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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. PetFju
    Ok. I installed the latest firmware and driver now, and no 32-bit option is available in windows sound settings still. Best option available is 24-bit, 192khz from the usb output (from pc). But if the dac forces 32-bit playback when using usb input, i guess it wouldn't matter if windows only displays 24 bit playback? Can this be verified somehow?
  2. conquerator2
    JRiver has an audio path option.
  3. aive

    Thanks for the heads up Nutt. I flashed my M7 with the "forDACV2" file, which is the firmware file with the latest date, is that right? Seems to work lol :p 
  4. jaxz
    Hi. I'm waiting for my NFB15 to arrive. In the meantime i was searching the latest USB32 drivers and i found the link for the products shipped since august 14, 2014 (my case) , and it's called version 1:
    Why the newer driver version it's called version 1 and the older its called version 3? Besides, i don't understand this message:
    "The USB-32 have not connect the +5V from computer for the less disturb , so every times must waiting  the computer running in Windows then power on the DAC if applied USB playback."
    Any comment is welcome.
  5. dreamtheatervn
    In hand the DI 2014 today. A bit dissapointed when hooking to Nfb 17.32 because bass is too heavy and not clear, however it sounds better and better after 3hours. It makes me think I hear a new audio system! I have tried many Usb converters to pair with Nfb 17.32 such as Wave I/o, Stahl tek A.B.C, Bekerly Alpha, Gustard,etc but this DI 2014 produces a special sound not like all of the above mentioned. Rich, density, detail that's I can say now. Still a bit harsh, hope it will be gone after break in.

    Btw, does anybody know the function of the button on the rear near the power cord inlet? I turned it on & off but hear nothing difference?
  6. Honkytime
    The newer driver is called version 1 cause they probably updated the USB input with newer hardware causing them to use a newer driver.
    As for the second question about the +5v being disconnected. DAC's like the schitt modi use the usb power to power the DAC.
    The NFB-15 has it's own power supply and doesn't need power from the USB port to operate,so to reduce the chance of getting any audio feedback from the USB power. audio-gd does not connect the power supplied by the usb port to the amp.
  7. aive
    I sent Kingwa a query re firmware to clear up any confusion, response was:

    We have the new firmware and driver for update the products .
    Driver download: http://www.audio-gd.com/Audio-gdUSB32driverversion1.rar
    Firmware update tool and software download: http://www.audio-gd.com/Audio-gdUSB32FWversion1.rar
    The newest firmware is audio-gdUSB32FWversion2forDAC and audio-gdUSB32version2forDI . Choice the proper for your device, even though they can working for both devices .
    It need install the driver if applied in Windows.
    There is an update guide include in the folder.
    The wrong operate or bad USB connect may cause the update fail and shatter the firmware, want to buy the new firmware replace in the unit.
    So please read the guide careful and make sure the USB connect as well, for the table PC, connect the USB port on rear may better. Before update, restart the computer is better.
  8. rdsu

    Where is the "audio-gdUSB32version2forDI" file?
  9. jaxz

    I get it. Thank you very much.
  10. jaxz

    Good info. Thanks. I guess I don't need to update the firmware when my NFB 15 arrives, since it's fresh from the factory?
  11. Nuttinbutair
    Glad you got an answer from Kingwa.  What I really want to know is how does it sound?  purrin seems to think that upgrade is something special in your M7.
    My DI-V3 is driving an Uber Bifrost.  The more that I listen to it the more that I think that the new driver has produced an increase in the detail across the frequency range.  After time the difference does not seem as subtle as it first did.  On recordings that are not too good, I don't notice much.  On the better recordings there is more precision in the location of the instruments and voices, as well as the clarity of the music.  I don't sense the degree of grain that I had earlier, which was making me think about trying something new.  I can be happy with the setup for a while.  I assume the M7 should show even more.
  12. xxxfbsxxx
    :frowning2: mine still haven't shipped yet, DHL HK say they are still waiting for the package from agd and its been 1 week since Agd noticed me that sent it out of factory 
    anw, congrat on your di and it sounds promising :) could you plz share what type of conenction you use to connect the di to 17,32? and what cable?
  13. aive

    I can't reliably say to be honest. I changed my primary amp only a day before I upgraded my M7. I don't notice any decrease in performance. I think I noticed a slight improvement in the bass during my bass test track Daft Punk - Giorgio - seemed as though the beginning bass notes were slightly clearer, more resolved.
  14. Mahdi8
    Are you saying it's better than Berkeley Alpha? how about comparing it with the built in USB32 in NFB 17.32?
  15. dreamtheatervn
    I never say it sound better than Bekerly Alpha because my DI 2014 just arrived and need break in. When my Ubuntu laptop mated with B.Alpha it only sounded good with INTERNAL Hdd, there's crack & pop if external Hdd. Stahl Tek A.B.C was ok for both internal & external.

    The stock Usb of 17.32, Gustard can't not compare because of not in same league. I don't have other famous converters such as A.P, HyperX, Empirical,etc so can't say anything about them.

    For connecting DI & Dac I use Bnc-Bnc cable bought from Audio-gd, comparing with my coxial-bnc Japan made brand unknow cable the bnc-bnc is a bit warmer. Fyi, I saw bnc-bnc audio-gd cord is made in Japan, maybe Kingwa solder bnc jacks only. And my system is 2 channels ( not use headphone).

    Another toy is i2s kit, I will find out the way to use it and keep you guys posted.
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