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AVOID! Please, for your hearing, stay away from iBasso DX50

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yggdrassilious, Sep 29, 2013.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    That isn't what I hare read but you are saying that it didn't do it on its own but it happened after someone actually started the process. 
    Well I don't have the issue on the DX50 and had it once a long time ago so no longer think about it, except to write something here so on I will move. :^)
  2. DigitalFreak

    My apologies, please allow me to repost a more proper phrase....

    I PERSONALLY THINK the DX50 sucks. That's just my personal objective opinion though.

    On a different note, to answer someone else's question, yes, I do still own the DX50. Anyone here want to buy it? I spent 250 plus I think it was 25 USD for shipping. I'll let it go for 150 plus shipping. Message me if interested people. Be warned, I take no personal responsibility if the player suddenly bugs out on you. Currently as is, it's stable and usable. Will it remain so? I have no idea an shall take absolutely no responsibility if it goes all Chin Lee on you.
  3. tracyca
    I have a first batch dx 50 and I never had any problems with it, it is a great 240.00 DAP.
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Yes, we often see these kinds of posts and often very often after any member reports any problem or any negativity on the unit. Truth of the matter is while your unit may of never had a problem, many members out there did, myself included.
  5. Theogenes
    FTFY. You're welcome. :wink:
  6. DigitalFreak
    I stand corrected :)
  7. headwhacker
    Pressing the volume up button is suppose to turn up the volume doesn't it? If you press and hold, it will definitely go loud very quick. Same goes on the opposite. So why is this a problem or a bug?
    All along I thought the complain is about the volume going up very quick without even doing anything. That is why I can never replicate the same problem on my unit.
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Because it would get stuck going up in segments after you took your finger off the button, to max or minium volume.

    There was no way to stop it surging upwards in small bursts about 6-8 digits at a time with a small delay between (about 1 second),  From my experience it seemed to trigger more so if you were farting around pressing the up/down buttons rather quickly searching for that correct volume level, like the OS became confused and had a fit. Once triggered all buttons/screen would become unresponsive and you were stuck there with a unit playing music as max volume until you held the power button and forced a reset. But again, it hasn't happened to me on 1.2.8 though I can almost be certain I read some reports in the main DX50 thread some have a few months ago, therefore this thread resurfaced.

    With all that said though the last thing I want is to be the spokesperson or 'bad man' pushing this problem as I only came in here originally to be vocal about the relay switch, but I was the first to inform iBasso about the 'volume bug' many months ago as they specifically told me it was unheard of until that email. I was watching it closely. It appears iBasso just completely rebuilt the volume section of the OS because after a certain firmware (the firmware everyone said it was fixed) it began behaving differently, like scrolling speed up/down. 

    It's all logged in this thread throughout the pages. Sadly most people only read the first/last page. 
  9. headwhacker
    I see, it's true some FW were more trouble than it's woth and 1.2.8 has been very stable. As far as I remember, not every FW update solves bugs but worse it introduce new problems. I started with 1.2.2. Only 1.2.5 and 1.2.8 was useable for me. FW in between were much more of a headache. At least iBasso came through in the end. DX90 seems like it continues where DX50 at 1.2.8 left off
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    All we can do is all keep an eye out in the iBasso threads. if anyone see's any report of it send them here to this thread.

    Like many of us said, we've not had it happen in a long time, not once for me on 1.2.8 (But I do amp fulltime so my volume buttons aren't used)

    Long as this thread stays silent with no further reports 'OMG Reports' everything should be ok.
  11. cholero
    Hello everyone,
    I just saw this "thumb down" thread for the DX50 now.
    I also have to say that with 1.2.8 Firmware my player did not start up anymore (only the logo displayed) or only after a very long time (2-10min). Only a factory reset helped. This happened every ~8 boots.
    But i installed rockbox and rockbox works very fine (as expected [​IMG]) with some minor bugs. I'm a rockbox addict and almost could not live with a regular firmware anymore because rockbox offers so many additional functions.
    I bought the DX50 to retire my Iriver IHP120. It has a more powerful amp, better dac and a **colorscreen**. I'm very happy that i don't hear the difference between 96kHz/24B and the same song in 48kHz/16B so I don't have to use the stock firmware and I don't have to fill up my sd card with 8 additional bits of more detailed hiss [​IMG]
    So if anyone had the same boot problem I highly recommend to switch to rockbox. There is also a possibility to remove dualboot to have only rockbox (http://www.head-fi.org/t/709855/ibasso-dx50-rockbox-finally-here-latest-update-2014-03-25/735#post_10557268). 
  12. Mathiau
    Why a last resort? Why should we the consumers spend our good hard earned money to be guinea pigs for companies so they can cut corners by  not doing proper QA and test their products before release, instead rush things out to pad their pockets with more money.

    For a media player like this, there is very little to make it work with the OS and hardware, it is a closed system. It is just an excuse and we the consumers need to stop putting up with this sort of thing across all industries.

    I buy X product, it should do everything the company claims it should with out a hitch out the door... if not it is false advertising and you should give me a refund OR, with in a very reasonable time provide a full fix, reasonable to me being a few days at most, not weeks or months. Even worse is when they seem to know about the issues, but try to brush it off as not being important..
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