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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Waski

    Is this Cyberport a trustworthy shop ?
  2. Bloodflowerz
    I compared the the H6 to the H7 and H8 today whilst in Copenhagen and here are my brief thoughts.....
    All driven by the iBasso DX50 using cable....
    Very forward sound, not balanced at all. The treble is piercing and ultra clear/sharp, hurts the ears, the mids are too forward, aggressive. The bass does not hit as hard. It's has a Grado sound signature to it. The headphones are notably heavier on the head too. Overall, very disappointing.
    Bass heavy, very thick mid bass emphasis. Mids are slightly recessed, the treble not as clear. Sound-stage not as wide either. There's a bit of a veil to the sound, like Sennheiser. The on-ear cups are actually very comfortable. Better than the H7 but H6 is still the king.
    and for fun....
    More balanced than H7 and H8. Still rather bassy with tamed treble and flat mid-range. Nothing really stands out apart from the bass. I rank these better than H7 and H8 in terms of sound and price.
    Form 2i
    One word.....garbage.....
    In conclusion.....the H6 is the jewel of the collection......
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  3. Manolo Dynamite

    Yes I would say so. Has top rating online and is in the business since 17 years.
    Just ordered mine after a short call with them. The v2 is pending so they think it will arrive end of next week.
  4. Waski

    I also called to them just a few minutes ago, and going to order one for myself, but waiting for information about shipment cost to Poland, because they didn't know that offhand. The price is really bargain, in bang olufsen store in Warsaw it cost 350 euro and it's still unvaiable. So after receiving them hopefuly next week I will try to compare them to h6 v1 which I had week ago for a few days.
  5. h8dk97

    I had similar experience with Denon AH-D600. Received the parcel and sent it back the next day. I'm under the impression all Japanise hadphones have artificially enhanced bass, denon, fostex, final audio.
  6. obsidyen

    You should try Stax. [​IMG]
  7. Dexter22
    I noticed this : H6 has the best soundstage when its not really tight on the head! (my head). I listened to them 8 hours + on a train today,  When I really keep it tight(to have the best isolation, its sounds really closed in) But on angling slightly so that I hear the train too, the soundstage is quite wider. I never noticed this at home. But I think this is same with every other headphone, without NC. I had noticed this with my previous AKG K551, but since it has a really wide soundstage, I didn't feel it be loosing much on tightening. But with H6 it was quite evident. But, still not a big problem. By the way, my head is not perfectly round at the top. (The best fit for me, is when I keep my left hinge more open than the right) 
  8. Bloodflowerz
    I had this very issue with the DT1350. I have a small head though but one side of the hinge was always better one setting longer than the other.
    I would consider you correct. To be honest, it would have been my sound preference too back in the day (enhanced bass) but my ears have truly been opened by the H6. I just love the balanced sound, being able to appreciate all aspects of the sound signature, from bass, the transition to mid-range, to the treble. I love it all.
    What I love about the H6 bass is that it hits damn hard - when called for. This is what makes this headphone the complete all rounder. It's great for Rap, Dub-step, Lindsey Sterling, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, everything I throw at it is just phenomenal.
  9. brokenhat
    A also had the Denon D-600 for over a year and liked them a lot actually.... until I heard the H6's. :)
  10. h8dk97
    Time to try T5p second gen :)
  11. Bloodflowerz
    While I do not doubt the T5p to be a beast of a headphone (I owned the T5p for a long time), it would be hard to justify the 950 EUR price compared with the 250-350 EUR of the H6. In addition, the added weight  350g vs. 230g is very noticeable.
  12. DivaFonda
    I decided to try again with the H6. I just received my second Special Edition H6. Someone was selling it for under $200 USD so I jumped on it. It is really loud indoors and clear bass is definitely present. This is without an amp! I'm just using my iPhone 6 Plus. I believe this is also a first generation. I'm sold once again. I'm going to try outdoors and see if an amp would help with outdoor volume and sound.
  13. h8dk97
    Well, I own both and the upgrade was worth it to me, the difference in weight is negligible but of course each to their own.
  14. Dexter22
    Anybody knows a place from where I can get a slim 3.5mm jack of good quality? I am planning on a simple DIY on a cable (with viablue epc4) for H6. I wish the socket on them were slightly bigger, but it would kill the styling.
  15. Bloodflowerz
    Yes, different courses for different horses. Enjoy. [​IMG]

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