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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. Andreeww
    Thanks. For portable use, I was not asking efficiency. I was wondering if the size seal etc are good fit portable use
  2. knowhatimean
    Sorry Bud, I'm not your guy !
    (I stopped using portable about 30 years ago ; What goes on outside is way to much of an intrusion on how I'm listening these days)
  3. Rish732
    So I finally had a chance to listen to the thx00-EB back to back versus the audioquest NO and the pleather pads.

    The thx are slightly brighter and airier and less comfortable. The bass feels deeper but not more in quantity. The trebles are more present without being bright or harsh. It's a very smooth headphone.

    The pleather on the NO softens the sound to my airs. Feels a bit more closed and the imaging feels more intimate. Also a very smooth sound but less enjoyable (to my ears) than with the US pads.
    Hope that helps !

  4. luvmusik
    How about the all important midrange comparison between these two, thx-00eb vs NO, impressions, please ?
    Curious when read your post of thx-00eb characterized as "ultraflat", which doesn't seem associated with Fostex dynamics, being v-shaped signature, especially ebony model ?
  5. Venture Guy
    Thanks for the impressions! Makes sense to me...
  6. beingbuddha
    Do you guys have any recommendation for any 3rd party cable. I hate the stock cable as it's stiff as a snake and I think there is a major flaw the 3.5mm silver end gets bend due to the weight of the rest of the cable. My 3.5mm ending has bent thrice now. 
  7. MattTCG
    ^^ It really depends on your budget. Norne Audio can't be beat for price, performance and function IMO. 
  8. Rish732
    I have had great luck with contacting Leslie at Impact Audio Cables on Etsy.  His are truly great for the price.  They are custom so take a little bit of time.  There's a thread about them here.
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  9. knowhatimean
    So I went to this page & what did I come across "staring me in my face ?" Exactly what I'd prefer to have a " !/4" terminated, 2.5mm mono pinned reasonably priced Headphone cable !
    I may opt for a longer than 8 ft pair though ,so I can do away with using my 12 ft headphone cable extension; though I can live with it as it works pretty transparently with my current NH cable.
    (It's a DHC headphone extension cable)
    (Hopefully, he works a little more "efficiently" than DHC did ; very nice cable, but I must not be as patient as some his other customers must be)
    Thanks for the link !
    Rish732 likes this.
  10. Tagjazz

    I have a Norne Zoetic for the Ether C's but it took nearly two months and is quite microphonic. I have just ordered an Impact Audio Cable from Lindsay for my NO and he said a max of 4 weeks and very reasonably priced. Great communication too. Worth a look for sure.
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  11. nmatheis Contributor
    Just tried Nightowl with all the AQ pads and greatly preferred Boost pads. My old Nighthawk stock pads made Nightowls sound congested / muffled. Microsuede sounded flatter but also more closed in. Boost had the best balance for my tastes, with full lower end, slightly recessed mids, and nicely present but not overly prominent upper end.

    Listening was through MacBook Pro -> Shanling UP -> Nightowls with 2016 high dynamic range remaster of Rush's Fly By Night in hi-res FLAC.
  12. nwavesailor

    Thanks for the mini pad review, nmatheis!
    I need to give the AQ 'Protein Leather' (formally know as the Boost) pads some more time. I went back and forth and found I preferred the microsuede and haved stayed with them for a good 3-4 weeks.
    Following the NH, NH- carbon & NO forums, I would say most who have heard 2 or all 3 pad versions end up happily in the 'Protein leather' (aka, boost) camp!
  13. jinxy245

    The NightOwls was definitely one of the highlights of CanJam NYC for me. They sounded really awesome, very musical without being overdone, and open for a closed back. Skylar is a gentleman and was a pleasure to meet.
    If someone is out there thinking about it, all I can say is demo these headphones...
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  14. YtseJamer
    @nmatheis, Did you have the chance to compare the NightOwl with the boost pads versus the original NightHawk with the boost pads ? Same results ?
  15. knowhatimean
    & I would bet that a large proportion of those who prefer using "Protein Leather" camp are listening to electric instrument based music through portable player setups.
    The pads are only "playing along" with where the music being played benefits from a little "boost" or a more balanced treatment of how the headphones are outputting the sound. Fuller lower end & slightly recessed mids isn't going to work as well with a lot of Live recording perspective Acoustic based music (particularly Orchestral). The "mids" is where this music lives. Additionally I really spend a minimal amount of time (next to nothing) listening to Non Acoustic music. So I'm definitely in the Microsuede camp !
    He,he,he ... this isn't a competition about "Which pads are Better" or "Which pads do what". What you listen to & more importantly how it sounds to you should determine that ! We shouldn't be interested in popularity contests or a tug of war over which pads are being used.
    If there were to be an Earpads popularity Tug of War, I'd simply let go of the rope & say "You win". Then I'd go away & enjoy the pads that worked for myself !
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