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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. ohhgourami

    Go to your user folder and the downloaded zip file should be there. Extract it to your C: drive and copy the plugins (if there are any) to your Foobar plugin folder. Run the installer for the driver and that should be it.
  2. mowglycdb
    With ctrl + j key it should show your downloads you right clic The name of The last thing you downloaded and click The option find file location. It should open The folder. If you used The option run and then cancelled The operation you wont find it so download it again.
  3. KneelJung
    Ohhgourami and mowglycdb thanks for your responses but I'm still stuck.
    When I clicked the link that Audio gd sent me it saved in my user file
    It's there I can see it.
    When I go through the device manager, click on audio gd, and update driver it asks me if I want to search automatically or browse my computer.
    My problem is the rar file that is supposed to be iin the download file isnt listed under downloads anymore.
    I cant figure it out, and Kingwa hasnt been any help at all.
  4. mowglycdb
    Download it again, and extract it to  C:\
    Device manager won't find it. You have to run a .exe file inside can't remember the name but I'll check it once I arrive home
  5. KneelJung
    I actually didnt need to download it again Right clicked the file and selected open with Win Zip then unzipped the folder. Hadn't done that before. Like I said earlier I'm not very savvy with this computery stuff. The file extracted to here:
    Was able to attempt to install the drivers for the first time, but it didnt work.
    A window popped up that said windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device. Underneath that it said something redundant. Then it said driver is not intended for this platform.
    The device manager now says unknown device rather audio gd.
    ETA: I'm using windows 7.
  6. yaluen
    Are you using Device Manager to install the drivers? According to Audio-GD, you should move the unzipped files to C:\USB32driver2014v3 and run the SETUP.EXE in that folder with the unit plugged in and powered on to install. Also, after the installation, they say to leave the files as is.
  7. KneelJung

    That did it.
    Thanks for your help Yaluen.Mowglycdb was telling me to do the same thing, but I'm not very savvy when it comes to this stuff, and a little slow on the uptake sometimes.
  8. yaluen
    Great! I think Audio-GD devices need additional system config done so one needs to use that installer. Additionally, it installs ASIO support.
    If you're feeling adventurous, next would be to set up an audio player like foobar to take advantage of ASIO and stream files at their native sample rate to your NFB-15. Audio-GD has a guide here (http://www.audio-gd.com/Driver%20install%20guide.rar), though it's a bit convoluted and needs updating. All you need to do is install foobar, found here (http://www.foobar2000.org/download), then install foobar ASIO support, found here (http://www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_out_asio), then select "ASIO : VIA DirectKS ASIO" under Devices in foobar File->Preferences->Playback->Output.
  9. conquerator2
    A-GD drivers (or maybe VIA drivers) are very finicky...
    They sometimes work and sometimes they don't.
    I was getting hissing and crackling and only reinstalling my windows seems to fix it but sometimes a driver reinstall is enough... But I wasn't able to figure out what causes it.
    Sometimes the ASIO driver doesn't work so I downloaded ASIO4ALL which works the same and is a fail safe in case...
    I blame the muting relay or recent design changes.
    Owned a 3.32 last year and those problems were nonexistent...
    Then again, maybe it's the ESS sabre...
    So... It's a bit finicky for me... The unit is definitely flawless but the software isn't.
  10. Honkytime
    I find the a-gd drivers work fine with very minimal issues with my pc or laptop pretty much set it and forget it.only issue i had so far is crashing the firmware chip when i tried to update it.
  11. mowglycdb
    DI-2014 is no where to be seen. it's not on the homepage nor in the product list, nor on the shipping cost list :C
  12. conquerator2
    It is right there on the main page - http://audio-gd.com/En%20audio-gd.htm or http://audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/DI2014/DI2014EN.htm
  13. mowglycdb
    yeah direct link works, but I can't find it on the homepage or product list, do you see it? I don't
  14. conquerator2
    Mine's still there -  1593857794.png
    But I am using Chrome so it might be substituting for a cached copy.
  15. mooncalf78
    I'm installing new Windows OS (8.1) to my new computer. Because of that, I checked Audio gd web site for the newest drivers for my NFB-15.32 DAC amp bought at the end of 2013. I noticed that there is a new tool which allows me to upgrade device firmware. Originally, I used USB32 V2.0 drivers. I downloaded http://www.audio-gd.com/USB32firmware2014.rar file. I understand how to use the tool, but I'm confused which firmware is the latest and the best for my NFB 15.32. In the mentioned rar archive are several firmware files:

    Firmware 11.dfu
    Firmware 9-3.dfu

    I haven't found any description for these firmware files. Which one I should use? FW2014v9forDAC32bit.BIN? What is difference between FW2014v9forDAC32bit.BIN and FW2014v9_1forDAC32bit.BIN? What about other firmware files? Also I guess that with the latest firmware I should use latest drivers, it means USB32 v3, correct?

    Thanks for clarification.
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