1. E

    Questions about LCD-3s

    Hi there dead community, to cut the chase, I'm a long time headphones user (decades) but the LCD-3 are the first planar magnetics that I owned, and they died, left side just went out, they are going to be fixed within warranty period but some comments from the seller are making some worries for...
  2. N

    Audeze LCD-3 Fazor Edition Zebrano with Extras - SOLD

    These headphones are the Fazor Edition with Lambskin Earpads and have barely been used. They are in fantastic condition and also come with a basically new (worn 5 times) Audeze Carbon Fiber suspension headband - this makes the LCD-3s much lighter on the head IMO. Free Shipping included within...
  3. D

    LCD-3 Amp

    Hello Everyone, I am extremely new to all of this. So here is the deal, I have a pair of Audeze LCD-3 open back headphones...and nothing else. I listen to mainly classic rock, alternative/metal, classical and orchestral music. I need to know what the BEST setup I need for this is. I know the...
  4. tylerfutrell

    Comparison Review: Arya vs. LCD-3

    This is a detailed comparison review between Hifiman Arya and Audeze LCD-3 (2018/fazor), both of which I own, so I’ve had time to really get to know them. I think it makes sense to review through comparison, since on their own they are both great cans (and also people read reviews to help figure...
  5. romnation

    FS: Audeze LCD-3 (Pre-Fazor) with upgraded cable. Original box, accessories $900!

    Good condition, 1 owner unit! a few minor scratches here and there on the leather, but otherwise perfect condition. Includes upgraded 1/4" cable. Unsure of the vendor, I cannot recall, but I paid a few hundred for the cable when I originally purchased the LCD-3s. Also includes factory XLR cable...
  6. A2029

    FS: Audeze LCD-2 Rev 1 - Unicorn Edition

    If you can see this ad, then this unit its still available. Do a google search for LCD-2 Unicorn Edition to get what I mean from the title. This is a particular LCD-2 unit that sounds smoother than most others I've heard. Selling my beloved LCD2 Rev 1s. I have heard Fazor versions, both 2F and...
  7. The Correlation

    WTS: Audeze LCD-3F (2016) and Sennheiser HD800S

    Up for sale are my LCD-3F and HD800S headphones. Selling as I want to save up for an LCD-4. The LCD-3F was purchased as an ex-demo from Basically Sound in July 2018. They were manufactured in October 2016, and so have the latest drivers. Warranty still remains. They come complete with all...
  8. zpierce

    FS: Audeze LCD-3F w/ current headband, $1100 shipped US

    These are in excellent condition. I purchased them used. I am including the original headband and the upgraded steel headband that comes on the current iteration. These are the fazor version of the headphones. I am a newer member to Head-fi and this hobby and am buying / selling used...
  9. tylerfutrell

    LCD-3 vs. HEXv2 (Comparison review)

    A detailed standoff between Audeze LCD-3 and Hifiman Edition X V2. Source: Macbook to Grace SDAC/Magni 2, about half hi-res, half Spotify 320 kbps. First off, both of these are amazing headphones, my favorites below $2000 (though I haven't heard Arya), which is why I own them. They both have...
  10. tylerfutrell

    LCD-3 with HEXv2 height and width?

    I have HEXv2 and LCD-3, and am curious if there exist cans that combine what I love about them. To keep it simple, it`s basically taking the LCD-3, maybe nudging the bass 30% toward HEX, but mainly keep the way LCD-3 models instruments and voices, keeping the soundstage depth, but using the...
  11. tylerfutrell

    Audeze LCD-3 vs. Sennheiser HD650/6XX

    Here is another review/shootout, this time the with my new LCD-3, again using the HD650 as comparison (HEX V2/LCD-3 coming next). Source is Macbook to Grace SDAC to Schiit Magni 2. Model type/year: The LCD-3 I have a 2018 maple model, with carbon fiber headband. I have heard other models, but...
  12. lamaslamas

    Focal Clear vs LCD-3?

    Hi guys, If you had to choose, would you get the Clear (with a complementary LCD2C I already own), or the LCD-3 (and get rid of the lcd2c)? Or maybe both :) ? I love the Lcd2 bass and sound signature, but I'm tempted to upgrade, would it be worth in your opinion in terms of soundstage and...
  13. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Audeze LCD-3 F with Warranty and Extras

    Excellent Condition. 2016 driver. Purchased 2016. Second owner. 1/7/17 upgraded to 2016 drivers. 1 year and 2 months left on warranty. Comes with as pictured Audeze case, 2 cables (stock 8 ft 1/4th terminated cable and stock 8 ft XLR terminated cable). Also includes an Audeze 1/4 to 3.5...
  14. murl

    Audeze LCD-3s For Sale

    Up for sale is my Audeze LCD-3s that were purchased 12/2016 from Galen Carol Audio. There was a driver failure and both drivers were replaced 5/2017 so the warranty on the drivers should be good until 5/2020. The headphones are in great shape and sound great The only modification I made was...
  15. KC-130

    [SOLD]: LCD-3F | Carbon-Fiber | Vegan Pads | ZMF Cable

    For sale is a luxury pair of LCD-3F headphones. Included in the sale: - Upgraded Carbon-Fiber headband - Super-Comfortable Vegan Pads with no visible wear - Stock 4-Pin XLR Cable - Stock 1/4" Cable - Stock 1/4" to 3.5mm Adapter - ZMF 3m OFC 4-Pin XLR Cable - Extra Stock Headband - Custom Hard...
  16. ptolemy2k6

    ***sold*** Audeze OEM LCD-3 (and others) Vegan Leather-Free Earpads (new)

    I got these a few years ago, They are brand new, OEM Audeze Vegan Leather-Free Earpads. I believe they are discontinued now and hard to find too. Should work for lcd series but specifically named for LCD-3, so keep that in mind asking $70 shipped in CONusa. elsewhere, please PM me
  17. Armament

    **SOLD**[FS] Audeze LCD-3F SOLD with cable. Up for sale are my LCD-3F headphones. I haven't listened to them much since I got a Z1R due to comfort issues. The leather is in mint condition and the headphones have been babied since I got them. Drivers are perfect as well. Scratches were caused...
  18. Àedhàn Cassiel

    [WTT] LCD-3F *OR* LCD-4 for Stax

    Both in 9.5/10 cosmetic condition. No real issues to speak of besides a couple tiny chips on the 4. The LCD-3 was an open box from Adorama a year ago, and the LCD-4 was just acquired in a trade with Jozurr. If you want clearer pictures of anything in particular, feel free to ask and I’ll be...
  19. Armament

    **SOLD**Interest Check: [FS/FT]LCD-3 Fazor w/ Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 May be interested in selling or trading this combo. The Moon Audio Blue Dragon is pictured but the much better Silver Dragon is included. There are a few scratches in the wood. Other than that the leather is in like new condition. Also included is the suspension...
  20. ptolemy2k6

    ****sold*** Nordost Heimdall 2 Cable for Audeze LCD-3 or Focal Utopia

    I got these 2 in a trade for a tube cd player while ago and ended up never using them. Both are still sealed in original shrink wrap. Audeze cable is good for LCD-2 series and other for Focal Utopia (lemo connectors) I am asking $450 per cable shipped in USA. thank you
  21. ddcpitt

    [Like-New] Audeze LCD-3 Fazor with Full Warranty

    Hello there, I have been out of this hobby for a little while now, but I am back! Up for sale is my Audeze LCD-3 Fazor headphones in excellent, like-new condition. I recently took them out for the first time in a while and unfortunately the left driver wasn't working. It was out of warranty...
  22. me2621a

    Audeze LCD-3 Fazor for Sale

    Hi guys, I am selling my LCD-3f. I purchased it from another head-fi user earlier this year. This headphone was purchased in 2014, and was repaired and upgraded fazor drivers by the previous owner in July of 2016. At the same time, the wood rings were also replaced with brand new rings. I had...
  23. kashmiami

    LCD 3(Fazor)

    Letting go of this can, have too many. I will trade it for a Gumby. At these used prices- If you ask me, its worth the premium over LCD2 for its airy, smooth & grainless sound It comes with the pelican case & balanced cable. $875 + shipping.
  24. willsw

    Sold: Cables for Audeze LCD, ZMF, Etc.

    Cables for any headphone using mini-XLR connectors. These were experimental cables so they're discounted. 1. 6' long cable sleeved with techflex up to the split and softer multifilament sleeving (like paracord) after the split. Made using 2-channel snake cable with OFC, trying it as an...
  25. jam130

    [Closed] [WTB] Audeze LCD-3 Headphones

    [closed] Looking to purchase an Audeze LCD-3 with fazor and most recent driver revision. Thanks!