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Audeze Mobius review / impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Heavyboxer, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. Deders
    Does this work with the surround mode or do you have to use the mobius in stereo?
  2. l0wmotion
    Well ... on Stereo it doesnt crash or freeze. On 7.1 its gonna freeze after 2-3 games.
  3. Deders
    I mean I guess the in game surround mode is universal and not dependent on the headset having its own surround mode?
  4. TempoRoyale
  5. Deders
  6. Audeze
    Sorry, not able to follow what you are reporting here.

    You play a certain audio file on your laptop to Mobius and then from your phone to mobius. When using laptop, you cannot hear the low frequency, but are able to hear it on Phone ? Is this correct ?
    1. In the laptop are you using 7.1 or stereo mode ? Are you connecting with bluetooth or USB ?
    2. On the phone, are you connecting using bluetooth or USB ?
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  7. TempoRoyale

    Thank you for replying

    I'm using the same mode 7.1 usb c on laptop compare to usb c 7.1 on my phone and other same mode and same mode again on bluetooth too all result come out the same. The output from my laptop dont have that low frequency sound but the phone does. It like the laptop didnt provide data of that low frequency for the mobius to process the sound this is my theory by the way could it be some problem with my laptop or something?

    Thank you for your time
  8. TempoRoyale
    Here sir
  9. Deders
    There might be some kind of small/large speaker setting on your Mac that stops it sending bass frequencies to small speakers that don't handle them very well?
  10. Heavyboxer
    So is it safe or unsafe to update firmware?

    My mobius, after 1 year, has traveled over 100k miles on flights with me, and I still depend on them for my travels. The last thing I want to do is to brick it and go back to my crappy sony bass cans as backup.

    The 3D surround never really worked properly on mine, but I still want good sounding phones while I'm out and about.
  11. KaiSc
    If 3-D surround does not work for you, have you set your head- and interaural arc dimensions in the AUDEZE HQ app?

    For the firmware update there is, as you might understand, no 100% guarantee anyone can give you.
    You can significantly reduce the risk of something going wrong if you do the following:

    - Take your time.

    - Make sure that the USB interconnect, specially on the Mobius side, is stable.
    Play music and slightly wiggle on the plugs.
    No intermittent sound or any problem may occur.
    If there is a problem use a different cable or clean the contacts using a very good contact cleaner like Teslanol T6 (not WD40, Kontakt 60, Caramba and the like!), but only in the way I described 2 times in this thread (don't spray it directly, use wooden toothpicks to apply tiny amounts).

    - Carefully read and follow the update instructions word by word slavishly, nothing is obsolete here.
    Best print the instructions and check everything done with a pencil.

    - Do a complete real computer power restart, not just Windows sleep and wakeup, on your computer before and after every software installation step, even though not requested by Windows.
    Shut down and do not use any other application during the whole process.

    - With this in mind install the latest AUDEZE HQ app and the latest drivers.

    - Do not skip the advice to use admin rights where this is needed, e.g. during driver installl and final start of AUDEZE HQ app for updating.

    - The firmware update process needs some time, don't disturb it.

    Good luck and report back please!
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
    Lunar Eclipse likes this.
  12. Deders
    @Heavyboxer I would add to that to be very careful not to bend any pins if you really feel the need to clean the contacts with toothpicks or similar.

    I also think restarting computer between each update stage is a little excessive and has more to do with superstition than anything else. If you do decide to do this, be sure to remember to load the Audeze app as administrator every time.
  13. scarfacegt
    When did the newest update come out,and what is the benefit of it? Anyone compared the lcd1 to the mobius? I know the lcd1 is new,but maybe someone have tested?
  14. KaiSc
    Sure, but my advice didn't mean cleaning by rubbing on the contacts, just apply a tiny bit of the mentioned Teslanol T6 to the contacts.
    Works wonders here, did it when I got my Mobius a year ago and is still working with the supplied cable.
    The treatment even improved the contacting quality on the lightning connectors (after pulling the debris out there), so no more wiggly power supply connection with the Apple CCK adapters.

    People, including me, tend to not really power-cycle-restart Windows, just send it to sleep and wake it up these times.

    So Windows is collecting a lot of junk in the background if it's running for weeks, that needs to be cleared for such a sensitive task to prevent it from something coming across.
    Windows has a lot of quasi-self healing built in that keeps it alive with already one foot in the air at the edge of the cliff.
    You can often (but not always) see the error messages when doing a real restart. Pull it from the cliff. Not voodoo, technology.

    I think doing 3 power cycles (1st before, 2nd after driver install, 3rd after HQApp install) is worth to make sure that everything is in line and properly installed.
    The AUDEZE HQ App needs to be started only once in this process, in the last step for firmware update, with right click and selection "run as admin".
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  15. Schussnik
    Definitely a risk, which I personally think lies with their latest USB driver (it failed at the USB step on my previous attempt, which ended up "killing" my headset)
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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