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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. genclaymore
    Too bad audio-gd doesn't have a cheaper DI model with at-least one coaxial output.
  2. dreamtheatervn

    Why don't you send mail to Kingwa to ask him build for you?
    Sad but true, the new DI 2014 never can beat Berkeley Alpha USB or Stahl tek A.B.C. After 2 weeks continuous listening the DI 2014 I wait for the miracle happens but nothing new. DI 2014 sounds a bit more edge and digital than the two said pieces.
    Btw, using the i2s out of DI 2014 to connect i2s in of DAC is funny. Firstly, I thought ì2s connect is better than DIR( SPDIF) because it goes directly to the DAC chip but it is not! Sound seemed thin & blur.
  3. Heprer
    Does anyone know if the new drivers since 14 aug 2014 are rock solid? No pops, loss of sound, incompatibility and the rest? I am interested in nfb 11 but i want to know if what i'm buying will of will not give me head aches. Thanks!
  4. haitch
    I have been thinking about getting an Audio-gd DI-2014 but am a bit worried after this latest comment that this unit is not in the same class as units like the Berkeley Alpha USB. So I have to ask, while it may not be as good as Berkeley does the DI-2014 at least improve the sound of Master 7? (I am happy to experiment with I2S versus coax as long the Master 7 sound is improved.). And secondly, I occasionally use the optical interface into the Master 7 via an Airport Express, so I am wondering if the Di-2014 improves that interface?
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  5. jaxz
    Just received the NFB 15 today. Driver install was a breeze. No problems at all. Currently using it via wasapi (push) in foobar. No pops, clicks or dropouts. Driver version 1 (since 14th august)
  6. Heprer
    Awesome 10x
  7. dreamtheatervn

    How can Audio-gd DI-2014 (apprx 400$ incl. shipping & tax) beating Berkeley Alpha USB (2000$)? Price is too difference!
    I believe DI 2014 can improve sound of Master 7 but never expect it like an extraordinary thing.
    For the optical out from Airport Express to the Master 7, IMO there's bottle neck in there so it will not really effect for using a DI 2014.
  8. darren700
    I received my NFB-1 (2015) with both upgraded clocks yesterday.
    I cannot get anything other than 16/44 and 24/44 to work for the life of me.
    I used the drivers from "Audio-gdUSB32driverversion1.rar"
    24/96, 24/176, 24/192, and DSD all dont work at all and cause errors to popup.
    I tried both Jriver and Foobar2000 on two different computers, Ive tried ASIO, WASAPI, Kernal Streaming, nothing.
    16/44 works great and sounds awesome. But i want to use this for DSD and High res as well.
    In the windows options it only shows 16/44, 16/48, 24/44 and 24/48 none of the other sample rates even show up.
    I have a couple emails back and forth with King-wa so far and no luck. Im thinking maybe I need to try older firmware and drivers.
    Any advice? Pictures below:
  9. mowglycdb
    That doesn't look like kingwas drivers...  did you download the drivers from this link?  http://www.audio-gd.com/Audio-gdUSB32driverversion1.rar
    The description of the device should be something like Audio-GD. Maybe you had other USB audio drivers before and it didn't clean up well? Uninstall everything and give it a second try.
    I don't think that you need to install an older firmware, the New NFB-1 is very recent it should have the newest firmare.
  10. darren700
    Yes that is where I got the drivers. My onboard audio is disabled via Bios. I will re-enable it and uninstall those drivers and then reinstall the Audio-GD ones.
    However I dont think that will help since on my other computer it actually showed up as "Audio-GD Device" and I still had the same problem trying to play anything above 24/48
  11. cydonia84
    Try a different USB port, if you have a desktop pc you should use the rear ports
  12. darren700
    So i tried everything... But im making some progress. I had no luck with the VIA ASIO driver. So I tied ASIO4ALL V2.
    Using ASIO 4All I got everything but DSD working (24/96 24/176, 24/192 works perfect). So im pretty happy for now, but DSD support would be nice.
    Still waiting on another reply from King-Wa.
    But this NFB-1 sounds great so far.
    Thanks for all the help!
  13. jaxz
    Hi. Is there any benefit selecting 32 bits for output in foobar2k? I can't hear any sound differences between 24 and 32 bits. Most of my music is 16 bits by the way, about the 15% of my library is 24 bits, so...

  14. hucifer

    Higher bit depth is only really of use on music production.

    For the end listener there is generally no audible improvement when using higher than 16bit.
  15. jaxz

    Thanks. But related to linearity or bit to bit output does it matter?
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