audeze isine 20
  1. Audeze

    Lightning to USB-C - For Audeze and other lightning headphones

    Anker released a Lightning to USB-C adapter that allow any lightning connected headphone to USB-C devices. This works flawlessly with the Audeze iSine, El8 and Sine headphones. We have tested it with IPad Pro, Windows surface, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy mobile phones Apple MFi Certified...

    What item shall I sell? Audeze iSINE 20 / Audeze SINE (close) / Audeze SINE DX (open)

    Right now I have three items as listed below. 1) Audeze iSINE 20 2) Audeze SINE (close) 3) Audeze SINE DX (open) I always use Dragonfly RED as my primary DAC/AMP and planning to sell ONE of my current rig for a money reason. I want to ask for your opinion. Which item shall I sell?
  3. TimeSnow

    €500-€600 IEMs for audio professional

    Looking to spend €500-€600. I will need to be able to work with these from time to time, but would also like to enjoy them. LOL. Having sub bass is very important to me, but it can't overwhelm, etc. No V shapes, please. I have been asking around a bit and the suggestions that most stick out...
  4. Audeze

    Audeze DSP presets now available in Roon

    Audeze is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Roon Labs to offer optional DSP presets for all our headphone models. Roon's Audeze presets apply carefully designed filters specific to the selected Audeze headphone models. In addition to using our headphones “flat (no EQ)” these...
  5. hillbilly559

    Will AK JR benefit with portable amp?

    I have had an Astell & Kern Jr. DAP for a while and love it. I just received an Audeze isine 20 to pair with it. It sounds pretty good, but I was wondering if I would benefit using a portable amp with it. I listen mostly to jazz, and lean towards V-shaped signatures, like my Fostex TH900. Thanks...
  6. Madcat207

    Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

    Details still coming out, but at IFA today, it looks like they released two new IEMs today, the iSine 10 and 20. Article on TheVerge: