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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. sigrist
    I agree with the above posters regarding rock/metal on the LCD-2.
    My previous highest quality set was the HD600. I still love them, simply amazing for classical, super balanced, laid back, delicious really. I enjoyed even listening to rock with them.
    But the new toy, the LCD-2, simply adds another dimension to my enjoyment of rock music in particular. There's something about it, and I'm just gonna throw it out there that a BIG part of it is the way it renders rock drums, that just makes rock and roll sound electrifying!
    My first 2 days with the LCD-2 were in a nice weekend, I couldn't take them off my head mostly, and later I found out that my feet were sore for some reason... weird huh? But then I realized why, it was because I was tapping my toes nonstop, the whole time. The rhythm, the drums, man! The bass of the LCD-2 is incredible, it has amazing extension, tightness, speed, and that adds to the rhythm because of bass guitar and bass drums; also the detail on highs like cymbals and hi-hat is the best I've heard so far. It all adds up to an amazing presence and realism in the drums that just makes it all a much more engaging experience.
    LCD-2 simply rocks.
    On sources, all I tried it with was CLAS+SR-71B, using ALO Audio copper balanced cable. To my ears it all sounds amazing; however I don't have any experience on how LCD-2s behave across multiple different sources/amps. All I know is the combo I have works spectacularly well for me.
     -- thiago
  2. blur510
    wow I just got my LCD-2 today and I am impress. everything just sounds amazing. I would often skip some tracks from my player because they sounded fatiguing on my old cans, but so far everything is awesome. I don't even have the right amp yet and I can already tell that I will love this headphone.. it's a keeper for sure.  
  3. MrScary

    Welcome to the club :D
  4. brasewel


    You have an LCD-2 as well? I just bought one yesterday as well. They wowed me when running balanced on my rig at a meet on Saturday. 
  5. blur510


    yeah I received mine monday!!! and yeah I love them, I bought your LA2000 because I have always wanted to own one.. they are so beautiful... I know they sound amazing too.. BTW I am gonna be paring mine with Gilmore lite with DPS. (thanks el_doug)
  6. brasewel
    I've listened to his rig, they sound pretty good through it
  7. Canadian411
    Just received my LCD2 pair with Emmeline SR-71b, what an amazing headphone.
    I also have Beyerdynamic Preminum DT990 600ohm and thought that the bass can't be beaten but LCD2 changed me, yes changed me, haha :)
    Still waiting for ALO 18awg cables.
    Do you guys prefer Silver Dragon silver plated cables ? or ALO gold plated cables ?
    And what are the differences ?
    Thanks in advance.
  8. MrScary

    Welcome to the LCD-2 Club sounds like you already love them :wink:
  9. brasewel
    I will be using a Balanced 4 conductor Norse Audio cable with my LCDs. I've heard the 8 conductor and they are simply fantastic but not available at the moment. The 4 conductor cables are close in performance and cheap.
  10. Canadian411
    To MrScray, Ya love this headphone, thanks !
  11. MrScary

    Yeah me too :wink:
  12. Gilst
    Hey there.
    I've got my LCD-2 for over a week, and I absolutely love them.
    However there's a strange thing: It seems like they almost need a daily burn-in.
    When I come back from work, they sound dry and dull. After around a hour - hour and half of playing they start to shine.
    And by shine I mean irradiate in all the spectrum.
    I'm currently using a Corda Aria plugged in a Jolida - hybrid stereo amp.
    I know it sounds strange, and that's probably my hardware warming up, but IMHO the tubes and SS components need only around 15 minutes to warm up.
    Maybe it's my ears that need a daily exercise.
  13. Permagrin
    ^^ Do you keep your amp turned on while you're away or allow it to warm up before listening? :wink:
  14. MrScary


    Is your amp broken in or is it new?
  15. kwkarth

    I own two Corda arias and they're nice sounding amps, but I've found they do need over half an hour to sound their best.  Secondly, the Aria doesn't have anywhere near enough power to make the LCD-2 sound their best.  The LCD-2s themselves shouldn't need any real "warm up" as such.  I would suggest giving yourself a couple more weeks to get used to your stuff, and remember, you're got lots of room left for upgrading!  Maybe you are subjected to a lot of noise and stress at work and you need time to decompress after you get home?  Take care of your ears man, there is no upgrade for them!!
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