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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. XERO1
    The NightOwl was originally mentioned in a TONEAudio ad in December 2015 but there hasn't been any new info about them until now.
    The NightOwl has not been officially announced yet but AudioQuest is showing a prototype of them at the 2016 CanJam London.
    Currently, the only info about them comes from this Head-Fi post by NigelJ.
    I'll update this post a more info becomes available.
  2. SearchOfSub
    I plan to pick one up when it comes out. Hopefully it's soon.
  3. elnero
    These will be high on my list of future audio purchases. This is going to sound very fanboyish but I love the NightHawk enough that I think I'll be tempted to buy whatever Skylar comes up with.
  4. Hi-Fi EDU
    I like the name. Did it look anything like this?
    Source: https://twitter.com/_SkylarGray/status/697654367101575168
  5. mochill
    Excited for these
  6. NigelJ
    Further to my post quoted by the OP I added the following edit:

    'Sunday update: I tried them again today with a wider range of music and thought that there was less difference between the NO and the NH than I thought yesterday, though still the NH was slightly darker with less treble than the NO. On the NO I generally preferred the leather pads, except for a couple of test tracks; the AQ representative manning the stand (sorry missed the name) stated that they had had their first chance to do the comparison on Sunday morning, and also preferred the leather pads. He also agreed that the NO provided limited isolation and added that there was some sound leakage from them. Overall, I preferred the the NH, including the price :wink: , and plan to get a pair.'
  7. Vigrith
    Subbed! Admittedly I'm more interested in the Porsche Carbon metallic (as worded by Skylar) finish for the NightHawks than the NightOwls per se seeing as they've been described as not being quite as dark and "charming" as the NHs which are the two main reasons I love them but I'll definitely wanna try the NOs out as well.
  8. Mediahound
    I wonder if these will have a deeper more impactful sub bass than the Nighthawks?
  9. NigelJ

    No. The cups were a dark grey with a slight variation in colour; however they were stated to be prototypes and the Audioquest reps asked for no photos to be taken. However, the shape of the cups with the slight dome in place of the NH's grill does match the NOs.

    Edit: 'foam' corrected to 'dome'.
  10. Mediahound
    Another picture (likely prototype):
  11. 3 toes of fury
    verrrrry interested in hearing more about these.   i need closed for work (primary place i listen to work) and really liked what i read about the nighthawk and skylars posts.   
    if anyone knows more...release date...early impressions...etc....please post!
  12. Marburger
    subscribed. Looking for impressions!
  13. Bern2
    Pix borrowed from Tyll's Canjam report...not sure if I'm allowed to do this.  If not..please delte post.
    Bern NO.jpg
  14. gelocks
    What is it with companies creating "closed-back" that leak sound?!?!? LOL!
    Still, interested...
  15. brent75
    I listened to this for a while at the AudioQuest booth at RMAF last weekend. I was really impressed -- I thought the sound was great (very open for a closed-back, didn't feel congested)...it was super comfortable...it looked cool...and I really like how they're going to include two types of earpads to make for easy swapping (and the openings happen to be oval-shaped rather than round).
    I think AudioQuest is an easy company to root for, from their Dragonflies to the Hawk and now the Owl.
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