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100+ Head-Fier

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    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennheiser HD800 + Norne Draug balanced cable
    DT770 Manufactur 600 Ohm w/ Alpha Pads (Modded)
    HD650 + custom balanced cable
    Philips Citiscape Uptown
    Sennheiser HD 201(Broken)
    Takstar HI2050
    Creative Aurvana Live (SOLD)

    Brainwavz B2 (MADE into CUSTOM IEM)
    Meelectronic R1
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Kevin Gilmore Super Symmetry Dynahi
    Bottlehead Crack + Speedball
    RSA Intruder Balanced portable AMP DAC
    Fiio e6
    Corda quickstep (SOLD)
    Objective 2 (SOLD)
    Fred amplifier RA1 Clone (SOLD)
    ibasso d-zero (SOLD)
    Source Inventory:
    AudioGD reg7 mod to NOS7+amanero384 (Coming)
    LH Labs Vi Dac tube infinity (Coming)
    Clearaudio emotion + ortofon 2m Black + haggerman cornet 3 phono with teddy pardo LPS
    FiiO X5
    Audio GD NFB 1.32
    Kingrex UD384
    Matrix mini ipro
    AUDIO GD DAC19 PCM1704UK With audioGD VI-V3 coax transport SOLD
    Audio GD NFB 2 (Sold)
    ipod touch Gen2
    ibasso db2 (balanced DAC)
    ipod gen 5 Rockboxed with AudioMinor iMod + custom LOD (SOLD)
    ibasso d-zero (SOLD)
    Schiit Modi (SOLD)
    Muse Audio usb DAC PCM2704 (SOLD)
    Cable Inventory:
    Blue jeans coaxial cable
    Norne Draug interconnect
    Toxic silver poison interconnect
    Stager Silver Solid RCA Interconnect
    Neotech NEI 3003 RCA Interconnect
    AB System double decker USB Cable
    Power-Related Components:
    TERADAK USB Power Supply
    Teralink USB Isolator (Sold)
    Nikon D700
    Fuji XE1


    Headphone : Audio GD NOS7 v2 with HDMI I2S + batery powered Amanero 384-> KG Susy Balanced Dynahi -> HD800
    Speaker: Clearaudio emotion w Lyra Dorian MC -> Aksa Paris battery MC Pre preamp-> Haggerman cornet 3 w teddy pardo LPS-> gennary rv160-> Liquidbase Sonic Blade

    Coming Soon: LH Labs Vi Dac Tube Infinity
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