Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread
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Aug 25, 2014

Well these look interesting!

The LCD-2C is a new updated version of the original non-Fazor LCD-2.

And for $599, I'd say they look like a pretty sweet deal!!

*Edit* - The $599 price was only an introductory price, which has now expired. The new MSRP is $799. Not quite as sweet, but still pretty good. :money_mouth:
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OMG YES. After hearing that the LCD-Pro might be the new LCD-MX4, I was really bummed. Now I don't care anymore! This is all I wanted! And it's much cheaper than I imagined it would be!
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Yeah, I screwed up!
My bad. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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This is all I wanted. If it can maintain the sound of those LCD-2 and be reliable, with more comfort and lower weight...this is the king. Looking forward to impressions.
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Wow. Was not expecting this.

This is awesome in so many ways. This is a run, don't walk type of deal.

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