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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Manolo Dynamite
    I got some feedback today from Beocare regarding differences between H6 v1 and v2 gen.

    Here is the original text for anyone who can read German:

    der neue BeoPlay H6 hat nur einen äußeren "Facelift" erhalten um ihn optisch an BeoPlay H7 und H8 anzupassen. Zugleich wurde auch die Oberflächenstruktur der Aluminiumscheiben außen an den Hörergehäusen verändert.
    Die neue Generation ist auch in Deutschland bereits bei den meisten Händlern verfügbar, der UVP ist 299.-€

    Basically it says that the v2 just got an external facelift to be optically closer to H7 and H8. Also the aluminum surface outside was changed. The recommended retail price in Germany is 299€.

    I am confused now. Although somebody got a similar response from Beoplay the reviews here and e.g. Marco.org have shown significant changes/improvement in the sound. Now I am not an expert but could it be that both are right in the sense that the used technology is the same in both generations but only the fine-tuning is different?

    Otherwise I have ordered both and can test it live. My price difference is 50€, so I guess not a big deal anyway.
  2. jlw
    What kind of music is the H6 suitable for?
  3. jazzy007

    Any music you enjoy listening to balanced, detail, clear, wide-sound-stage, sounding within music more than booming bass, and also provide incredible comfortable as portable sealed headphone or standard headphone. Jazz, classic, acoustic, rock (to certain degree) are all awesome.
  4. obsidyen

    I auditioned it today, it has balanced all-rounder sound. If you exclusively listen to EDM, contemporary music like me, however, there are better alternatives.
  5. theexexpat
    Do tell :)
  6. obsidyen

    For home use, the upcoming Fostex TH-610 which is said to have TH900-like bass and smooth treble should be great. I'm very excited for that headphone. TH900 bass is amazing but its treble is a bit tizzy.
    I haven't heard it yet but people say Beyer DT 1770 Pro is amazing for EDM. It can be used as a portable headphone because isolation is said to be very good. However, you need to get a separate shorter cable.
    2016 Audeze EL-8 CB/Titanium is also said to be great. Another headphone I haven't heard. Can be used as portable.
    Oppo PM-3 has much better bass for EDM than H6. That said, its treble is subdued, so if you enjoy some liveliness, you'll get bored. Bass is still bigger and better than H6's though. Can be used as portable.
    Sennheiser Momentum 2. Much better bass, good mids and treble. Much better for EDM.
    Meze 99 Classics. I haven't heard this yet either, but I'm on the Europe tour for this headphone. It is said to have balanced sound with elevated bass. Reviewers have said it's great for EDM. I can't wait to try this.
    Personally, I can't wait to get Fostex TH610 but I'm really curious about the 2016 Audeze EL-8 as well.
  7. jlw
    I really like Martin Garrix - Animals with these headphones . :D
  8. jlw
    A song that dont sounds good is: https://open.spotify.com/track/0MXosG7BdA9uukm88V7zAD
    Foo fighters - in the clear. Maybe I managed to break my phones? The very hights dont sounds good at all. Its just that frikkin song, others sounds good.
    edit. seems to be the recording itself...
  9. DivaFonda

    Seems to be OK on my device. Maybe you're sensitive to highs? I know that sometimes highs beat up my ears after a while, although the H6 does a good job of reducing fatigue. I'm also using the premium recording on Spotify so maybe that contributes to decent sound.
  10. DC5Zilla
    Just got the H6 2nd Gen.  Only 5 hours in but it's already amazing.  Very airy for a closed headphone and sounds smooth with good details.  I've heard that it was bass-light but it's more than enough for me.  The imaging is indeed the greatest strength.  Playing CS:GO with this headphone is flawless.  Only con I can think of is:  balanced cable not possible, earpad hits ear, bass maybe slightly boomy?
    This might be the best sound signature I've experienced from a closed set. *Previous closed: Ultrasone Ed8, Beyer MMX300, D2000*
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  11. the Membrane
    I'm wondering, that if Bang & Olufsen are swearing that the drivers and internals are the same, maybe it's a new style of earpads that are making it sound better? Has anybody looked into this?
    I'm excited to get a pair of these to put with my Fiio E12. I'm just getting into the audiophile lifestyle and I think these will go well alongside my Grado SR60i. Currently waiting out on them coming back in stock on the Beoplay website, where the 2nd gen is going for $300 in the US. Here in Korea they're selling the old gen for about $470, which I can't bring myself to do. At least not yet.. I just need to hold out 7 more weeks and I'll be back in the States~
  12. theexexpat
    Black second gen £199 at Amazon:
  13. the Membrane
    Thanks! Just ordered one to my girlfriend's house in the states, and with shipping it came to about $270.
    She doesn't have a headphone amp, so I went ahead and ordered her a PA2V2 to listen to them until I get back. Hope she doesn't get too attached!
  14. vnahodil
    Hi everyone,
    I just had to create an account to thank you all, this thread is really impressive! I've ordered my H6 v1 Black yesterday from German Amazon for 199 EUR, it was there in a lightning deal. However, you can find even cheaper ones (Black v1, Natural v1, Graphite Blush, Grey Hazel) on eBay from various sellers. (and if you create new account and pay with PayPal, you get another 10 GBP discount)
    Nevertheless, I fell in love with the grey/blue version Blue Stone but I could not find them anywhere for a reasonable price anymore. Have you seen them anywhere or are they completely sold out? Thanks!
  15. Dopaminer
    I have very different opinions regarding your choices: 
    -Fostex TH-610 is gorgeous but doesn`t seal and isolate - not really a closed headphone - and is over twice the price. 
    -The beyer 1770 sounds fantastic, but it`s over twice the price, twice the size and doesn`t fold at all. 
    -The EL-8 closed is easily the worst-sounding headphone for the money I have ever heard. Totally baffling why they put their name on that thing.  It`s also 3x the price of the H6.
    -My experience putting the PM-3 against the H6 is also completely different from yours: the Oppo is lifeless, and I was listening to it both single ended and balanced out of 2 different balanced amps (AK120ii and RAL KB-03), against my H6 single ended.  The Oppo has great build and comfort, but the H6 blows it away sonically, including bass, IMO.  The PM-3`s also almost 2x the price.
    -In my experience, the same for the Momentum: gorgeous build and comfort, but muddied middle and bloated bass compared to the H6.  (and I`m a Sennheiser fan)
    The only closed, isolating headphones I`ve heard that really best the H6 are the beyer T5p (AK and V2) and the Ether C.  Which by default means, given the huge price and size/weight differentials, the H6 is the best closed headphone for the money, in my opinion.  
    It`s crazy that it`s so small and pretty . . . 
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