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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. undersys
    I hope kingwa won't mind me quoting him :
    He seems to think setting forced 32bit on the client side is wise.
  2. darren700
    So I finally figured out my issue with DSD.
    Aparently the NFB-1 2015 does not like Intel's X58 Chipset USB 2.0 ports. I tried on two different X58 based computers with same issues getting anything about 24/48 to play.
    I tried it on my AMD computer and it worked perfectly with all sample rates and DSD.
    So i plugged it into the USB 3.0 port on my X58 motherboard and it all works flawlessly now. So note to any X58 users, the USB 2.0 ports will not work for the NFB-1 (2015), use the USB 3.0 ports.
    Very happy camper now!~
  3. PeterCraig
    Hey anyone know where to get the latest USB32 Firmware update file?  I have the tool just need the firmware.
    Can't find it on the Audio-gd site and the link posted earlier is no longer working.
  4. genclaymore

    Try giving them a email, they will either send you a link or send you the firmware thru the email.
  5. PeterCraig
    Thanks....got everything pretty quick with an email to Audio-gd.
  6. JohnLock
  7. SpirosG
    I've got an NFB 11 (2014) and I'm pretty much impessed by the sound. I spent some time updating firmwares and installing the latest drivers, and I thought I  had eliminated all the original problems with dsd playback, instabilities, etc., as it was for several days that eveything was running smooth ...
    However, today,  when watching Yoy Tube,   windows crashed and got a blue screen, had to reboot, etc. etc.
    I thought that that was a problem of the past, previous firmwares & drivers. Unfortunately it is not.
    Any suggestions ? 
  8. mowglycdb
    I had the same problem, youtube, facebook and some other web stuff would make my computer hang after some time of using it, raging from 10 to 40 minutes.
    I found no way to solve my problem, it happened to me with my Master-7, PPA usb card solved that problem (I fried it), then I used the DI-2014 and never had the same problem again, because I stoped using the USB32 built in the Master-7, I have no clue why this happens...
    I actually bought a new mother board/CPU and power supply,  formated it  and then installed the Master-7 USB32 again, and the problem still persisted, it's very strange.
    SpirosG likes this.
  9. xxxfbsxxx
    well, its really strange, i used built in usb modules on 15.32, nfb28, sa 1.32, master 7 and di2014. Everything was fine, including youtube, mpc player,...
    the only issues is if i want to use foobar/jriver i just change the default sound device in window into another output, wherever i want to listen to youtube, i have to close foobar/jriver first and change back default sound to audio-gd device. Even if i forgot to close jriver/foobar the only trouble was the clip would not play. No crashing or blue screen. 
  10. stephanus
    Good morning,
    after one year of (nearly) flawless operation I migrated the audioGD NFB 15.23 (FW 2104) from my desktop PC (Core i3 2120) to a lenovo All-in-One PC (Core i3 550). Both systems have Win7 home premium installed. Music software is JRiver MC 20. While the DAC still works fine with my desktop PC (apart from a few minor issues, see below) it won't work with the lenovo.
    With the audioGD-VIA-driver (I tried v2 and v3 of the 2014 package) installed, the system seems to "lose" contact to the DAC after a few seconds of playing. I tried every possible output mode (WASAPI, kernel-Streaming, VIA direct ...) on JRiver 20, but after a few bars, the speakers fall silent while the player goes on (as can be seen at the "elapsed-time-bar" and the equalizer.
    I deinstalled the drivers and tried to plug in the DAC without software installed which led to a funny experience. In the device manager an "unknown device" appeared and disappeared every 5 seconds.
    So, I'm at my (limited) wits' end and will certainly dump the audiogd for a working solution... unless anybody here can help me. So you are my last straw. HELP [​IMG]
    Ah, yes, I was writing about minor flaws: When switching from spotify or webcontent to JRiver the DAC refused to go on working and demanded to be restarted. Sometimes I even got bluescreen after switching from web content (youtube) to any other media, but rather rarely.
    Thank you for your help!
  11. SpirosG
    your solution is to try -somehow- for the windows to recognize your nfb 15, as a ''usb audio device'', without having to install the 'really problematic & full buggy'' via drivers. Then you cal play with wasapi ... I don't know how you could manage this, i suppose that you have to allow windows search in web or something. I know that in my vaio with win7, after i completely unistalled the VIA drivers and connected my nfb 11 (2014), windows managed to recognize it as a usb audio device. Of course i lost the capability to play native dsd, but if you consider that i solved all the rest of my problems, i think that i can live with dsd-> pcm conversion ....
    It' s a pitty that Kinwa insists on using the VIA usb chip...  
  12. hucifer
    Or you could bypass the fiddly drivers altogether and use the optical out from your motherboard, assuming you have one of course.
  13. gevorg
    try a different USB port (preferably 2.0) and use Device Manager to make sure that its not being shared with other devices
  14. mtan002
    Can somebody confirm the current USB-32 driver works in Windows 2012 R2 environment?
    I am eyeing the NFB1 but not sure it will work in my Audiophile Optimized environment under Windows 2012 R2.
  15. rdsu

    It works! :wink:
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