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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Frank N Furter
    Further V2 observation...
    The cable connector port is narrower than the V1 and the v-moda replacement I bought for my V1 will not fit in the hole without modification, it's simply too tight.
  2. DivaFonda

    Wow! And I thought the V1 was tight. I cannot use some of my good cables because the plugs will not go through the small opening. It's for sure a 3.5mm plug, it's just the casing is sturdy metal and thick. I had to buy cheaper cables that fit smartphone cases.
  3. Frank N Furter
    yep, the hole is smaller and the plug on the included cable with the V2 is narrower.
    I'd bought two of the v-moda cables for the V1 and had them wired to the two headphone sockets on my Mojo... which certainly seems to give them a little more oomph.
  4. DC5Zilla
    That's quite odd as my vmoda boommic fits perfectly fine with my v2 H6... [​IMG]
  5. nk126

    My vmoda cable works fine with my v1 H6. Took a little wiggling at first to get it properly seated, but it's been rock solid for months now.
  6. Frank N Furter
    yes, does seem odd that they would use two different sized plugs. The cables I got, that don't fit, were the 'Audio Only Cable' https://v-moda.com/audio-only-cable/
  7. Awolmartinez

    I'm glad to hear you say that because I bought the v mode cable because everyone said it for great in the v1, but I thought I was the wrong one because it is suuuuper tight, I can get them in With some force, but the scary part is the force required to get it back out.
  8. bracque
    So which cable will work with the v2?
  9. adambuckeridge
    I have had the H6 V1 for a few months now. I reached out to BeoCare to see if V2 had any differences and this is the response I got.
    This is the first time I have seen BeoCare state that there are tuning differences... I do have a pair of v2 arriving this week, so I want to double check if the drivers do look different, and if there is much of a change in sound using the same cable in both.
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  10. jazzy007

    I just measure cable connector circumference use caliper for ADL iHP-35L, ADL iHP-35B, and H6 original cable from H6-SE. Here they are below. I am surprised iHP-35L is significantly smaller than both ADL iHP-35B, and H6 original cable. You could measure your H6 gen2 cable connector circumference, and determine will ADL iHP-35L fit the hole on gen2.
    ADL iHP-35L: 5.95mm
    ADL iHP-35B: 6.43mm
    H6 original cable from H6-SE: 6.23mm
    Typo edited.
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  11. theexexpat
    Can confirm that the IHP35 ADL doesn't fit gen1 or gen2 - had to send it back :frowning2:
    Would love to know a good cable I can order that will fit if anyone can help please?
  12. Anwer
    Which version of the ADL 35 did you buy?
  13. the Membrane
    I ended up buying a simple aux cable from amazon. It seems to be thin enough to fit on the H6 and doesn't have any complaints as to poor audio quality. Is there any reason this wouldn't work?
  14. theexexpat
    This one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400602209644?
    On the side of the box it says IHP35 ADL II
  15. theexexpat
    Available to order again. In stock May 18.
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