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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. Tagjazz
    Just to get back on track then - the Nightowls have finally landed on Australian shores and I jumped right in and ordered my pair. Hopefully have them next week. I owned the Nighthawk for over a year and really enjoyed them but sold them after getting the Ether C. I have really missed the musical engagement that they gave me so here's hoping that the Owls will do the same, but with a more balanced signature overall. As a woman audiophile there are only a handful of headphones which actually fit my small head - the Audioquests being the most comfortable ever. Wish headphone makers would be a bit more thoughtful and diverse in their thinking about customers. Thank you Skylar! 
  2. MattTCG
    @Tagjazz I don't have a large head either. The NO fits me well and is supremely comfortable. Also consider the upcoming Aeon from Mr. Speakers for comfort, weight and accommodating of averaged sized noggins. 
  3. Tagjazz

    Thanks Matt, good to know. I really love my Ether C's but would jump on some open Aeons if they are planned and have a good sound. I really wanted to try the Elear but there is no way I can cope with the weight. Even the HD800's slip off my head. So few choices out there at this level!
  4. knowhatimean
    If anyone's interested I outlined why this is physically happening in posting # 214 of this thread .
    The low bass was already there just not as noticeable unless you're able to hear the parts of the music that were masked by the bass notes longer sound waves . (So the low bass is relative to hearing the greater contrast of the frequency spectrum) (It's plainly obvious how this is happening if you spend any time listening to recorded Orchestral music)
  5. SkylarGray
    Hey, very sorry everyone for stepping in late for this earpad discussion. I've been in NY getting prepped for CanJam NYC which starts tomorrow.
    I feel terrible that an argument erupted, and I have to take some blame. What I have said on these forums about the pads is what I believe to be most accurate. The documentation that ships with the Carbon models has a misprint in the quickstart guide concerning the sound signature of the earpads. So please ignore what we say in that section of the documentation. We have already implemented a running change.
    My huge apologies for this; it was a proofreading mistake that I failed to catch.
    I was recently PM'd about pads, and gave the reply below. This might offer some clarification.
    Quote from SkylarGray:
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  6. SkylarGray
    And for our US customers, I'll just leave this here
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  7. Venture Guy
    Awesome! Just ordered the pleather pads.
    Thanks for the chart... it explains everything I've heard!
  8. knowhatimean
    It's subjective what people actually hear as to how things measure for a pretty simple reason.
    The Spectrometer (or whatever the correct name of the device is) that's recording the graphs of the sound is way more precise at measuring the pulses that are being created than the human ear can ever be.
    There are any number of things in Audio that measure just fine but may sound like "Ca Ca" in reality depending on the ear that's hearing it. !
    Skylar & anyone else who's suggested it are right in saying the only really important measurement for using these pads is to use the pads that your own ears are subjectively saying they're moving the sound in the direction you want them to ! .
    There's no "Better" or "Best" in our Audio listening Hobby only what our own ears tell us. (That saying about why you shouldn't assume anything is entirely true)
  9. MattTCG
    Anybody got a chance to try hybrid pads on the NO? 
  10. Andreeww
    How do they sound compared to audeze sine with over ear pads
  11. MattTCG
    The Sine was pretty neutral to me. The NO has a warmer tone overall. 
  12. Andreeww
    Have you tried the sine with over ear pads? For me sine is kind of bright regardless the pads. Also, would you say NO is better? Can NO justify the price compared to the sine?
  13. MattTCG
    I have tried the Sine with several after market pads. It doesn't really have the Audeze house sound IMO. Yes, NO is better as well it should with the price difference. 
  14. Andreeww
    Can anyone tell me if these are good for portable use. And what is a good price for it? like second hand price or discount
  15. knowhatimean
    You are aware that this is for the most part a just recently released new headphone..... Weren't you ???
    Being that it's this new, it's unlikely you'll find Retailers that will be discounting it already. The original NH started appearing discounted when these "Carbon" models started appearing, but at this point a lot of retail stores haven't yet seen the NO & NH Carbon models yet.
    As efficient as any of the AQ headphones are , I can't imagine that there would be anything that wouldn't be able to drive them (It will be much easier to find an original model NH at a discounted price )
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