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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. theexexpat
    Black internal ear pads
    I have the black variant - Black internal ear pads where L/R is written and if you have the box it should be written generation 2 above the barcode. 
  2. Toom
    Nice one, thanks!
  3. Dickies

    product number is:  1642926
  4. Toom
    Thanks again for that.

    So am I safe to assume the MK2 is a worthwhile buy over the MK1? 
  5. Dickies

    having owned both I'm not sure I can say that, a fair few people say they prefer the v1's, I'm not in a rush to sell my v2's and get another v1 but did I really need to sell my v1's and get the v2's to replace them... no
    if you like a colour scheme of one of the v1's or you see a good price them on go ahead, the v1's also have a nicer cable.
    best case find somewhere that you can a-b them, I think the differences are marginal at best
  6. 93EXCivic
    So I have been listening to H6 the last couple days. The highs and mids are so beautiful. Listening to Black Hill and heklAa's River and Shore is just magical. There seems to be a major imbalance in bass though. I put one Dre's Nuthin but a G Thang and all the bass is coming from one side whereas it doesn't from any other headphone. Do I have a screwed up pair?
  7. Awolmartinez
    For what its worth, I used a razor blade to carefully shave down the rubber around the jack on the V-Moda (audio only) cable, and now they're perfect, slide in and out with zero resistance. And when they're plugged into the headphone you can't tell at all.
  8. goody
    I have both the MK1 and MK2 and have been listening to both of them i think i like MK1 better in terms of sound quality for me ....the bass is a bit boosted on the MK2 this has caused the mids to take a bit of a back seat compared to the MK1 ..The mids and treble on the MK1sound great love the vocals
    Also the MK1 has a better cable and i can use my pm3 cable as well as MH40 cable with the MK1 for some reason they cant fit the MK2 version... I think they are definitely the same drivers but there has been a slight tuning on the MK2 
    If you can get the MK1 for a good price then go for it.......
  9. Toom
    I didn't get the H6 in the end - went for the Momentum 2.

    H6 had great soundstage but sounded sucked out in the mids. Vocals had a strange hollow quality.
  10. goody
    The momentum 2 is quite good i have a pair of those very comfortable and i agree with you the mids are better but the treble on the H6 is better....With the H6 if you listen to badly recorded or low bitrate music it sounds horrible its quite revealing
  11. Toom

    And that's a good thing? Ha.

    Most music is in the mids. A love of treble over mids has always struck me as rather strange, but each to their own.
  12. goody
    I didn't actually say i love treble over mids what i dont like is treble being rolled off which the momentum 2 does......Nothing strange in liking to hear the full spectrum of ones music, too much mids makes the music appear shouty if you get my drift........but like you said each to their own [​IMG]
  13. jazzy007

    To my ear, a pair of headphone with very wide soundstage and reveling treble will give a perception of "hollow" mid, but is it really "hollow" mid H6 present, or is it not too reveling treble other headphone present.
    Most of recording will likely mix vocal in the middle, and other supporting instruments which likely might have higher note than vocal, at surrounding, and is this vocal in the middle, higher note instruments surrounding with a very very treble reveling headphone like H6, give someone a "hollow" feeling.
    If you don't believe me, eq to reduced all high, and you will hear very "non-hallow" sound from same H6 with reveling mid vocal.
    It is personally preference, but listening jazz, acoustic rock, or classical with H6, as "portable" headphone, is just incredible hard to match by other "portable" headphone with similar price.
  14. bracque

    Do you have v1 or v2? I was thinking of getting v2.
  15. jazzy007

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