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Audeze Mobius - mic problems

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ChesterYonany, Sep 18, 2018.
  1. ChesterYonany
    not sure its the right place.
    just got my pair today and i have few issues with it.

    1. mic isnt loud enough, people complain that they cant hear me.
    i bumped up the mic volume on the headset and on windows settings, also checked in their software that the mic is actually at 100%.
    but still, not sorted.
    never had this problem with mics before, and im using 1$ mics from ebay.

    i looked at the mic volume input bar and its not really going up much, just a tiny bit.
    my 1$ mic is getting almost to the end.

    2. funny enough i can kind of hear myself, this is apparently an intended feature.
    thing is, i can barely hear myself talking but wind noise is picking up easily.
    but there is no way to turn this off for some reason?

    3. the headset gets warm while plugged in.
    i use it as a 2nd pair for gaming on my PC and i want to keep it plugged in all the time.
    but even after i disabled the charging over usb its get warm on the left side (where all the electronics).
    i dont know how "healty" it is for the headphones.

    my amps are always on and they get hot but built-in amp that gets warm inside of an headphone is kind of stretchy.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
  2. foreverzer0
    I'm getting the exact same behavior on mine! @Audeze can you comment if this is a known issue?
  3. ChesterYonany
    i contacted them via support but they just told me to charge and restart the headset so far..
    didnt solve it ofc.
  4. Nyrad
    Did you ever figure out what caused the problems? I have the issue that the headset is picking up all my breathing when around 1 inch from the mouth like it was recommended by Audeze. I tried the Discord Settings as well as the Teamspeak ones that were posted in on the Support pages. If i turn the mic on mobios at around 53% volume the breathing stops (or lets say i can't hear it in sidetone) but the mic is far to quiet to use in TS or Discord now. I don't know what to do anymore which is weird cause i never had those problems with my regular office headsets. For now i'll use the build in logitech webcam microphone but that can't be a solution for the long run. On the other hand i still love the headphones/sound that mobius provides.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  5. foreverzer0
    Same behavior: I lowered the mic volume to reduce the breathing and plosives. It's extremely sensitive to mic placement to get proper volume after doing so.
  6. Nyrad
    Is this by design? I tried lots of different placements but it doesn't seem to work. Compared to some random Jabra Office headset or some Earbuds that come with cellphones it's much much worse. I wonder if there's an alternate mic that fits the Mic-Jack?
  7. thedoo
    Have the exact same issues. Along with the fact that the mic cuts off words while talking. It's pretty much a paper weight at this point. A gaming headset without a usable mic is completely useless. None of the support articles Audeze has created have fixed anything. Their recommended settings for Discord do nothing to improve the mic.
  8. ChesterYonany
    No, didnt receive another reply from them.

    dosent make sense that so many mics are faulty, or that people dont know how to use a mic.
    so the way i see it, they messed up the mic design and they are claiming its picky with its position.
  9. ChesterYonany
    sent them another message, they replied with more copy\paste stuff from their manual.
    seems that they are not taking this seriously.

  10. foreverzer0
    They do state in its literature it's extremely picky about its placement, but I'm not certain why they designed it this way (could be they ran out of budget/time for this project, and it wasn't the highest priority feature):
    Link: http://www.audeze.com/about-audeze/...ure-your-mobius-microphone-use-voip-utilities

    As for using another mic:
    Link: https://www.audeze.com/products/mobius-series/mobius-headphone

    This dual-mic system looks like it would've been a better implementation:


    Maybe you can ask them for only the mic replacement lol.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
  11. Kainy
    I'm having same problems with the mic too. It's very quiet and hard to get anything useful out of it.
    Need to have everything at 100% and put it very close to the mouth, where it will pick up more breathing than actual voice.

    As I own a Modmic 2.0 also I did some testing with that too.

    Attaching the modmic to the Mobius resulted in the same effect, it was very quiet. Using it on my sound card it gets plenty loud.
    So I tested the Mobius mic directly to the sound card and go figures, it was a lot better.

    So is the amping for the mic just very low on the Mobius?
  12. ChesterYonany

    i think that the whole "the mic is picky" thing is just an excuse for a bad design\manufacturing and the marketing department tried to make it look like a good thing somehow or whatever.
    also the sidetone "feature" needs a turn off option.
    and why is the headphones keeps resetting to default every time they power off? (battery is not empty)
  13. CosmicConcerto

    When are you going to address this issue? No one can hear me properly on phone calls or games. My AKG BT headphones with a tiny hole for a mic and no boom works better than these. Starting to wish I never invested in your IGG campaign!
  14. Mani ATH 87

    Audeze has already said they are working on this - they said in the impressions thread they are working on a gain boost for the mic in Windows. Just give it some time.

  15. CosmicConcerto
    The problems exist when using the mic with BT on android phones as well. It's not just related to Windows. If I'm listening to music over BT, I have to take everything off and make the call go through the phone in order for anyone to understand a word I am saying. A dedicated boom mic should work better than a tiny mic hole on a $100 pair of stereo headphones. It's lame that it doesn't.

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