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Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Jan 2, 2012.
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  1. cocolinho
    I should try them once more.. but back to LCD3 ,my current fav
  2. Badas

    Yes. They are superb. I will never get rid of mine. They saved my sanity early on. I nearly gave up on HP's when I first started. Until I heard Audeze. That changed everything.
  3. franzdom
    Just joined in on the fun today, wow they are killer!
  4. LancerFIN
    How likely it is to have drivers fail on the classic LCD3? I just got myself a pair. Pads on these are really worn out so they have been used quite a lot. Pads on my previous LCD2F were still like new when I sold them.
  5. EdmontonCanuck
    Can't speak in the general case, but mine is three years old now and still sounding great :wink:
  6. Badas
    Mine is Feb 2014 manufacturer. Absolutely no issues.
    They use to get very heavy use. Not so much anymore. Still like them tho.
  7. woye263s
    Have anyone tried Audeze lcd3F with ifi micro-idsd? I just purchased audeze lcd3f online after auditioning it from a local headphone shop and I wonder if it produces a decent sound with ifi micro-idsd (my current DAC/AMP)..
  8. jtinto
  9. Hifi59
    Well the left channel of my May 2015 build LCD-3f just crapped out. It happened out of the blue. I listen at relatively low volumes and treat them gently. Actually, it's an intermittent issue meaning I can make the driver come alive for a minute by unplugging it from amp for a minute and plugging back in. I changed cables and even the amp. Same thing. My biggest issue now is that I have heard the 2016 drivers and I much prefer my 2015 ones. Midrange is fuller and creamier. I actually thought I was one of the lucky ones. Silly me.
  10. Pokemonn
    I have auditioned LCD3 few month ago at local audiophile shop.
    They really really sound so smooth and lovely out of Denon high end CDP and Luxman amp.
    I am really looking forward to audtion them again.
  11. Kenny Powers
    Just thought id say I love my LCD3 F from 2016 been listening to them out of the Pro Ican for a couple of months cant think of a better pairing. And by that i mean this is my first high end set up but no problems so far and love the sound.
  12. woye263s
    how's the sound from Ican compared to that of idsd?
  13. poe05
    I actually cannot decide between the LCD-2F and the LCD-3F. Depending on the song I sometimes like more the intimate sound of the LCD-2F or the wider stage of the LCD-3F.

    Is there maybe an older version of the LCD-3 witch offers a soundstage in the middle of the two newer versions?
  14. PAM005

    An advice: go for LCD-2 Rev.2 and LCD-3F!
  15. Alchemist007
    Got the microsuede pads, a lot comfier and a tad lighter feeling than the leather. They absorb a bit more sound than the leather which explains why they make the sound a bit smoother as well. The sound absorption applies mainly to the sub bass, so I'm cranking the volume a bit more to get more of it and the rumbly reverb. The highs aren't as impacted as I thought. Gonna need more time to figure that out.
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