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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. nmatheis Contributor

    I'll do that tonight...
  2. YtseJamer
    Thanks [​IMG]
  3. nwavesailor

    knowhatimean, I'm sure your right that most of us are not listening to orchestral music for the majority of our time with headphones. I have some on my iPod but not more than 1 or 2% of the total music I enjoy.
    I don't listen to metal, electronica, rap, or hip hop but, while some of my music is acoustic, most is electrified and I still prefer the microsuede pads on the NH.
  4. knowhatimean
    There you go, exactly what I was saying !. By the same token though I've heard more than a few comments that the "Microsuede pads were useless"
    Another consideration is how the playback configuration you happen to be using handles what you're playing. A lot of playback rigs have a pretty narrow tolerance of sound settings that really don't cooperate with having a neutral sound balance & as a result listener's will end up favoring a less than balanced sound signature regardless of what music genres they'll listen to .
    I guess what Ive been trying to say is to just take what anyone says about which pads are worthwhile & which are not with a 'Bolder' of salt ! In plain English "You like em, use em"& this appears to be an outrageous technique for some, but you can switch the pads at any time to suit the music you plan on listening to
    One size can fit all, but if you can find another one that fits a bit better you can use that. This is not the "Three Bears Earpads" here !
  5. Venture Guy
    I have come to the same conclusion that @nmatheis did. I got the pleather pads in for my NightHawks yesterday. Auditioning all three pad options, the pleathers seem to offer the best SS to my ears...
  6. MattTCG
    I have to say I'm disappointed not to have heard from @SkylarGray on the cable issue yet. Last request, @SkylarGray please address why the new cable for Nightowl and Nighthawk Carbon is only 4 feet. IMO this length is not functional as a desktop cable. 
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond. 
  7. nmatheis Contributor
  8. JerseyD
    Oh, sure, but who's on first?  [​IMG]
  9. nwavesailor

    So what is the correct cable length? There seemed to be a bit of push back on the 2 original 8' cables that shipped with the NH.
    Do other hp companies offer you the choice of a cable length when buying a new hp? I guess I see this as a no win for a hp company.
    Too short, too long or just right for a given customer.
    1st world problem!
  10. MattTCG
    ^^ The industry standard is about 6 feet. Of course there are variations depending on the manufacturer. I have the luxury of having my amp on my desk so it's quite close at 3.5 feet. That's me virtually no room for play. 
  11. UNOE
    I hope I get my order in before the cable length changes. 4.5 ft would be what I want even 4.2 ft is good for me.
  12. Tagjazz
    New Nightowls in the house and burning in nicely. Out of the box, these sounded pretty good in comparison to the original NH's - no major standout areas in the SS to get used to. After about 30 hours burn in - wow, these sound great! I like that it seems more balanced overall. Great to have this engaging sound back and get into the music - might have to let the Ether C's go now. Have not tried pad rolling yet, that will come after a decent burn in time but the cable - URGH! It really is hideous and the worst HP cable I have ever had. What's with that from a speciality cable company? It feels like a cheap AV cable. So glad I ordered a custom cable, can't wait to get it and get rid of this. 
    joeq70 likes this.
  13. gadgetheaven
    +1 on Skylar replying to buyers of this new headphone.  I just got a pair of night owls and the problem i have with the cable is that with my portable ibasso amp (Bushmaster) i don't get sound in both channels if the cable is fully plugged in.  If a pull the connection out slightly it sounds fine,  but for a £599 headphone (here in UK) i'd expect the cable to be compatible with devices other than phones.  I would love it if they could supply a replacement without the microphone function (and extra pole) which i am guessing is not entirely compatible with every device.  Asides from the cable issue i am two hours into burn in and the sound is very very good with excellent bass reproduction.
  14. joeq70
    I've been enjoying the NightOwl a lot. I actually don't have a problem with the cable having seen it in person and used it a bit. The 1/4" adapter works fine, although I remember it would not work properly back when I tried the original NH on the Airist Audio Heron 5. It seemed the plug was not snug enough. So maybe there is some slight plug size incompatibility for your amp @gadgetheaven. I hope you get it sorted out.
  15. gadgetheaven
    Out of interest i tried a pair of earphones in my iBasso Bushmaster and got sound just fine with the jack fully inserted.  It's my guess the 3 pole jack on the NO cable is not compatible with some devices.   I am frustrated as the Combo of the iBasso Bushmaster and NO is very nice.  I found the sound better than through their own DragonFly Red.  I wrote a question to Audio Quest support about this as the way i see it they have a cable which is clearly not fit for every purpose.  I'd rather take a cable with a standard 2 pole jack (no Smartphone function) as i don't understand why they market such a stunning headphone for smartphone use.  I guess the solution is to order up a 3.5mm to 2.5mm left and right from someone else.  Not good for a £600 headphone!  @SkylarGray i  hope you read these posts as you've designed an excellent headphone with a poor cable.  At least ship a standard cable to get round this issue.
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