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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. Vitor Roma
    Good to know! Brazilian credit cards have a 6% tax everytime it is a international purchase which is quite annoying. I will arrive on NYC by the 2nd half of March.
  2. jinxy245
    @Vitor Roma You can also contact @JerseyD . He's a local small business owner, an authorized AudioQuest distributor, and a genuine enthusiast (nice guy, too). If you know what dates you're in town, he can usually arrange to meet you, depending on your schedule... I don't want to put words in his mouth, but give him a shout. I doubt you'd be disappointed.
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  3. knowhatimean
    I pre-ordered a pair of NO (from a local Magnolia) about 2 wks ago . There was a hold up until this week as the East Coast buyer for Magnolia was placing his order this wk.
    I received a phone call from the Salesperson who took my pre-order on this past Sunday. He'd received his PO from Magnolia HQ & was just calling to confirm that I wanted the NO Carbon & not the NH Carbon. I'm guessing (hopefully anyway) it won't be much longer before I will be getting an ETA on when to expect to get them.
    With all this in mind, I would imagine the Magnolia stores will most likely have them on their shelves by the 2nd half of March (Or sooner).
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  4. JerseyD

    Thanks, Jinxy! I should know when the new models will be here very soon! 
  5. Vitor Roma

    Oh, hey, handsome. [​IMG]
  6. EdwardPL

    I think Skylar knows his own ear pads better than you do.
    Venture Guy likes this.
  7. joeq70
    This earpad saga is cracking me up. I actually would love to see a pic of this literature. Measurements would be nice too. 
  8. Venture Guy
    Agreed, measurements would be really nice! In defense of the OCD related to pads. The AQ headphones are the first I know of that tunability via pads was the intention of the designer. So, to my ears you have the choice of three substantially different sound signatures.
  9. Rish732
    Just got these and have to say they sound great out of my phone, fantastic directly out of my hifime sabre 9018 portable DAC and marginally more fantastic once amped. They are my go-to cans definitely regarding comfort (wearing them for hours) and that sweet feeling of listening to quality speakers.

    Yes, there is a perceptual muffling when compared to other headphones but once your brain adjusts it's imminently relaxing, paradoxical. My previous favorites were the thx00 ebony and the thx sound like excellent headphones with smooth tones and discrete channel separation; whereas the nightowl seems to have a cross feed built in a bit more without sacrificing imaging so you feel more enveloped

    You can still analyze your music and your gear but you end up just listening.

    My pad choice are the ultra suede and I do find them the more preferable of the two for bass response and soundstage.

    They isolate pretty well and sound leakage is not an issue in quiet rooms (depending on volume of course).
  10. knowhatimean
    Nah !!!!!
    I find it's just easier to add more names to my "Blocked member" list if they've somehow not managed to pass my  "thread poster" trial period. This list hasn't been exclusive to  posters of any status lately. Having a massive thread count hasn't excluded anyone from this list. For some posters it only means it may take them a lot more words to say less, than others do.
    To be truthful I come in Head-Fi to see what's new & available. Occasionally I come across a fresh perspective on something I'm familiar with, I get a few chuckles at a lot of the same old  repeated comments about how the sound of something is not right (Ok, what were you listening to specifically; you were specific enough to tell us what you found to be not correct) . Oops, that must just be a small detail, because we all listen to the same things & it sounds the same to everyone.... Right ???
    I'll normally read a few postings someone has left & respond to posts that I find relevant to what I may or may not do in this hobby. !
    The 'Blocked Member" list is your friend , when you start seeing the "Same Old,Same Old" more often than not . (After a certain age , you find it easier to be more interested in doing other things than debating your  point of view) (particularly when you know how stubborn you are;...because you know you're right)
  11. arielelf
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  12. Vitor Roma
    @JerseyD, I saw your website and really enjoyed the non-frills style. Sent you an email. 
  13. JerseyD

    Thanks, Vitor.  I wrote back regarding your request for a NightOwl (and Meze 99) audition in NYC.
  14. shurealltheway

    Thank you for this!
  15. shurealltheway

    So when you say you prefer the ultrasuede for bass response and soundstage, are you saying that the ultrasuede enhance the bass response and soundstage to your ears?
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