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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Devarika Woulf
    Nice. I hope my Rev 2. stays in working condition! :L3000:
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  2. TokenGesture
    I could live with the classics and Hugo 2 for a long long time
  3. marcan
    Yep the rev2 is a really unique headphone and all their owners should be the happier mans in the world :)
    I tried several audeze (LCD2C, LCD2F,, LCDX, sins, LCDXC, LCD3 and LCD3F), and to my ears none of them was better than my rev2 except the first version of the LCD3. The rev2 has those visceral subs and creamy mids. They are also very power hungry in order to get their full potential. Sure they are a bit on the dark side but curiously without loosing details. All is there where it should be: details are still details (=not in your face).
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  4. heliosphann
    They just don't make em like they used to... lol

    I still think the 2C is a great headphone. Just not sure it should have been labeled as "Classic" just because it didn't have a fazor.
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  5. knowhatimean
    Well, how else would you want to differentiate that it wasn't a "fazored" LCD.

    The thing you have to remember is that the Original LCD 2 existed at least a year or more before Audeze decided to place the fazors in them. (We're not talking about which model is anyone's preference here; I'd only have to take the Fazors out)
  6. Devarika Woulf
    I read that before from you. Wasn't that when people were doing the toilet paper mods? What they did they change with the first revision of the LCD-3, and what was ruined; in your opinion?
  7. marcan
    Well first it's a personal preference. We are a group of 5 people all involved in the music who have audeze hp. Among them 4 prefer the rev2 but one prefer the LCDX.
    Now I wouldn't say it ruined the sound, just that it wasn't as good to my ears. The difference was mainly in the subs (the rev2 and the first LCD3 are a real king in that department) and sound coherence from to to bottom. The LCD3 was dynamically more open than the rev2 but when I decide to make the jump it was to late: the new LCD3 was released.
    I could say the introduction of the fazor but I don't think it tells the all story. Otherwise the LCDC and the rev2 should be closer. I think they change a lot things during the evolution so it's difficult to isolate the real cause.
    For example the sensitivity change drastically from the old models the new model. I can understand that it was necessary to target a larger audience that didn't have a big amp but it might also impart the sound. So with the change of the magnets, diaphragm, fazor and the sound variation even among the same revision ... it is scientifically impossible to isolate one factor. So we can only base our choice on a empiric process.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  8. vrln
    Just got mine. Quick question: are the yoke rods supposed to have the same level of force needed to adjust them on all steps? Mine are quite loose on the smallest setting, but all others need quite a lot of force to move (= optimal). Just wondering if this is a small manufacturing defect or normal...
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
  9. RatFarm
    Just put my LCD2C up for sale in case anyone is looking for one.
  10. Kermeli
    Anyone can compare Sony mdr Z1R and these? Im selling my z1r's and found used pair of LCD2C for quite cheap, im about to press the trigger on them.
  11. knowhatimean
    I went back & took another look at Tyll's review of the LCD2C ,as I couldn't recall what he had said about "Cymbal" sound that had me shaking my head & "Cracking Up"

    Tyll takes the time to carefully point out a headphone's design features in a language that a lot of new headphone users might not have known what to call these parts, & he normally does a pretty good job, It's when he starts talking about how a particular Headphone "sounds" is when his descriptions start to fall apart for myself. Plain & simple, most of what he talks about as far as sound qualtiy goes usually does more to describe what is wrong with how a tremendous amount of recorded Popular music is recorded to sound like. Better headphones are designed to try to help the "Cookie Cutter" (Instruments, Vocals,Percussion,etc are suppose to sound the way we recorded them) sound.

    Reviewers need to "Get a grip" & stop playing into the General Mediocrity of Popular Recorded Music. In truth listeners could save themselves a lot of $$$ (& time & $ they'll spend "modding" their Better headphones): trying to make them sound like less expensive HPs.

    My advice "Live Dangerously & try to see if the "different sound perpective" you're hearing "Grows on you & maybe even replaces the sound perpectives you were ued to". What you're used to isn't anything special it's only what you're familiar with ! (He.he,he....My perspective is not to settle for Recorded Mediocrity in the first place: Life's too short & there's no shortage of "Something Else" to replace things that you dislike for principal reasons alone)
  12. onevstheworld

    Sorry, knowwhatimean, I don't know what you mean.

    Are you ranting at;
    Reviewers in general,
    Popular music,
    or HP users in general?

    Maybe the excessive quotation marks and mid-sentence capitalizations are confusing me. :thinking:
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  13. knowhatimean
    Hmmm...... Fair enough ...... I have a pretty bad habit of not being as Coherent as I could be when I'm saying too many things at once.

    He,he,he..... The problem is, I suppose , that it's not really that important to myself to clear up my feelings about most of the things you bring up except to say I have high hopes for the LCD2C
    (Well, at least I hopefully didn't kill another thread......I'll never reach Headphoneous Supremeus at this rate......; just how full of yourself do you have to be to want this status rating silliness ! ) (there I go with the punctuation thing again)
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  14. JTori
    I've also got the GS2000e. Looking to complement them with the LCD2C or other headphone. Out of curiosity, what amp are you using to drive the these phones? I'm using a Cary HH-1 and hoping it will have enough juice.

  15. JTori
    Hi. Seriously eyeballing the LCD2Cs. Anyone driving these with a Cary HH-1? If so, how does the combo sound and does the amp deliver sufficient power to bring the phones to life?
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