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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. zerolight
    Thinking of ordering a pair of isine 10 with the V2 Cypher cable. Does everyone still enjoy these? How does the V2 cable compare with the V1? I saw one YouTuber suggest the V1 was better at eqing out a spike in the treble?
  2. howdy
    Glad to see you over vs. the wireless thread so we don't go off topic.
    As you know I have V1 and V2 I think V1 has more organic sound to it but I generally use V2 as I found some great seetings and tweaking over the years. I have the 20s and never heard the 10s before but if you read the thread it seems to be that the 20s handle eq better. Maybe someone else can add some input.
  3. zerolight
    Ordered a pair from CEX. Used, so who knows, might come with a V1 or V2.
  4. Dobrescu George
    My review on iSine20 is live now! truly, a unique open-back IEM with a unique sound, all in a package that can be connected easily to any iPhone using the Cipher cable, to provide a truly magical sound. The catch here is that you can get their magical, smooth and warm sound pretty much only using an iphone :)

    Uploading the review to Head-fi as well very soon!




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  5. donato
    First off, your photography is stunning. your placement of technology contrasting with nature is striking. Technically, I also love the color rendition, lack of graininess, your use of short DOF, and that is some beautiful bokeh. Wait, this isn't a photography forum.

    Your photo immediately made me recall your MX4 review too. I also recall with that one thinking, "gee, i didn't know Audeze grew in trees" :beyersmile:.

    Thanks for another great detailed review. I agree with so much of what you had to say. i think the sound of the isine20's is impressive and enjoyable and was a bit of game changer (open back IEM) when they came out. It may be because I am an "open backed planar guy" but I think they are pretty special too. I'd agree with cipher cable is a huge plus and always use it myself, but there are other ways to get the EQ (e.g. Audeze's reveal plugins, Roon, etc.), but I'm not sure how to do so otherwise for portable use (now I'm curious to try them on my desktop setup which I have never done). I run with them on a regular basis and have even done so in the rain with no ill effect. Probably wouldn't want to try that with MX4s. :wink: In any case, thanks again for all the work you've done for another fantastic write up.
  6. gonzfi
    I hope you didn't scratch them on the rough bark
  7. Dobrescu George
    Thank you very much for your kind words! :)

    I like photography :) It's been fun for me as well to work on iSine20!

    I'm pretty much in exactly the same ship as you, I only used them portably, only with an apple device, I haven't yet tried the reveal plugin on desktop, and I really don't know if I can try that on anything that isn't apple :)

    Don't worry, they're fine! :)

    I did much worse with audio equipment and it survived. If there's anything I really try to avoid, that is water, nothing will survive water, but as far as scratches go, a lot of my photos were done on the ground or on stones / trees, I actually should add to most of my reviews that I also drop test some equipment :)

    So far, absolutely everything survived this really well :)
  8. acia
    V 1 or v 2 cipher cable?
  9. Dobrescu George
    Latest, from the looks of it, V2 :)
  10. acia
    gold nuggets certainly grow in tress for i4.
  11. Sound Eq
    hi, any other sources to buy the ear hooks than buying from audeze as they charge alot for shipping internationally
  12. zerolight
    My 10s arrived from CEX for bargain price of £140. Look brand new and appear to have all extras. It's a V1 cable that doesn't look like it's been used. Might be missing a couple of ear tips. Other than that, great. What's the consensus on EQ for these with the v1 cipher.
  13. reddington
    Looking forward to impressions for the cipher BT.
  14. youngarthur
    Message Frank88 on here, he does the hooks that are very strong. Ive used mine for quite a while, and never had a problem.
  15. upsguys88
    You can get great new hooks from Audeze really cheap
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