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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. YtseJamer
    +2, the cable is too short.
  2. Tribble
    +3. I was trying not to be overly critical of the cable in my earlier post, but it really isn't good enough (as the only cable) at the price of the package. I would easily swap the nice case (which must cost a little bit) for a second cable more fit for purpose.
    The main competitor to the NightOwl for me was was the DT1770, and it did factor into the decision that that came with two cords and single sided entry, which I prefer (although I understand why many might prefer the NightOwl the way it is). Even demoing the NightOwl, I found the cord to be a nuisance and mentioned it to the dealer.
    The NightOwl still won me over, obviously. It sounds good enough to easily put up with its only drawback, but the cord is a constant irritation.
    I also worry a little about the weight of the heavy cord pulling on the thinner cord and interconnections, and on the socket on my laptop where I can see the plug pull from side to side when I move. When I sit back, the cord is mostly in the air pulling on them. And my misses wasn't impressed with the cup of coffee being pulled over. Fortunately it just fell on the floor, not the laptop [​IMG]
    A bit thinner and more flexible, and a couple of feet longer, would be much easier to deal with. Or even just longer so that it can at least drape and not hang in the air so much. If I sit right up to the laptop, the cord then gets in the way because it's too inflexible and coils up in awkward positions.
    Now... back to listening to Jean-Michel Jarre on these amazing headphones [​IMG] 
  3. shurealltheway

    Agreed. And Audioquest is a cable company! For $700 they could have given 2 cords to the consumer; one for home and one more suitable for mobile.
  4. joeq70
    I ordered a replacement cable, and my NO isn't even here yet.
  5. shurealltheway

    I just don't think that's justifiable. You're already paying $700 and they're a cable company. We shouldn't have to be buying aftermarket cables for these headphones :rage:
  6. MattTCG
    If you put two of the stock cables together (8ft), it still wouldn't be too long for me. Almost, but it would still work for me. I know that Skylar and Audioquest will step up though. 
  7. Tribble
    That's my feeling too. It might sound a bit odd to be complaining about lack of funds and the expense of having to buy another cable when I've just spent £600 on headphones. I'm selling a few things to make up the cost though... otherwise I could not justify buying them in the first place.
    Typical that I have just about every variation of connector going in my assorted electronics boxes in the attic, except for 2.5mm plugs. Never had a need for those before.
    shurealltheway likes this.
  8. joeq70
    To be fair, I wanted a true balanced 3.5mm TRRS cable anyway, so I'm not too salty about it. I'm guessing that the rationale behind this cable is the following:

    -Old cable was too fragile, so let's make it more durable (thicker).

    -The NO and NH are easy to drive so people will primarily use them with their phones and other portable devices. This is especially true for the NO since it is a closed design, which blocks out external noise.(makes cable a length geared for portable use and gives it an in-line mic)

    Maybe I'm out of touch with the average audiophile, but I feel like most of us who are willing to spend $700 on a full-sized headphone will have a dedicated desktop setup to use it with. AQ should probably have included an extension cable if nothing else.
    shurealltheway likes this.
  9. MattTCG
    Extension cable would have been very nice. 
  10. EdwardPL

    Again you are wrong.
  11. Venture Guy
    Hey @EdwardPL have you got your measurement rig back yet? Sure would be nice to have FR and CSD graphs on all three pads...
  12. shurealltheway

    Do you own the Nightowls? Do you need me to take a picture for you and post it here on what the literature says? Because I'm not wrong.
  13. shurealltheway
    Here's your own words saying exactly what I'm saying. I don't care what you hear. My post was about what the literature said. End of story.

    #6154 of 6191
    3 days ago
    When I bought the carbons it did say the Ultra Sued pads have more bass impact but this, IMO is a mistake. The US pads for sure give less impact.
  14. Vitor Roma
    So, I'm 98% sure that the NO will be my next headphones. I just hope that some store in NYC carries them. I can buy in Amazon, but I would prefer to use cash instead of a credit card.
  15. jinxy245

    Most (if not all ) of the Best Buy that have a Magnolia Audio will be able to get them, if they don't already have them out to demo, which they likely will.
    Vitor Roma likes this.
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