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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Bloodflowerz
    Nicely put and I also agree with this.
    obsidyen, while some headphones you mentioned may sound better for EDM compared with the H6, it's the balanced sound and "realistic" bass of the H6 that make them usable for all genres.
    As I stated before, the H6 are truly the Jack of all Trades. I would rather have a headphone that sounds great across the board rather than a headphone which sounds great for only a few genres.
  2. Bloodflowerz
    Congrats! You are in for a treat! [​IMG]
  3. DC5Zilla
    I'm quite interested in both T5p and Ether C but how does those two's soundstage compare to H6?  This H6 has great air and imaging for it's size...
  4. Dopaminer
    Agreed.  Freakish, actually, given that its cups are so shallow compared with the other `phones we`re discussing.  
    The T5p has noticeably more going on in several areas, the soundstage is huge and open-headphone-like; the imaging is fantastically HD800-like; detail is similarly HD800-like.  These last two points contributed to many people, including me,  finding the V1 to be fatiguing sometimes and even harsh, on occasion.  The AK version added more low end and tamed the highs a bit, especially when used with an AK player and their T5p-specific EQ setting.  It`s great, but in comparison to the new V2, now seems like a workaround rather than a full upgrade.  The V2 is a more sophisticated and more successful re-engineering of the sound sig, keeping all the good and eliminating the bad (I think; I don`t own it yet but I keep demoing it again and again . ..)  
    The Ether C is a completely different beast . . . .I can`t describe it yet; I like what Tyll said.  
    Here in Japan, the T5p is 6x the price of the H6 and the Ether C is 10x the price, so it`s bizarre that we`re even discussing them, but somehow fitting.  
    Regarding size, the H6 is leagues apart from the other two.  The beyer and ether are large, heavy, don`t fold, are slightly fetishized, need cases really.  Basically when I took my T5p out with me it dictated which bag I brought with me that day, whether or not I brought my camera, whether or not I was going to the gym, etc.  The H6 can be tossed in most bags as an afterthought, worn around the neck all day without much bother, etc.  It`s a real portable headphone.  
  5. Manolo Dynamite
    Hi all,

    I had again some contact with the help desk of B&O.

    After checking internally again, they are claiming that there are no technical changes at all between v1 and v2.

    I just can't understand how so many people can hear a difference?
    This can't be pure imagination!?
  6. Bloodflowerz
    The medical term is called Placebo effect.....
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  7. gianrond
    So, I spoke with both a salesperson from B&O and a Customer Care agent, and they said the following (both of them):

    - Impedance is the same between V1 and V2
    - However, the H6 has more punchy bass and a difference frequency response.

    Also, I tried both the V1 and V2 at the same time and could tell that V2 had slightly punchier lows!
  8. ZehTreyster
    Anyone here have the H6 V2 and an Oppo PM-3 (or heard both of them)? If so which would you recommend for electronic music? Thanks!
  9. DC5Zilla
    Thank you so much for the information!!  I'm going to keep H6 for portable use but I need "the one" for home use.  Your experience really helps me!  BTW, I've read your post regarding DT1770 but does it edges out T5P in terms of openness/soundstage?  I'm literally shocked that I'm reaching out for H6 over Noble 8C now days...
  10. Poki
    H6 v2.
    The (fairly clean) bass on H6 v2 almost rivals with my THX-00.  YMMV.
  11. ZehTreyster
    Thanks for the info! I'm getting a PM 3 as part of the loaner program and the B&O is $300 right now so I mighty compare the two when I have the PM 3. Just a matter of picking up the H6 before the sale is up •_• If anyone else has opinions let me know!
  12. gianrond
    Guys, is anyone using an EQ with the H6 (v2)? If so, how did you tune the frequency?
  13. Frank N Furter
    V2s turned up today so just had an hour of V1 vs V2 comparison connected to my Mojo.
    I'm not very technical but...the V2 is about 3 clicks louder than the V1 and the V2 definitely has louder low bass.
    Both these differences were clearly noticeable and 'verified' by my colleague in a blind test.
    Now I'm in a dilemma as to which ones to keep... I like the extra bass for some types of music, but, after getting used to the V1 it sounded a little too much on some tracks...
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  14. jazzy007

    Easy, keep both.
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  15. theexexpat

    Great first post. I have the same feedback so far. But I have 30 days to return the V2 so am hoping to burn in before deciding. I wasn't sure about this burn-in business at first but can state when I first heard the V1 pre burn-in I returned them. I then ordered again and to me they sound significantly different after a week or so daily use. I suspect it will be the same with the V2.
    So far so good....
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