of months (before selling on) were clamping way too much... but probably good for runners/masochists.
  12. gianrond
    Hi, in what is this cable better than the original one?
  13. Tran67
    I am not an audiophile,just like music as it should sound,but I am listening to the Flying Pickets,an acapella group from the 80s,a song called "Only You". I find the cable from eBay makes it seem as if there is more bass,a fuller,warm sound with greater volume,as if you are closer to the music. You can still hear the different singers.
    I think it is actually a good idea to have both cables as it depends on what the song is as to which cable suits best,but the new cable just seems to give you a more immersive experience,the B&O cable is for if you want a more clear sound as if you are listening in a studio.
    As I say I am not as knowledgeable as some on here,a beginner,maybe some will disagree with me,but this is my take on it,I must also point out that I have only had these headphones for a few days,maybe it will change with burn in,I just know I love these headphones.
    You should really find the Flying Pickets they are great on decent headphones,also Elvis with the Philharmonic Orchestra (really like Bridge Over Troubled Waters) & "Riding With The King" B.B.King & Eric Clapton sound amazing
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  14. Tran67
    Forgot to say listening on an iPod Classic 3rd Gen I think
  15. Toom
    What's the product number of the V2 H6? How is it easy to distinguish the new variant?
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