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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. narcispy
    Any special markings I need to check for when looking for used ones to find out if they are nov 2015 or after?
  2. DavidA

    I think the only ones who can provide the info is Audeze or the dealer you work with.  Might be from a certain SN on would be my guess.
  3. Ampeezy
  4. narcispy
    Well that's a shame.  I'm going to try and track some down then.
  5. torpedorag
    My shedua lcd-2 came with a card with the manufacturing date handwritten on it. Nov 2015

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  6. DavidA

    If you buy directly from Audeze then it would be one made after Nov 2015 since that is all they have in stock.  If you go the dealer route then the dealer will have to contact Audeze and verify which might not be the best way.
  7. Alchemist007
    When was the last change made, nov 2015 or april 2016?
  8. DavidA

    Nov-Dec 2015
  9. narcispy

    Some guy on the forums had a newer pair for sale so I just bought them. I can't wait.
  10. silversurfer616
    My LCD2 bought in 11/14 from an authorised dealer, suffered driver failure yesterday, so after warranty repair I should get back the newer drivers.
    Not that I really miss them after roughly 50 hours of use since purchase but maybe the new drivers will please me more!?
  11. DavidA

    Okay, now I understand why you wanted to know if there was a way to identify the newer version.  Did the seller have that info for you?  If not you can contact Audeze with your SN and they can give you the date of manufacture.
  12. DivineCurrent
    I sold my HE-400i, and I'm ready to upgrade in the world of planars! I've heard many great things about the LCD-2, but there are those who say the treble is subdued? I'm coming from the HD650, it's not less treble than them right? In fact, I would assume since the LCD-2 is planar, it has much better bass extension and even not as rolled off treble. 
  13. Ampeezy
    Recent revisions have dealt with any subdued treble mate, and yes the newer model has really good bass extension all the way down to 5hz like the pre fazors and you will hear it.
  14. exsomnis
    With enough good amplification :)
  15. narcispy
    Yes, seller purchased from an authorized dealer in April 2016.  I would expect them to be the newest version.  Either way I'm sure I'll enjoy them.
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