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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. squee116
    Having similar experiences with the Bimby/Aune X7s (balanced). The 2c Might be too resolving for a lot of recordings. I'm noticing a lot of recordings I classically enjoy are distorting toward the extremes, but recordings with synth instruments (square waves) are fine. Electronic is that much more enjoyable, but sub par recordings with real instruments are exposed with a scarlet letter.
  2. Dadbeh
    what about jot + LCD-3? is it the same story?
  3. joeexp
    LCD3s are fine; The source is important too. What DAC are you using?
  4. Swiftfalcon
    I had more problems with dacs than jot amp per se. I m kinda treble insensitive so there is that. The mojo and mimby into bha1 are not cutting it to match the resolving capabilities of LCD2C I feel.
  5. Dadbeh
    I Have Audio-gd R2R11, Chord Mojo, and Sabaj DA3. I was thinking of buying a Jot for balanced to used with LCD-3 but you guys rained on that particular parade of mine :)
  6. gLer
    How are you liking your R2R-11? How do you rate it against the Mojo? Also if you’re after balanced, why not give the Audio-GD NFB-1 a try? Will be a nice step up from the R2R-11 amp and certainly better than the Jot.
  7. utdeep
    I have the WA7d with the WA7TP power supply. The LCD 2C sounds perfect to me.
  8. anoxy
    Haven't read this thread in a few weeks. How's everybody liking their 2C months after release?
  9. Violent_Sneeze
    Good to know, thanks. Now I'm wishing i had the TP power supply.. only have the standalone WA7 at the moment
  10. Swiftfalcon
    Okay maybe jumped the gun a bit; the issues I mentioned may be related to cold start of BHA1. The deficiencies I thought i heard from mojo and mimby seem to disappear when headphone amp has been warming for 30-40 min. Anyway enjoying the LCD 2C :)
  11. astrostar59
    I would say as we go up the line the source becomes more important. It reveals the problems upstream. So we get better SQ in one aspect, but find another aspect detracts from the enjoyment. Take it to the extreme, and use a phone with MP3s and maybe enjoy those on a cheap V FR HP. But plug in the LCD2 C and them you find out how bad that source is.
  12. ltanasom
    I currently have lcd2f. Is it worth getting lcd2c sonic-wise? thanks.
  13. joeexp
    They sound different - yes.
    What sound are you after?
  14. astrostar59
    IMO the LCD2 Classic is the buy of the century, I can't believe how good they are for the money. Maybe 90% of the LCD4 performance? Plus they are pretty efficient. Has anyone here tried them out of an iPhone?
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  15. TokenGesture
    I'm loving that. I've only heard the 4 briefly a couple of years ago.
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