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Audeze Mobius review / impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Heavyboxer, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. Nemmera
    I've updated the firmware a few times, and I tried a foam pop filter. Compared to the microphone that Sennheiser or Beyerdynamic offer the sound quality is just slightly worse I'm afraid, and I need to literally keep it in my mouth for it to pick up sound properly.

    I wish Audeze sorted all of the Firmware Update issues and presented us with a clear cut view of current firmware, available updates and download paths from within AudezeHQ. As of right now, every time I go to give the old girl an update I get met by warning flags about the Firmware being a bit iffy. On 1.71 / 25 right now, old or new enough for the Mic issues to be resolved you think?
  2. KaiSc
    This is the latest Firmware to date:

    Might well be that a much more expensive microphone from a company like Sennheiser or AKG can do better.
    In my daily job as professional audio engineer we are working with microphones costing more than 10 times of what the whole Mobius costs, and certainly there is a difference.
    But I've even had headmount microphones (without headphones) costing about what whole Mobius does, which do sound worse.

    Anyway - it's a big difference if you have a Directional Mic that suppresses ambient noise like the Mobius's Mic, compared to an Omni which is picking up sound from all around you.
    These two types behave completely different when it comes to handle proximity.
    The Directional type does react much more extreme when you go closer.

    According to my tests you get the best result at a distance of 1.5", tip 3/4" sideways inward from your labial angle.
    If you need more level place the mic slightly below your lower lip, pop filter almost touching, pointing 45° upward (turn around the lenght axis).
    Don't forget, the "hot" side is where the little microphone symbol is located. There is a tiny bump that can be felt for tactical control.
    A foam windscreen / pop filter is an absolute must.
    Windows mic level control should be at 100%.

    The resulting level (Mobius mic control at max.) with normal spoken voice leaves a headroom of about 6dB below full scale (no headroom with placement #2), just enough reserve for some louder shouts.
    If you go closer, dynamics become uncontrolled and sound becomes muffled, so "eating the microphone" is not suggested.
    If the level at none of the proposed positions is sufficient I would not fault Mobius microphone.
    If the above doesn't help you're either using a calm voice, or the software you use does not handle microphones the best possible way.

    I have to remark that I had suggested @KMann that AUDEZE extend the mic volume control range by an additional digital gain of 10dB.
    This would solve some problems with too low mic level, but would also offer the customer an option to missadjust the level too high and get a distorted signal.
    On the other hand it would offer the option to use the microphone more distant.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
  3. froes
    That is what they make the money with. I ordered them, got them a few days ago, but didn't try them yet.

    After obtaining an old Sony MDR-F1 I use with Spatial Sound Card which offer a free feeling I dislike the supressing feeling of the Mobius.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
  4. Nemmera
    Thanks for the feedback/tips.

    When I was referring to Sennheiser I was talking about their boom mics on headsets like PC360/GameOne, hardly an "expensive microphone" I'd guess.

    I used EqualizerAPO to boost the mic level before I swapped mic. :)
  5. Bojamijams
    What mode do you use your Mobius in?

    7.1 With Headtracking? 7.1 with just 3D ON? Stereo with Headtracking? Stereo only?

    Just curious :)
  6. Deders
    I think what @KaiSc was getting at is that there are many different kinds of microphones with different optimal positioning.

    I've not really tested myself but from what I can gather this one has a very specific optimal position (I'm not sure it's long enough to reach around my face to get there) where it will work fine. It also has to be facing the right way around or you will be talking to the back of the mic and not getting any sound.

    I think there were some compatibility issues that needed ironing out with the software people use to communicate like discord too, hopefully that should be sorted by now.
  7. overhaze
    I just noticed the mic in on the Mobius is a stereo line-in. I take it that would be completely unusable as a standard line-in because of processing? Shame I like the idea of walking around with a studio strapped to my head!
  8. Deders
    Mic levels and line in levels are different. If you tried to plug in a non mic source into an input designed specifically for a mic, you would most likely get a distorted signal.

    That aside some mono mics do have what look like stereo inputs to give a balanced connection which is effective at eliminating hum over long cables. Depending on how the mobius is wired, a different non balanced mic may work, or the extra connection might not even be there for that specific use.

    You could try finding an unbalanced mic and seeing if that works...
  9. Nemmera
    Ordinary 2.0 stereo, no 3D. I mainly play PUBG and Mobius 7.1 makes everything utterly whack. :)
    48k and usually default or footsteps mode.
  10. Bojamijams
    Thanks. Do you use the ingame HRTF?
  11. Ultrainferno
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  12. Deders
  13. Nemmera
  14. Ultrainferno
    Yes, he confirmed it
  15. scarfacegt
    whats the best preset to use with bluetooth and movies (apple tv 4k/sony 4k player ldac) ?
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