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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. potkettleblack

    Post it Mike.
  2. johnzz4
    The LCD-Au...  Comes with your choice of premium cable or an oversized gold necklace.
  3. mwilson
    While I haven't noticed this with the LCD-4, it was a rather annoying experience back when I had the SR-009. It's the thinness of the diaphragm combined with the sudden change in pressure. 
  4. Viper2005

    I wonder if this flexing of the diaphragm, repeated many times, could be bad for the driver?
  5. mwilson
    Can't tell. In the case of my SR-009, some ants did them in well prior to any natural driver failure.
  6. swjones3

    I just plugged them into my amplifier, and the left side was silent when I started playing music. When I cranked the volume the sound came back slightly. I tried a different pair of headphones to make sure it wasn't the amp. Audeze support is taking care of it though.
  7. DivergeUnify
    if this is not a fluke this is going to be the final nail for them.
  8. bfreedma
    It's not good, but early adopters, unfortunately, will tend to see issues.
    If people are having the failures a year from now, then the impact will be far more serious.
    potkettleblack likes this.
  9. potkettleblack

    They should be embarrassed. There can't beat many out there since release, there's only two in the UK!
    I'm sure they will fix this for you very quickly. Hopefully you'll be listening to Shakin' Stevens before the end of next week.

    Were you enjoying them before they went kaput? All recent feedback is very positive.
  10. Rhamnetin
    Can someone who owns the LCD-4 and another high end headphone run the treble sweep test here (the 22 KHz to 8 KHz test)?
    I know we all have different ears, so I'm curious as to how it stacks up compared to other headphones in treble extension.
  11. swjones3
    They were excellent. Reasonably comfortable, beautiful design, and super detailed sound with good extension both ways. I actually had them with the HE-1000 for about a week, and the LCD-4, in my opinion, is superior for most types of music except maybe classical.
  12. potkettleblack
    Nice. You'll have them back in no time mate.
  13. Viper2005
    The LCD4 and the Liquid Crimson are a match in heaven!!
  14. Lan647
    First impressions of the new LCD-4 is that it's certainly the best Audeze headphone yet, although not by a huge margin. Most notably the midrange seemed a little airier and more refined.

    But while I did like the sound - and I've always liked the Audeze sound - they still have the characteristic Audeze tone to them, which means they are quite dark and thick sounding. Not my cup of tea for long listening but I can understand how some will love it. It certainly sounds very full-bodied and inviting. 

    But man, these Audeze headphones are getting heavier and heavier [​IMG] Too bad those EL-8s sucked (particularly the closed version), otherwise they did a good job with the weight on those. 
  15. marhol
    The weight and comfort are one of the things which turns me off from Audeze. I´m glad they at least tried something new with EL-8 (design wise). Currently, when top planars are (thank God!)  getting more and more comfortable (Ether, HE-X, HE-K, Oppo PM1) it´s rather displeasing. I understand that the implementation of Fazor technology is contributing to overall weight, but still... a lot of people (including me) really dig Audeze "house sound" but I can see many of them won´t buy Audeze because of these issues...
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