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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. knowhatimean
    I was going to ask if you're letting them play a few hours every day through some means of putting a player of some type on Auto Play & just let them 'Burn Away'
    But then I noticed your 14 K of postings on your moniker, so I'm guessing you've been around the block a few times (at least) with this stuff, so as the Brits might say "Carry On"
  2. EdwardPL
    Nope, you clearly didn't read Skylar post where he said everything lower than 1K is unchanged with the Boost pads. Ask him yourself.
  3. shurealltheway

    The literature on my Nightowls says otherwise.
  4. Tribble
    I have nowhere near enough experience with headphones to comment on many of the things I am reading in this thread. I've only recently started using headphones regularly due to changed listening circumstances, and have just upgraded from my old UE Superfi 5 Pro IEMs that I've been using on my laptop recently. The last, supposedly good, headphones I had were Sennheisers (can't remember which) that cost me around £150 fifteen years ago. I found them disappointing in every way. They went in the bin about five years ago during a clearout having rarely being used.
    That said, The Nightowls are incredible in almost every way! (except two...)
    Five days ago I found a local dealer a few minutes away from my house that was good enough to unbox a set for me to listen to, and leave me alone in one of the AV demo rooms. I expected to spend a couple of hours listening to them (and told the dealer that) and then going home to think. Instead, after just half an hour, I bought them and took them home to carry on enjoying them in comfort.
    They sound amazing, with everything I have listened to so far (everything from classical, through electronic to heavy metal). I'm wearing them for about six to eight hours continually in the afternoon/evening while my good lady watches the TV. They are so comfortable I can almost forget that I am wearing them, unlike the IEM's which caused pain after a few hours. The 'put them on and pull into position' headband works perfectly, just as it says on the box.
    If they sound this good so far, I can't wait for them to finish loosening up! I also need to get a USB DAC/Amp (suggestions welcome below £200) to try since I doubt my laptop's headphone output is doing the Nightowls justice.
    The two things that aren't incredible... That hosepipe of a cord which has managed to knock over a cup of coffee it's so stiff and thick (and is barely long enough to reach my laptop when I'm sat back) and having to keep putting on my side light and glasses to tell which way around I need to put them on. I'll eventually get used to the asymmetry of the earcups and know from that I guess. Very minor points given the SQ.
    I'm sure the cord is very good quality, given that's its AudioQuest, but I've no use for a smartphone button or a hosepipe hanging down my front. I'll probably make my own at some point, when I find a source of decent 2.5mm jacks. It does sting a little to have to do that having paid so much for the headphones. Especially since I blew my entire headphone/amp budget and more on these.
    Still love them though [​IMG]
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  5. shurealltheway

    Agreed. The cord sucks.
  6. knowhatimean
    He,he,he...... So if you have a 1rst version NH & the original long HP cable (You know, the one most people found 1 reason or another) most people disliked, keep it handy
    Until you're able to find something more useful, you're probably going to need it if you're using your NO with either a Desktop or Component playback that cable's going to be the preferable choice  (Luckily, I already have a !2' Headphone extension cable (Grado, I think) that I've been using with my NH ; So I'll still end up with 16' of HP cable length if I to use the included NO cable)
    The only thing I'm not too sure about is if the mic/control button on the new cable (Which I'll never need) is going to remain completely transparent & unnoticeable. (AQ should have thought a bit longer on providing only this cable)
  7. arielelf
    I found out that I was using the wrong adapter for the firefly red. I was using the plain USB adapter and found out that I needed to be using the USB 3 adapter so I picked one up. Been using it since this afternoon with the NO's and I have notice a big improvement. I still notice the strange vocal sounds I was experiencing before but it's not quite as bad.
  8. Tribble
    Strange, since the Dragonfly is USB 2.0. It's based on a PIC32MX which has onboard USB 2.0. I know - I have a drawer full of them (PIC32s, not Dragonflies). Maybe the other USB adapter was very noisy or needed cleaning or something...?
    Regardless, I'm very interested on how the Dragonfly works with the Nightowl since I'm in the market for a DAC around that price.
    EDIT: My brain just caught up with the fact that you said Firefly - I heard Dragonfly because that was in my head at the time. IF you didn't mean Dragonfly, ignore everything I just said and pretend I don't exist [​IMG]
  9. joeq70
    The AudioQuest FireFly is not a thing.
  10. nmatheis Contributor

    I wish it was...

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  11. arielelf

    Hi Triblle, I'm sorry I meant the Dragonfly. I had found this on Audiodquest's website and other people reporting similar issues to what was happening to me.

    "In some rare instances, the combination of an iOS device in conjunction with the standard CCK and DragonFly Black or Red causes a clicking in the background of the music.

    Neither we nor Apple have been able to determine why that is, but in circumstances where this occurs we’ve found that using Apple’s Lightning to USB 3.0 Camera Connection Kit resolves the problem. In addition, this connector offers improved audio performance over the smaller unit and gives the end user the ability to charge their iOS device while listening to music."

  12. joeq70
  13. Tribble
    @arielelf, thank you for the clarification. That's hopefully something I won't have to worry about then, being on Windows.
  14. MattTCG
    @SkylarGray I would be grateful for a response concerning the cable for the Nightowl. IMO it is simply too short to be usable for desktop purposes. I measure 3ft. to the split and then another foot from the split to the end of the cable, so 4 ft. total. For me, and I think for many, it's not long enough to be used as a desktop cable. I'm three feet from my amp so you can imagine that this is a short leash and how careful I have to be. 
    I was considering ordering a custom cable with an appropriate length or an extension to resolve this problem, but I would appreciate a response from you before I proceed. Sennheiser recently included a four foot cable with the hd6xx until they realized their mistake and had to replace the cable with one that could be used for desktop environments. 
    I thank you in advance for your response.

  15. ballard3
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