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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. oqvist
    Stressful after work? Need to relax and tune in to the music?  For me there is also some "magic" hours. Always played well for me. Only soundstaging and comfort that can sometimes frustrate me..
    Maybe the LCD-2 do need warmup as well though. I remember how bright it was during our cold winter with colder and drier air also indoors. It seem to affect the LCD-2 more then any of my other headphones.
    My solid state amp I leave on. Feel a bit bad about that but it´s not a megawatt amp at least. As for my tube yes don´t need much time to enjoy that.
  2. MrScary

    Yeah I have not noticed any warm up time with the LCD-2's, The Lyr that I'm using for them takes maybe a minute to warm up as the tubes I'm using run hot..
  3. Gilst
    Thanks for the replies!
    I used to leave it on for 24/7 to break it in, but now have ot turned off when I'm not home, kind of to prolong the tubes' life.
    I have it for a few months, and use it massively, so It's a couple of hundred hours usage old   
    I guess I'll just leave it on, worst scenario - another pair of tubes to roll.
    That must be it! The Corda warming up. Thanks for the info.
    I personally never turn the volume up past 11 o'clock (non-USB mode), and it sounds surprisingly smooth and full, nothing like the frustration I felt while using it with the HD595's.
    I have a used M^3 coming soon, will see where I go from there.
    Thanks again!
  4. Zinterax
    Could anyone who has bought a pair recently comment on the current wait time? Looking at some of the older reviews they mentioned 1-3 months. I'm interested in ordering a pair, but will be moving soon and don't want any issues with them going to the wrong address.
  5. grokit
    The wait time has been eliminated, Audeze is all caught up now and are actively shipping them out to other retailers as well as continuing to sell them direct.
  6. brasewel
    Just got my pair today. While I have heard them before at meets, this is the first time I can truly appreciate how good they are. They are quite an upgrade from my LA2000, not as bassy and instrument separation is just phenomenal. The Denon headphone seemed so congested in comparison. Can't wait for my Norse Audio balanced cable to arrive on Saturday. 
  7. Canadian411
    Is it just me but I can only wear LCD2 for about an hour, after that I start to get lot of pressure from front and upper side of my ears.
    I have Beyerdynamic DT990 and it's pretty comfortable compare to lcd2.
    Any thought ?
  8. Permagrin

    I'm not a marathon listener like some so an hour would be it for me too and I would probably have a little tenderness from the cups. You could adjust them and thus reduce the pressure exerted but I wouldn't lest it would affect the sound.
  9. DemonicLemming
    That's the same spot that starts to get a little tight for me after listening to them for a while.  I normally just adjust the cups forward a bit for a couple songs, and then slide them back into place.

  10. grokit
    I used to get that pressure on my temples with my first LCD-2 but not with the more recent pair, which seems to have minimally less tension and subtly softer earpads. I would try bending the band out a bit more down by the earpieces, where it is already bent. I would think that you could always bend it back if it changes the sound.
  11. MrScary
    Guess I just have a hard head the LCD-2's don't bother me at all and I work from home and I wear them sometimes up to 4-5 hours at a time
  12. brasewel
    The LCDs don't bother me at all. Infact, I find them supremely comfortable and I have a pretty big head with large earlobes [​IMG]
  13. Canadian411
    I probably have the largest head in the world then. :)
    I had to extend the headband all the way to the end to fit my megamind head.
    Even Beyerdynamic headphones are too small for my head, thought that Germans are bigger. :)
  14. brasewel

    Same here. I have them extended all the way.
  15. ianmedium
    It is late. So far I have listened to Patty Griffin's album Downtown church , John Mellencamp, Jennifer Warnes, famous blue raincoat and now finishing the evening off with Massive attacks mezzanine and the way the LCD2's handle such diverse music and allow me to not only enjoy but also fully immerse myself in it is truly remarkable. I have not heard headphones before that can handle such diversity with such clarity and immersion.. Truly wonderful!
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