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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. johnzz4
    I just pulled the trigger on the LCD-4. They are waiting for a shipment of Cocobolo, so I have up to a month delay. I'm partial to EDM, so I will give everyone some more feedback on how the X compares to the 4 with that genre once I have both in hand.
  2. PhilW

    Anyone else tried this combo, how insane is it? This Questyle is far too cheap. Synergy is brilliant with this pair. I moved on to crime of the century after Bieber. Lol
  3. NZtechfreak

    I'm not surprised that sounds brilliant, I listened off the Questyle monoblocks when I had the LCD-4 for a weekend and it was superb.
  4. Mortalcoil
    You mean Bieber is "Crime of the century" [​IMG]
    potkettleblack likes this.
  5. goldendarko
    Buys an LCD-4.....listens to Justin Bieber with it. Sigh
  6. jlbrach
    yes,4K for a pair of headphones and using it to listen to justin bieber?.....to each his or her own for sure but that seems wrong,very wrong!
  7. jibzilla
    I'm a very big fan of electronic with the X with the X besting the 2 and 3 by a decent margin for that genre. I found the 2 and 3 were better suited for rock. I'm going to take the chance of an lcd-z being just as good with electronic as the lcd-4 for half the price.
    Is an lcd-z still in the works?
  8. Viper2005

    The 4 is very very good for EDM. Also very good is the Fostex THX00 for 10% of the price !
  9. Rhamnetin
    And to think the TH-X00 is $400, lol.
  10. moopster
    Money can't buy good taste.
  11. xp9433

    LOL. Well, Justin is laughing out loud. Doesn't he have something like 17 songs in the top 100 at present. So many people with bad taste in this world?
  12. dubliners
  13. dubliners
  14. bfreedma

    Yes, that many people.

    Volume doesn't necessarily correlate to quality. McDonalds doesn't make the best hamburger nor does Beats make the best headphone. They both sell a lot though....
  15. PhilW
    I'm just a stikler for good recordings, doesn't matter who it is. I'm partial to a bit of Madge at times too, great demo tracks.
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