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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. gianrond
    So is this vmoda cable compatible with the H6 v2?
  2. bracque
    what about this cable?  according to some answers in the Q&A section it fits the V2.
    i wonder how this one compares to the V moda.
  3. DivaFonda
    Reviews are good for that cable. Amazon is good with returns so you can't go wrong with trying it out for yourself. Are you a Prime member though? They ask for too much in shipping if not.
    I should say if ordered through Amazon. $5.00 is not too bad from the seller itself.
  4. jazzy007

    I got my iHP-35L from cdjapan for $81.82USD shipped. Had bought thing from them since 10+ years ago without any issue, just take some time across the ocean.
  5. theMUKe
    For those people in UK who are looking for a replacement cable with 3 contacts. This one fits in H6 first generation:
    Apparently this one has gold plated contacts whose conductance is lower than the silver plated ones (?) of the original one. There seems to be a tiny decrease in audio quality if I do not err - just listened with it for a short time.
  6. Frank N Furter

    The V-Moda "Audio Only" cable is not compatible with the V2.  This cable gave a noticeable improvement on my V1s.
    Also, quick update on my V1 vsV2 dilemma... I've sent back the V2s, much prefer the V1 sound.. the V2s are just too 'boomy' for me :/ 
  7. Tympan
    I received this email newsletter from B&O yesterday stating that the H6 Gen 2 in new color scheme is coming... for $299 retail price.
     I like, I like.
  8. jazzy007
    It is same $299USD price Beoplay online for all new models, 2nd GEN and new SE.
  9. adambuckeridge
    Amazon.com has had that price for the last week or two. I just picked up a V2 for $236.58 used Very Good from Amazon
    Still a few in stock:
    Here are photos comparing V1 (red lettering) with V2 (black lettering).
    The major visual differences include:
    Outside milled aluminum is more polished on v2
    V2 has 4 screw holes versus 3 on V1
    Drivers do look only slightly different. 
    Arm holding the housing / earpads is longer
    In terms of sound quality I am testing a 6month old set versus a new set. The new set sounds much crisper / clearer and stands out ahead of V1, but I do not notice any bass differences.
    My testing tonight was not using an amp, I was only testing with macbook pro, and a Nexus 6 so I need to check it properly tomorrow. 
    The VModa cable does fit V2, but you have to push it a little to get it in, taking it out requires some effort too. One thing I did notice was the V-Moda was noticeably louder when connected to the laptop versus the standard cable. I did not notice the same increase from my Nexus 6..
    Tympan, theexexpat and the Membrane like this.
  10. adambuckeridge
    I did some more testing comparing the V2 with the V1, this time using the iFi Nano amp.
    There is a difference between the two, the V2 to be is still "brighter" but I do not hear any bass differences / improvements with v1 and v2. After all of my testing I think I will return the V2, and keep my V1 for now.
  11. DivaFonda
    I find it interesting that people are sending back their V2s. The Champagne Gold has my name on it and I'm going to try it out anyway. Especially now that B&O has the price more down to earth. That was a smart move. Now if they would do the same with their Bluetooth line. My wallet is still crying from that H7 purchase.
  12. adambuckeridge
    My understanding is that the champagne gold is still V1. Also the reason I'm sending back the V2 is that the difference is not at the point it would be worth having 2 sets.
  13. DivaFonda
    Amazon has it posted under V2. Also, Beoplay website has it on the same page under V2 and even says it will be a V2 spring and summer Special Edition.
    My only problem is I am up to my eyeballs with headphone debt, LOL. I really would love to try them before they sold out however.
  14. adambuckeridge
    This is from BeoCare, when I was asking about the brown and champagne versions earlier in the week:
  15. goody
    I just got my V2 from amazon ....i think the vocals are slightly recessed i compared it to my momentum 2 ..and they were mid forward compared to the V2 ,the treble response is better with the V2 though....I am giving it a couple hours of burn in right now and see if that changes anything......
         My momentums are winning for comfort though.
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