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AVOID! Please, for your hearing, stay away from iBasso DX50

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yggdrassilious, Sep 29, 2013.
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  1. Nicholasheadfi2
    Clearly you know what you are talking about on this subject and would just like to say
    That form my point of view the dx50 is a great sounding dap and that's only because
    I believe I have not had the the experience of testing many more of these products.

    I am fairly new to the audio world and strive for great sound as long as my budget allows
    Me so .

    Would love to hear the ak120 or the hifi man hm901 but my funds will not stretch that
    Far as yet .do not fully understand the terminology you use it's all double Dutch to me
    But I know good sound when I hear it.

    The ibasso is a good player but I do know there is better out there and can't wait to
    Experience it for myself .
    That's why you great people are helping me on my journey to great sound that I can live
    With and be totally content .

    Obviously I do not know the complete meaning of neutral sound or the other things you
    Mentioned like air between instruments , roll off and all the other terminology that goes
    With it .

    Willing to learn so I can give my proper opinion in the future .
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Yep, DX50's shortcomings are narrow soundstage and lack of air, makes the presentation sound rather closed in or as DF described it compressed. If they could just widen the stereo imaging a little more it would allow the centre channel room to breath more freely, as I've said: If you have an IEM with a wide stage DX50 subtracts its potential. I actually own another DX50  and its ok on firmware V1.2.8 but these are areas noticeably lacking to me, especially with a closed can where you're already pushing the limits of stage width. I've learned just to live with it most recently.

    Anyway, on this second unit I have for stability testing I have not had the volume bug on v1.2.8, DX50 is proving to be actually rather stable overall now.
  3. DigitalFreak

    Never heard the Clip+ but I did own the zip. The sound is neutral. It's downfall is it lacked depth and extension on both ends. Because of it it's 3D imaging was sub par, IMO. Overall though, for such a cheap little player I personally thought it was a steal of a deal. It's shortcomings could be acceptably bypassed though if you used an external amp. Overall, IMO, a good bargain rig for the money. It sounds by far better then any other 40 dollar player on the market does and I've gone through enough cheap no name DAPs over the years to say that with confidence.
  4. Sonic Atrocity
    Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head there. I've always found it to be a rather accurate player (I've had both - they are sonically identical AFAIK) in so far as I can hear details and nuances, but like you said there is no air around the instruments. It was sort of like all the details were pushed to the forefront of the music. 
    Edit: Oops, the guy above you said the DX50 lacked air, haha. That description applies to the clip for sure. 
    How much better than the clip is the DX50? Would you say it's worth it?
  5. headwhacker
    I don't think you can say one player is clearly inferior or superior to another. I don't like to sound defending DX50 over AK1xx because it is clear, personal preferences and subjective bias plays a huge part on these discussions. To my ears, headphones I use and the kind of music I listen to DX50 wins over AK100 hands down. Paired with a very good amp a DX50 can beat the AK120 SQ-wise.
    I almost pulled the trigger on AK120 once because it looks cooler than DX50 and at the time the dual-dac, dual uSD and 64GB onboard memory was attractive to me and I was willing to overlook the 6x price difference. But no matter what music I played on it I can't tell the difference with DX50+amp and an AK120. Sure there are a some songs which sounded better on AK120 (mostly acoustics and strings) and it's not a huge difference. But most tunes I listen too which are quick tempo and lots of low end details (rock, metal) sounds superb on DX50 + amp, and thin and hollow on AK120.
    True DX50 has been through a crap load of bugs and issues. I even waited until batch 7 and FW 1.2.2 before I dipped my toes when the annoying bugs I can't live with were fixed. Still I've been through several annoyances like changing SQ with succeeding FW updates. and the basic feature which seem  impossible for iBasso to fix, the gapless playback. But all those things never got into the way of enjoying my music.
    I also agree that none of the iBasso's stock FW are neutral. They have a hint of warm sound signature and on some FW, an elevated bass. But, if you want to hear what is neutral in DX50, and if you can be bothered try it with rockbox. True to it's core objectives, Rockbox comes neutral by default and indeed gives DX50 the neutral sound signature that many seek. It goes to show the underlying hardware very well built. Software is what pulls it down. Crashes, volume spike and other UI issues I believe have not yet been reported by those who installed RB (although I never encountered them personally on stock FW)
  6. DigitalFreak

    Fair enough, you're entitled to your view but I say certain players can be judged as inferior to others. Same goes with certain headphones, amps and DAC's. Guess we'll have to agree to disagree fellow bopper.
  7. DigitalFreak
    I can't answer that question because I've had nothing but trouble with iBasso and my DX50. In their defense the current FW was good enough to at least finally make my unit usable. I can only recommend you go to the impressions thread and do your own reading and decide for yourself if its worth your time. Also, ignore all impressions with the word incredible, or from users who are using the thread to bash Fiio and Astell & Kern gear or impressions from people with no profile and 5 posts who think their one and only owned IEM/headphone is a giant killer. In short, ignore the fan boys you'll be a far happier head-fier for it.
    Carlsan likes this.
  8. Sonic Atrocity
    I think I need to remember that last sentence. Thanks for the feedback. 
    Honestly, I'm lookin' at the iTouch 5th Gen right now, despite my hatred for Apple. 
  9. Opus131
    Damn, i was hoping they had fixed this by now. This is a serious drawback for me because my ears are very sensitive. :frowning2:
  10. Carlsan
    I seem to have resolved my problem, I reformatted the player (not card), and reloaded latest firmware. Haven't had the bug since.
  11. Opus131
    Well, the fact that you had the problem with the last firmware is worrying. I've already messed up my ears because of a loud concert and cannot afford something like happening to me. 
  12. goody
    I bought a DX50 and thought it was going to be a nice sounding device i was underwhelmed ..it sounded so lifeless it was clear but sounded so closed with no soundstage...and when i tried to play with the EQ it became a muddy sounding mess...I go with how it sounds to my ears and i didn't like it, i will get the x3 i like dynamics in my music ..
  13. sly_in_the_sky
    After month of enjoying moments, I also had this issue... 4 or 5 times while using it 1 hour per day...
    And now I listen to music with fear... the first time was awfull and I listento it with my 1000 usd Ciem (em32).... 
    I can clearly confirm this is a real problem. My DX-50 is comming from second batch, no problem before.... 
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    I would say there is something wrong with your DX50 as this does not describe the normal sound of the DX50. 
  15. Carlsan
    Try this:
    1.Update to latest firmware. If you have it already, do the steps below then update again to the latest firmware after steps 2 and 3 below.
    2.Copy your files first, if you haven't done so already, than reformat the player (take out the SD card)
    3.Reset the player to all original settings.
    See if this does anything. Good luck.
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