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Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Jan 2, 2012.
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  1. MacedonianHero Contributor
    As the other LCD-3 thread has kinda gone down the toilet so to speak, I'd like to kick off this thread for LCD-3 owners / potential owners / fans to discuss these amazing headphones. [​IMG]
    Here are my thoughts on how they compare to the LCD-2 r.2s:
    And a few other notable reviews from some very distinguished members who's ears I trust:
    My comparisons to the LCD-2 rev. 2:
    AVG Guide:
    Sound and Vision:
    Discuss amongst yourselves. [​IMG]
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  2. KingStyles Contributor
    Thanks for grouping the info together. Still trying to decide if I want to buy a set.
  3. rudi0504
    Hi Peter
    I always like your review and Skylabs review and Curawong
    I have now my lCD 3 also since 2 weeks , below is my personal impression :
    After one weeks of marathon hearing from LCD 3 , at the end i bought my LCD 3 for my Headphone Collection.
    LCD 3 is the best natural Headphone i ever heard to date.

    My Headphpone Collection are : HD 800 , T 1 ,ED 8 Ruthenium , LCD 2 rev 2 , ATH WQ 1000 X , HD 650

    My Souce are : Imac 27" with WAV File Music

    CD Player April Music Stello CDA 500

    DAC : Stello CDA 500 as stand alone DAC

    Cable : RCA Cable ACR Reference Silver Cable 
               USB Cable ACR Reference II 

    Head Amp : Pre Amp from T + A P 10 - 2 from Germany
                      Website from T + A Pre Amp P 10 - 2  : taelektroakustik.de

    Music genre : Jazz, Audiophile , Blues , Slow Rock , Classical Music.

    High : more open anbd detail compare to my LCD 2 rev 2

    Mid : more sweet and natural compare to my LCD 2 Rev 2

    Bass : the Bass Quantity LCD 2 rev 2 more than my LCD 3 , but the LCD 3 Bass Quality is better and deeper Bass and more Detail.

    Separation : much better than my CD 2 Rev 2 , i can hear the instrumental placement better than my lCD 2 Rev 2

    Sound Staging : wide and very good in Depth Layering compare to my LCD 2 Rev 2.

                             only my HD 800 is more wider sound stage than my lCD 3.

    Conculsion : LCD 3 is the best Headphone in my Collection, is very natural sounding Headphone.

                       If your Source and Amp very bad , your LCD 3 become very bad Sound Quality.

                       Now with my set up above , in my personal opinion is the best set up for LCD 3.
  4. Naim.F.C
    Personally, I'm a bit dubious of the titling of these so called "Appreciation" threads. I think there should rightly be official threads, but similar to that of other forums, they should just be named "Official thread". In this instance for example, "Audeze LCD-3 Official Thread of taking Orthos to the limits" or something similar. Whatever is discussed in the thread should cover all aspects of the cans, from reviews, impressions, negatives, customer service reports and so on. Whilst I very much appreciate the thread you've created, I don't think new threads need to be made just because too much negativity occupied the prior. Headphones, and any product for that matter, and everything they entail, should be liable for both appreciation and criticism. 
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  5. M-13
  6. MacedonianHero Contributor


    Great write up...I agree on all your comments. I don't find the differences huge, but still there and enough for me to put these at the top of my collection as well. I liked them so much that I recently sold my HE-6s as I was barely using them after the LCD-3s arrived.
  7. treebug
    Should I be selling my Stax 4170 for the LCD-3? Decisions decisions! [​IMG]
  8. MorbidToaster

    I recently heard the HE 6 over the weekend at the Texas meet. I preferred my Rev 2 to be honest. I am really curious about the LCD 3 though...I really want to hear it.
    I love my LF / Rev 2 combo and I've only heard good things about the 3 (other than the various issues, but that's why I'm not an early adopter). I could see myself picking up a used pair later in the year if I don't decide to invest in an 007 rig.

  9. MacedonianHero Contributor


    Here are my thoughts on the differences between the LCD-3 and LCD-2 r.2:
    I have since sold my HE-6s as I much preferred my LCD-3s. [​IMG]
  10. treebug
    What's the best ss amp for the LCD-3?
  11. MorbidToaster

    Early findings point to the DarkStar. I haven't heard one yet sadly.
  12. treebug


    Yeah, I looked at that but it's a little out of budget sadly. I do have a Beyerdynamic A1, wonder if that will drive them. I've read the LCD-3 is picky about amplification.
  13. fusionramjet
    I got the LCD-3 two days ago. It's frequency response graph is dated 4-06-2012 so hopefully it's the unveiled version.
    It sounds incredible and is actually quite comfortable.
    Now, my two favorite headphones are also the two ugliest (LCD-3 and Stax Lambda Signature).
  14. MacedonianHero Contributor
    You're good with that date. Enjoy! [​IMG]
    FWIW, beauty is the eye of the beholder and I really like how the LCD-3s look.
  15. dannie01
    Thanks for starting the thread MH, I have my LCD-3 for about a week and am enjoying the music from it everything evening.
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