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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. XERO1
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  2. TokenGesture
    I tried this and they sounded terrible! Each to his own I guess
  3. astrostar59
    Well goodbye the warranty..... How are you driving them? They respond well to a good amp with decent power.
  4. Swiftfalcon
    Just received these. Lighter than expected and build quality better than expected ; pleasant surprises.
  5. Swiftfalcon
    A4DDBDCD-F34D-4531-BD33-4E496124CFD9.jpeg 0AA7A8BA-3CA1-4BDA-96E2-CF7F3826AB41.jpeg 59DB727C-0309-4276-A37D-4A0ACB96AF85.jpeg
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  6. Mitchuuu
    I'm using a schiit stack, multi bit. I don't think they're under powered.
  7. Kermeli
    Nice to read this as im upgrading from 400i's. I loved em but they lacked so much bass for my taste.
  8. Bascule
    Need some advice..

    I've been loving reading the reviews of the LCD-2Cs, and had been hoping for a listen at Bristol last weekend, unfortunately family illness kept me away.

    So, if you had the choice between new LCD-2C at roughly £600, or refurbished LCD-X with Fazor (with a 3yr warranty) being sold by scan at £999.. what would tempt you?

    The full price new LCD-X (£1500?) is out of reach for me, but I could probably stretch to the refurbs.. should I just stick to the 2Cs though?!

    I have HD650s and Meze 99Cs already, (and will keep them). Source is mostly Naim streamer / Rega turntable / Tidal HiFi, Audiolab M-Dac+ feeding a balanced pair of HA200 Class A monoblock headphone amps, so hopefully sufficient power for the Audezes..

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  9. ltanasom
    they are beautiful.
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  10. Beagle
    Is the treble as dry and grainy as innerfidelity claims?
  11. Gambitek
    I wouldn't call it "grainy", but there is definitely a "grain" to the treble and there's a bit of dryness. I personally love this as it gives electric guitars some really good bite and texture. Unlike Tyll, I hated the Audeze Reveal plugin because it got rid of that grain.
  12. Beagle
    Thank you. I suppose grain could be interpreted as energy in the treble, as opposed to an overly smooth, polite top end?
  13. Zoom25
    I haven't made up my mind on the Reveal plug-in yet vs. the stock, but regardless, these have served me wonderfully since I got them back in December. Comfort is not a concern with these. Overall, I'd definitely recommend them.
  14. Gambitek
    I...don't know. These are pretty dark headphones so I don't know if I could say there is energy in the treble...it's just grain...it's say it's not smooth AND polite. If that makes sense.

    I can't describe it other than a dry/grain sound that is only really (to me) apparent on electric guitars and pop music
  15. Swiftfalcon
    Some first impressions of LCD2C after a few hours of listening. These are the most musical headphones i ve ever heard. Rich, smooth, and thick tones. I didn’t know what people meant by intimate soundstage before listening to them but these focus everything directly into your head feels like - its like music getting churned in your brain, but everything still maintains surprising level of separation and imaging. They are also faaast, if listening to metal, the individual bass notes and drum hits are virtually demonstrated to you.
    Can’t help feel they are the polar opposite of HD800 in nearly everyway.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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