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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. DiabeticWalrus
    There have been a few posts talking about breaking the seal on these and it sounding better, and I have to agree. If I pull out both cups to where there's (I'm guessing) a 1/4 inch gap between my ears and the cups the bass and sound are improved considerably. If there was a way to wear these permanently as described above, that would make these even better but obviously would be tough to do.
  2. Uri Cohen
    I sold my GS2000e not too long ago. I was using the WA6-SE Woo Audio Tube Amp for the LCD2C.
  3. Mitchuuu
    Thank you for confirming that I'm not crazy and that this isn't an anomaly of my headphones!
    I was thinking of applying a moderately thick tape with a soft-to-the-touch finish material to the pads such that you move the headphones away a bit and leave gaps to break the seal.
    Probably a terrible idea :)
  4. Mitchuuu
    Actually, I think there might be a better, 3D printed solution to this...
  5. DiabeticWalrus
    Yeah, it's a bit frustrating that a $600 set of cans sound better when you pull them *off* your head... The bass and sound was improved when I added a Magni 3, but I wouldn't hesitate to say it almost doubles when I break the seal.
  6. Mitchuuu
    It's kind of incredible and even more incredible that people haven't been talking about this more. I mean, it SERIOUSLY improves their sound, particularly in the bass region.

    When I wrote my rather unhappy first impressions I was listening to this track:

    and I was so turned off by the utter lack of bass. Mid chorus there's a big bass drop which is the highlight of the track. With no eq and without pulling the headphones off for the bass improvement its... I mean it's almost not there. The song just doesn't work. Their "relaxed sound" didn't bode well for a messy, maximalist song like this and left everything feeling flat and lifeless.

    With these (plebby v-curve) eq settings and pulling them off a bit, the sound is transformed. I still find something in the mid range too warm and claustrophobic with certain vocals but overall my feelings about these headphones have changed drastically :) I'm gonna put some time into trying to workout a mod for them. Fingers crossed.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  7. astrostar59
    I don't find these HPs lacking in bass at all. And I would not recommend breaking the seal, as that will lead to overdriving the diaphragms and probably incur a failure. My Classics rock and have fast bass power and detail. So unless you are a bass head, or there is some variances in production....
  8. DiabeticWalrus
    By breaking the seal I mean just pulling them away from my head, nothing else. It's the equivalent of playing music through them while laying on my desk so I don't know how I would overdrive anything that way...
  9. DiabeticWalrus

    If you happen to find something that works, even if rudimentary post it for sure!
  10. MyNickIsUnique
    LCD2C vs Hifiman HE400i

    Audeze is more natural, sound bigger, cleaner, more revealing and yet less fatiguing at higher volume and the most importantly, audeze have much much much better low frequencies. Its not neutral or analytical. No. But you dont want neutral and analytical for music or movies. I used to have decent 5.1 system and this beats my former subwoofer. Thats how good low frequencies on these are.
    Both headphones are very well build. Both are very comfortable and can be easily worn all day long. As source goes, im driving them from Audeze Deckard amp/dac - they both dont need usually much more than 10´o clock volume on low gain (he400i needs slightly more to my surprise). There are some other minor differences, like quality of cable, packaging, premium feeling, but thats not important really and you can read it somewhere else. I know it is not exactly fair to compare those, because of price difference. I bought he400i in discount for 500USD incl. tax and audeze cost me 800USD (europe, incl. tax, with christmas discount ) but in some parts of the world on some day these two might be quite close to each other as pricing goes and he400i have very good reputation and kind of aura of awesome product performing way above its price, so it might lead someone to think, that these are on the same level. aint the same ****in ballpark. it aint the same league. it aint the same ****in sport.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  11. Hifi59
    I agree. I’m not getting this lack of bass thing. Besides the 2C, I own the lcd XC, lcd 3f and lcd 4. The 2C stands it’s own ground against all of them. Enough so that they are in the same league, but they present bass it in their own way. Still has that Audeze bass just like the others.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  12. Gambitek
    I think it's subjective. Multiple reviewers who know their stuff (Metal571, Tyll) have said some Audezes, including the LCD2C could use 2 db from 10-120 hz. My LCD2Cs bass felt a bit lacking until I EQ'd to their recommendations. If the LCD2C bass out of the box isn't neutral, I don't know what is.
  13. hanouk

    You have old (SMC connector) or newer (2.5mm) version of HE400i ?

    I have the 2.5mm version and I find them flat with a bass impact a bit shy for a planar.
  14. astrostar59
    I would ask Audeze's opinion TBH. You are effectively removing the rev limiter, and the drivers are no longer in a pressurised environment. Buy go ahead and do it, you know best.....
  15. Mitchuuu
    I've found the bass to be good out of the box with more spacious and immaculately produced music, but with busier music it doesn't work well.

    If there is a real variance in our headphones, not just a perceived/subjective difference, do you think it's possible it has to do with the amount of damping material? Since it appears that depressurizing them is what's changing the sound, do you think too much damping on the back end is preventing some pairs from "breathing" properly?

    I'd really like to just open them up but I don't have a screwdriver... That'll have to wait until the weekend.
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