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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. joeq70
    Ordered a NightOwl! Seems like some of the issues I had with the NightHawk have been resolved. Would love to be able to enjoy these without EQ.
  2. ninetylol
    what issues are you talking about? the heavy mids at 200-300hz?
  3. shurealltheway

    Would love to hear your take on the differences between them. I love my Nightowls but have never heard the Hawks. And I never EQ them. I thought the bass was a tad too strong out of the box, but it has settled after burning in. I only use the Boost (leather) pads. To my ears, the suede pads add too much bass. Ymmv.
  4. knowhatimean
    I'm waiting on a pair NO
    I'm a bit curious as to what music you're normally listening to & what your using to drive your headphones . I don't usually hear people mention that they're hearing "too much" bass with the suede pads. I can guess that there might be more deep bass that you've become aware of, but I've always felt that the suede pads (on my NH) tend to clean up the bass "impact" area & leave me with a nice sound balance.
    I'm guessing we're not listening to the same type of music , for the most part ! "Different Horses for Different Courses" I guess. But I'm curious, all the same, as to just what you might have been listening to that led you to your conclusions.
    Thanks (I can't wait to hear my NO. I have some things , I'd really like to try with them right from the get go.; regardless of their initial sound signature) (I've been at this for awhile ! & Skylar made it extremely easy to get to things that are completely reversible in very little time) (I'm not buying that Open Back headphones will always be better at doing certain things when you have a platform as easily changeable to work with as these headphones have been & the bottleneck to how good the results can be won't be limited by the music I'm listening to)
  5. joeq70
    Yes, the heavy midbass of the NH was the main offender. Also, could use a bit of a lift in the upper midrange. Toning down the midbass kinda automatically unmasks the other frequencies, though. I'm also intrigued by reports of the NO having a huge soundstage despite being closed.
  6. shurealltheway

    First of all, I'm not saying the suede makes the bass boomy. Im saying that RELATIVE to the leather (Boost) pads, it adds more bass. But the Owls don't need more bass because it's already perfect with the leather pads. I've never heard the Classic pads so I can't comment on them.
    I listen to classic rock, folk, country, some pop, a very small amount of rap/R&B, classical, 50's doo wop, Motown, classic metal, and everything in between. My favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty, etc.
  7. joeq70
    You seem to be the only person that thinks this about the microsuede pads vs the boost pads. If anything, I'm looking forward to getting the NO in to see what is going on with that, haha.
  8. shurealltheway

    I'm in the minority but there's another on here somewhere who says the same.
  9. shurealltheway
    Here he is:

    #6180 of 6187
    2 hours ago
    It sucks because I love how they feel, they are IMO some of the best feeling and made pads of every felt and Skylar clearly worked hard on them but I just can't enjoy them.

    I really appreciate how Skylar has manage to keep the sub bass down to 10hz with the US and it's clearly way more controlled then the HM5 pads by far.

    The Boost pads are just perfect. The Carbon with Boost pads is my end game headphone for sound and jays saying something since I've tried and owned pretty much everything and nothing has sucked me into the music like the Carbon and Boost pads.

    I'd happily trade my US pads for the Classic NH pad but having compared them to the Boost pads even they sound dull on the upper mids and don't have the snap to the sound.


    I do find the US pads to have better bass texture, presence due to the flattened mid bass.
  10. shurealltheway

    It also says it right in the literature when you first open your box to your Nightowls. There's a quick guide sheet that literally says the ultrasuede enhance bass response. Then it says the Boost pads enhance treble response.
  11. EdwardPL
    Actually even Skylar who one ent the padssaod the US pads give you a few DB less bass. The IS pads on my Carbon do flatten out the mid bass quote a lot. I really don't understand how anyone can say they are bassist unless there's a few driver variations going around.
  12. shurealltheway

    No you read it wrong. Skylar was posting in the Nighthawks thread, not Nightowl. So he was saying the suede decreases bass response compared to the classic pads. Remember, the new pads weren't out before the new Nightowls and Nighthawks carbon launched. I'm saying the bass is enhanced COMPARED TO THE BOOST PADS.
  13. knowhatimean
    As someone responded to my postings a few times..... Fair enough !
    & I can see how the Boost pads are probably a good match for all but 3 of the music genres that you've listed (He,he,he. Those 3 are about all I'm inclined to be listening to & occasionally some Jazz. To put it in a nutshell I live to hear the tonality of Acoustic Instruments (mostly wood & strings based) most non acoustic instrumentation doesn't hold my attention for very long if I'm unable to detect harmonic development & decay of played notes & human voices. My musical tastes started changing when I was a young pup in my 20s .) (Who even talks like this anymore ?) Give me a few hours of Rachmaninov or Mahler or Gordon Lightfoot or David Wilcox .etc. I did like Hendrix for awhile long ago.
    In short though I can see where you're coming from . I don't want to go there myself , but if it makes sense to ,go with it ! (Now we'll all gather 'round the fire & sing "kumby ya") (I'm pretty sure my nephew has the same musical tastes as you do : I like to bug him about it sometimes until my sister comes to rescue him)
    Now don't ask me if either of us got anything out of this posting ! thanks for letting me waste your time. & most importantly keep enjoying your NO ( I think I agree with your taste there:I said I think !) One more thing don't ask me break down how the headphone sound at this or that Octave (in other words I won't talk about how the treble or bass sounds ,because I think that has more to with how the music was recorded. Now if were to ask me if a violin sounded like a violin or more like a viola I might have an opinion on that type of information.
  14. shurealltheway

    Fair enough! I always appreciate perspective.
  15. MattTCG
    I just got the NO this evening. I've only had about 1/2 with them so I'll withhold my judgement until I've had a chance to burn them in. But let me offer a few preliminary comments:
    1. The looks are great! I love the new Carbon color. 
    2. I'm digging the ability to switch out the pads for an alternative tuning. Although I'm not sure which is my preference yet. 
    3. What in the world is going on with the cable? [​IMG] I love audioquest and Skylar is the man. Nothing but true respect here for them. BUT the cable is essentially a wasted effort IMO. It's too short for a desktop cable (4ft, barely reaches my amp) and WAY to thick to be used as a portable. I'll have to order a custom cable asap or find someone willing to sell me the old desktop cable. I have no explanation on what happened with the design of this cable. 
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