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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. mtan002

    Thanks for the confirmation.
  2. motberg
    +1 (Thanks), I am considering the DI2014 / M7 combo... anyone using JPlay with the AudioGD USB-32 drivers?
  3. rdsu

    Yes, they works, but the lowest value for buffer that you can get is 128 for Kernel Streaming, equivalent of 1 for WASAPI, and only River or Beach engines work...
  4. motberg
    Hi rdsu,
    Thanks for the details.. I still have an Audio-GD DI-V3 in the closet which seems to have a more fuller/organic sound than the WFS uLink I am currently using.
    The uLink is XMOS - JPlay buffers set at direct with US at 100, powered by iFi iUSB, and everything sounds really great going into an AudioGD NOS1704 DAC.
    I was hoping the latest USB32 firmware played better with JPlay, but I have a pretty good dedicated server now, so I think I can explore other playback software options that are a better fit for the Audio-GD USB32... I am thinking especially the M7 oversampling options and the ACSS outputs (I have a Master 1 preamp) may be a nice upgrade to my system.
    Thanks again...
  5. rdsu
    I forgot to mention that this was my experience until June of this year.

    Maybe this latests driver/firmware versions could handle lower values, and then could use other engines on JPlay... :wink:
  6. motberg
    That is what I am hoping also... if I remember correctly, I was using the JPlay Xtreem engine with 256 or higher buffer value... it was very good SQ.... but since seems most folks prefer the Ultrastream engine option if available, so I tried the WFS uLink and that really hooks-up well with JPlay...
    Anyone else notice a DI-2015 was recently shipped ??  Maybe a typo...
  7. conquerator2
    That was certainly a typo, me thinks [​IMG]
  8. padala
    Refer to the Audio-gd website for the latest Firmware and Drivers.  If you don’t have the latest version, update your system and enjoy the music……
  9. sazzz
    where can i find latest firmware for M7? i'm trying to download it from this page http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/USB32/USB32EN_2.htm,
    but link http://www.audio-gd.com/USB32firmware.rar seems dead.
    link http://www.audio-gd.com/Audio-gdUSB32FWversion1.rar i found on forum seems dead too.
  10. aroldan
    Change the 1 with a 2.
  11. sazzz
    it worked out. thanks a lot!
  12. mtan002

    With my new NFB1 and the USB32 deriver version 1, I only managed to get it to work with Audio-GD WASAPI under Jplay, with about 4 buffers. SQ is good. No DSD, only PCM materials. 
    But Audio-GD KS it gave me no sound at all. Don't know where the problem is.
    Anyone with better experience?
  13. conquerator2

    I had many problems with the drivers.
    Keep trying (re-installing different drivers, changing firmware, etc...)
    Troubleshoot and It should eventually work.:)
  14. motberg
    I had a 2013 model DI-V3 working KS with JPlay but very high buffers and did not work with the Ultrastream engine. I needed to use Xtreem for the best quality - and also should adjust the US Ultrasize setting in the registry settings.  
  15. mtan002

    Managed to get Jplay Extream engine to work with KS Audio-GD to play both PCM and DSD materials. Buffer settings are as followed:
    Buffer - 128
    96Buffer - 256
    192Buffer - 512
    With these settings, KS Audio-GD works both on Jplaymini and also under Jriver with Jplay ASIO as the device. Set the buffer with Jplaysettings.
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