audeze mobius
  1. Seazer

    Audeze Mobius Copper very good condition (CLOSED)

    Kept in very good condition, lightly used for a few months before moving on to a different headphone. Copper color, from the original indiegogo. Updated to the most recent firmware. Price includes shipping.
  2. EhmSzi

    ATH WS99BT and the ring around the rodeo

    Howdy folks, Longtime stalker here, stumped at somewhat of an impasse and keen to hear people's thoughts. The short of it is, the better part of a decade ago, I picked up a pair of cans, Audio Technica WS99BT. Fast forward years past a current pair of IO-6, experiments with Audeze, another...
  3. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Audeze Mobius Copper + Case, Mint Condition

    Purchased new from Audeze upon release. Item is in excellent condition and includes the: Audeze Mobius Copper Headphones Audeze Mobius Case Microphone Attachment USB Cable No trades, price includes shipping and PayPal fees.
  4. Tex Irie


  5. clerkpalmer

    FS: Mobius Copper

    These will be received by me today from Audeze. These will be a replacement "fixed" pair from Audeze as I sent my original early pair back for service. I won't even open the box. $315 shipped and you pay paypal fees.
  6. CosmicConcerto

    Poll: Audeze Mobius - Post-Fix White Noise/Hiss/Noise Floor - Do you hear it?

    If your answer is "yes" do you consider it an acceptable amount of noise floor for an active amp headphone as Audeze claims? The reason for this poll is simple. Some users have complained about this issue post-fix. They have sent their units back to Audeze who claim the units are within spec...
  7. ChesterYonany

    Audeze Mobius - mic problems

    not sure its the right place. just got my pair today and i have few issues with it. 1. mic isnt loud enough, people complain that they cant hear me. i bumped up the mic volume on the headset and on windows settings, also checked in their software that the mic is actually at 100%. but still, not...
  8. Audeze Mobius

    Audeze Mobius

    Features Planar magnetic drivers audiophile-grade cinematic sound Full 3D emulation with support for popular surround soundmodes (7.1, 5.1, 5.0, 2.1, 2.0) Integrated head tracking that tracks the tiniest movements of your head 1000 times a second Pin point sound localization Anatomy calibration...
  9. Kodhifi

    My review of the new Audeze Mobius wireless planar dynamic headphone with 3d audio

    I signed up as a backer #634 on their Indiegogo campaign and pre ordered it for $249 back in March of this year. After many set backs and delays they missed their ship date of June 2018, then missed July, then missed August. The item finally arrived 9/6 and I have my initial impressions after a...
  10. chilip

    Audeze Mobius Issues

    I've been using the Audeze Mobius for a few days now and have had a few issues: I've been noticing some crackling when listening to Spotify. I figured it was an interference issue, as the cord is run along a couple of other cords, but as far as I can tell, the issue is limited to Spotify...
  11. Heavyboxer

    Audeze Mobius review / impressions

    Please leave your reviews and impressions of this first-of-a-kind planar magnetic 3D headphone. (No talk of shipment, that is on another thread, thank you)
  12. S

    Do I get the Mobius?

    I switched from a conventional gaming headset (the Logitech G930) to a separate headphone and mic setup (Sennheiser HD598 + Blue snowball ice) because I wanted to get away from the typical “gaming” products and concentrate more on getting good quality sound for the same/less money. After using...
  13. jude

    Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. With extremely advanced (and integrated) head tracking to create an uncanny sense of surround realism, the Audeze Mobius is something far greater than just a gaming headset (though it is that, too). It's also...