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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. Rish732
    Good ask for the clarification -
    In comparison to the leather earpads, I would say the ultrasuede tightens up the bass signature and decreases the boominess.  The impact is nearly the same but I prefer the tighter more precise bass.
    The ultrasuede also widens the soundstage without making them sound like (most) other headphones, it still feels like a good set of speakers and that crossfeed effect that attenuates extreme stereo R/L panning (think stereo Beatles albums) is still there.  Meaning the R/L channels are still discrete but not distractingly so. Not as much of a hard pan.  In comparison to the THX00 Ebony (my previous reference closed cans) the stereo field is narrower but feels more engaging. 
    Hope that helps!
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  2. Venture Guy
    @Rish732 thanks for the impressions. One more question; thanks for bearing with my OCD :) How do the NOs with Pleather pads compare to your THX00s?
  3. Rish732
    @Venture Guy I don't have the Thx-00 Ebony's here but once I get home tonight I'll post some thoughts.  I've decided to keep both sets of cans...for now.  I'm in love with these Nightowls but I also love the increased airiness and ultraflat response from the Thx-00 EB.
    In comparison for comfort, the Nightowls and Nighthawk (Which I also own) spank the ThX00EB badly.  While I don't find the Thx series that bad, the comfort that Audioquest found with their cans is on par to the AKG7xx and Senn 800hd in my opinion. 
  4. knowhatimean
    The reason the bass is tightening up & the boominess decreases is because a good bit of the initial fundamentals of the bass notes aren't being allowed to continue their sustain longer than the other notes being played at the same time, the added amount of absorbtion of the breatheable pads is sucking up these longer than other notes, sound waves.
    The musical playing field is being leveled as notes elsewhere in the frequency range aren't being pushed aside as much as they were previously. The bass is still carrying it's big stick but it's learned to be more social with it's fellow notes (Yeah, I'm nuts but this seemed like an easy way to describe what's happening)
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  5. EdwardPL
    Ok, Skylar has said the US pads give a few less DB.....That means the ear pads HAVE LESS BASS
  6. shurealltheway
  7. EdwardPL
    Like I mentioned it's a misprint. Go ask Skylar yourself.
  8. shurealltheway

    That's fine. You could have said that all along. I even said that i don't know what others hear. All I said was that the literature says it. And it does.
  9. EdwardPL
    Actually I told you about 3 times but you seem to have missed it
  10. shurealltheway

    I have no problem being wrong when I'm actually wrong. That picture of the Nightowl literature proves I'm not wrong. Even if it turns out to be a typo I'm not wrong. The only way I'm wrong is if I misquoted the literature. But guess what? I didn't.
  11. EdwardPL

    Like I mentioned about 4 times now Skylar has said what the pads do. Regardless of what you read Sklylar knows his own ear pads. You can can sit there disagreeing but it still doesn't change the fact that Skylar has been vocal before the release of the ear pads and has also mentioned again what they do.

    You keep going back to some words on paper when the horse has already spoken and is saying otherwise.

    So again, you are wrong
  12. shurealltheway

    Let me refresh your memory. Here's my original comment. This is all I said and at this point, it's an irrefutable fact. Not one word can be called wrong. I made no commentary on what others hear. I said I have literature that says otherwise and it does. I made no comment on the accuracy or inaccuracy of the literature, so that can't be used against me.

    Here's the innocuous post:

    Originally Posted by EdwardPL View Post

    Nope, you clearly didn't read Skylar post where he said everything lower than 1K is unchanged with the Boost pads. Ask him yourself.

    Me back to you:

    The literature on my Nightowls says otherwise.
  13. Rish732
    Yikes, I knew Audioquest and these headphones are divisive but this is something else.  
    Folks, I hope we can continue this discussion, I think you both have stuff to add.
     Let's change the topic, perhaps?
    How's the microphone on these, I haven't tried it yet? (UPDATE BELOW)
    Please don't kill me for sticking my nose out.
    Peace, 700mW, and a flat frequency response. 
    EDIT UPDATE - I just tried the microphone and it's not bad.  I'm not the loudest talker but it picked me up here at work pretty well. The fidelity is pretty darn good.  I can't imagine walking around with these, but in a pinch you have a microphone.  I'd put it on par with my iphone 6s microphone. 
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  14. Brooko Contributor
    [Mod Comment]
    Lots of posts deleted or edited.  What should we have learnt:
    • There is no excuse for abuse, swearing, or personal attacks
    • The only Moderators I know about are the ones with "Moderator" or "Admin" tagged next to their names. So even if your intentions are good - DO NOT reply to posts which have broken forum rules.  Flag them and let us deal with it please.  You responding just makes more mess to clean up later.
    • It takes two to make a fight.  If one refuses to participate - the fight does not happen.  Even if you didn't start it, if you participate in it and break the rules - you will get the same treatments as the initial perpetrator.
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  15. Brooko Contributor
    And BTW - so we don't continue this pointless debate.
    • Yes  - apparently Skylar has said the US pads give a few less DB which means the ear pads have lower bass
    • And yes - the documentation appears to need changing.
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