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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. knowhatimean
    I'd have to agree with your assessment of these headphones, & I very rarely agree with much of anything I read on HF.

    I had the HD800..... They certainly didn't reach out & grab me with their "Musicality" even after correcting their flawed mechanical attempt at giving all recorded music their version of it. While the drivers the HD800 are also pretty fast their transients response isn't as fast. The HD800 is not being analytical of what was recorded it's adding some mechanical resonance to the driver's response to every played musical note. Enough about why I don't care for this HP.

    A lot of listeners like to refer to how Audeze HPs are Dark sounding , I guess it all comes down to your listening perspective. One of the first things I noticed about the LCD2C was how you were able to hear the layering of sound & the relative locations of played instruments to other instruments. Being able to hear a Dialog going on between instruments being played from their own distinct separate locations is not an easy trick to pull off correctly. I do think at some point I may try switching to Microsuede earpads , but surprisingly (for myself anyway) there's no rush to try that just yet. Comfort wise, I think the clamping force could be slightly less & I think this is were the MS pads will help a bit for myself.

    It's early, but as far as I can see I only see myself enjoying LCD2C even more. Thanks & Nice Job , Audeze
  2. Kermeli
    Got my audezes, can straight away tell i like these more than Z1R's.
  3. TSAVAlan
    Oh, very nice! The Z1R and LCD-2C has a fairly different sound to me but glad you seem to be enjoying the 2c!
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  4. chef8489
    Since I have the LCD2c is there any point in getting the HE4xx?
  5. Hifi59
    I would say to save up a few more $ and get the He-560. You can find this used often for under $350 used and new for under $450. It was once a $900 headphone that can compete with the big boys. Your best value I would say.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  6. Swiftfalcon
    What are lcd2c’s strengths over z1r
  7. willywill
    I have the Z7, compare to the LCD-2C they are not that different. I listen to the Z7 more due to their close back
    Z7 bass can get muddy depending on the song I know if i mod the Z7 I can have a better headphone
  8. Kermeli
    im no good describing sound, but the audezes have pretty decent subbass which the Z1R's didnt have.

    i just like planars more. Comfort wise the Z1R's murder these, and oh boy are the Z1R's sexy looking.
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  9. squee116
    LCD2C-Take 2: Balanced Connection
    Up to now, I've been getting the best results with my LCD2C out of my MAC 1900 and Violectric V200, with a slight preference for my MAC 1900. However, the LCD's seemed handicapped by overly relaxed treble and present but underpowered sub bass. I suspect both of my amps were under amping the LCDs. Why?

    I had an Aune X7s show up a week ago, but I was holding off testing it because of a lack of balanced cables. Little did I remember that I had a balanced cable that I received with a pair of T5P's that I bought used. I had no idea they used the same connector until I had them side by side on my desk by happenstance.

    I cannibalized some RCA cables, removed the Mac from the splitter coming from the output of my bimby, and put the aune in its place. The X7s doesn't balanced inputs, but phase inversion to balance the signal in the amp. The big difference, I suspect, is the extra power coming from the balanced out.

    I quickly reacquaint myself with the v200/lcd combo, listen to a few tracks from my headphone test list (John Williams conducting the Prague Philharmonic performing a Star Wars Medley, Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell, Jump (cover) by Ninja Sex Party, Lean On by Major Lazer, It's Not Me (cover) by Post Modern Jukebox.) As expected, the bells and flutes are a bit deflated in Star Wars, and the violins lack their normal luster. The bass is well controlled, but lacking impact. The vocals are still liquid gold in Both Sides Now, but the bass is sorely lacking. Jump is just about perfect. Leon On is incredibly engaging, but again, the sub bass is lacking. It's Not Me has incredible vocals, but the instrumentation is just not that compelling.

    Cue the x7s. The extra power brought out a little sparkle in the treble, just enough to make it properly engaging in its own right, and a little more impact in the bass, across the board. Vocals took a big step forward in Jump, not in a good way. Vocals are way too loud compared to instruments. But Both Sides Now has just little extra oomph in the extremes, as does Lean On and It's Not Me. The difference isn't night and day, but the small push in the treble and bass can greatly influence your appreciation for a recording, better and worse. In my listening, though, the aggregate effect is a benefit to about 80% to 90% of recordings.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
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  10. poekimalu
    Hi everyone, just got my LCD2C couple days ago and I love it. Just wondering if anyone put Lohb suspension straps on the HP's to make more comfy?
  11. gLer
    I thought the new suspension strap eliminated the need for the Lohb strap? I can confirm the Lohb is super comfy - more so than the CF headband. Haven’t tried the 2C headband yet but many on this thread suggested it was better than the CF band.
  12. Swiftfalcon
    After 3-4 days of listening to LCD 2C, I feel they are more on the resolving side and less on forgiving side. Heard a lot about how Audeze LCD series generally are forgiving, but I don’t get that experience. They sound really really good from a hugo 2 - reference level good. Hugo 2> BHA1, they lose some transparency and texture but gain more slam, width, maybe dynamism. Hugo 2 > jotunheim the notes start smearing and resonanting here and there, still tolerable. Changing the DAC to mojo or mimby and outputting to bha1,jot,ican se - LCD2C lays bare the weaknesses of both the dacs. Whereas my Hd650 sounds fine even straight from the jotunheim dac amp, or my HE400I straight from the mojo, the LCD2C pretty much demands the Hugo2 as the dac and either straight from H2 or via BHA1 as amp. I have a feeling they will benefit from balanced cable and am seriously contemplating one.

    Listening to tidal hifi and Apple music didn’t sound different though from the LCD 2C; leave that one to the HD800S lol.
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  13. poekimalu
    Yeah maybe its just me. Just got it 3 days ago and on my 2nd day I wear it in the morning after I woke up and it really gimme headache. Gonna try to get used to it and maybe order the Lohb straps as well
  14. joeexp
    The LCD 2C and the Jot are not a good pairing. The LCD 2Cs make you focus on the Jot treble 'steeliness'.
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  15. Violent_Sneeze
    Anyone try the LCD2C with the latest version of the WA7 Fireflies? (The one with the ESS SABRE reference DAC). I've got a pair of 2C coming in on Friday and was wondering how they would pair with the 2016 WA7 with EH gold pin tubes that I have.

    I've heard people say they were muddy on this setup and I've heard people say they sounded excellent. So which is it? I'm just hoping not to be severely disappointed especially since I've owned the LCD 2.2 with a Violectric V200 and Resonessence Concero HD way back in the day. Unfortunately life kinda got in the way and I had to do a little "downgrading" with my setup.

    I just miss the magic of those mids..
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