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AVOID! Please, for your hearing, stay away from iBasso DX50

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yggdrassilious, Sep 29, 2013.
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  1. Yggdrassilious
    The iBasso DX50 player freezes constantly and cannot play music correctly. It almost made me go deaf.
    My DX50 came running on v1.16, the newest firmware. When I was listening to some tunes, I simply pressed the volume-up button a few times, the audio instantly jumped to 255 (max value) from 180. The unit then froze at 255 volume and kept blasting music into my ears. I was unable to volume down, or pause the player. I had to yank my IEMs out of my ears to avoid further damaging to my ears, take the battery out of my DX50 and force-restart the player.
    This happened multiple times since the 3 days that I have owned the player. It was playing regular old 320kbps .mp3 files when it did this. No doubt this thing has caused damaged to my hearing, as well as damage to my IEM's.
    And this is only the tip of the iceberg for software problems. The UI is as terrible as the AK100. When I reviewed the AK100 I said that the AK100's UI is worse than any Made in China POS there was. Now I have been proven wrong by iBasso. If you want to experience UI hell, purchase either one. 
    Hardware defects - the player has parts loosely put together. It creaks when I hold down the bottom part of the player, like if the pieces were coming loose.
    When I got my Fiio X3, I thought it was ugly and had terrible UI (I mean, which idiot though it logical to press UP to skip track?). So I ordered the DX50 right away, thinking it would be much better. My conclusion now that I have both - X3 is light years ahead of the DX50, in build quality, sound, and UI. 
    iBasso needs to just quit. Before they get a lawsuit on their hands. Or include a warning in their packaging that says "the player may choose to play at max volume for no reason other than our fail. May cause permanent hearing loss". 
  2. Gorillaz
    how I hate this unfinished products, why do people keep falling for these "audiophile" daps?
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    iBasso are aware of the situation and looking into it, many others are experiencing the issue, it's been well documented in the main thread. I agree it's not acceptable, mines done it three times in 2 weeks. in saying this though it's also very random and is taking time to solve. May I suggest if it happens again rather than pull the battery out simply hold the power button for over 6 seconds this will hard reset the player.
  4. SkyBleu
    LOL don't forget to avoid half the audiophile DAPs out there! They all have issues and dysfunctional problems too!

    Just buy an iPod Touch. Best. DAP. Eva. :p
  5. spriest
    Because there were many expectation(pressure) from audiophiles in head-fi and even my local forums.iBasso shouldn't force to release their product too early.
  6. gelocks
    That's a really bad bug!!
    Bought an X3 for testing...
    Staying away from iBasso.
    Still, most probably I'll stick with my Cowon C2 (or get the Cowon D20 with the updated Jet Effects and 90 HOURS battery life which in real life will probably be like 60... but stil... and as last resort, iPod Classic).
  7. DigitalFreak

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  8. purk Contributor
    I hope iBasso will learn a thing or two from the DX50 experience.  After couple of upgrades, my player is now closer to a finished product.  My unit was originally from the first batch and I almost hit a concrete floor several times a day due to buggy UI.  One thing is for sure though, the DX50 does sound very good....especially when playing hi-rez materials.
  9. CJG888
    Until this is sorted, I will only use my DX50 via line out into an amp (with a physical volume control).
  10. Currawong Contributor
    I reckon everyone who has critical issues should simply return the unit to iBasso. If everyone refused to put up with this kind of nonsense and returned defective products, then the makers would be forced to do things properly or lose a lot of money.
  11. DigitalFreak
    Probably the smartest post I've read thus far all week.
  12. doublea71
    This is completely unacceptable. A quirky, buggy UI is one thing; selling a product that leads to hearing damage is certainly another and is actionable in many places in the world. I will not buy one of these until it is clear that it has been 100% resolved. I'm sure they had no malicious intent, but this policy of making consumers the de facto beta-testers (which is rampant these days) is a slap in the face (but nobody is holding a gun to our heads, either). The language that any business understands most clearly is money. Do not give in to temptation by purchasing a new, boutique/audiophile DAP as soon as it's available - early adopters of new DAPS from small companies should always proceed with caution and expect problems. I think the best course of action is to return the product if it is a PITA (as Currawong suggested), or read reviews until it is clear that this is not the case. Communicate your frustrations with your wallet and they'll respond.
  13. lin0003
    Not sure that would be the best thing to do. Maybe as a last resort if the company refuses to sort out the problem(s). 
  14. CJG888
    Frankly, I'm not sure that digital volume controls such as the one fitted to the DX50 are a good idea. Unless wide open (which will never be the case with IEMs and the vast majority of headphones), resolution is sacrificed. Furthermore, its operation is at the mercy of the firmware.

    IMO, a physical control (see A&K, Hifiman, Colorfly etc) would have been easier to implement and, ultimately, better. Low-level channel imbalance can be countered by sensibly-chosen gain settings.
  15. 24Bit
    Patience is the solution to situations like this.  The topic creator had no patience and jumped the gun on the iBasso DX50 purchase.  He clearly knew how this hobby works and was aware of the travesty of an OS experience that is commonly found in most of the Hi-Fi portable players.  IBasso also had no patience and rushed the product.  
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