audeze isine 20
  1. G

    SOLD Audeze iSine 20 - with Cipher cable and Bluetooth cable

    Hi all. I am selling my Audeze iSine 20. Price 280eur. They are two years old. Bought in Germany from distributor. Price includes all accessories. Shipping is extra. What comes with these IEMs: -original paper/plastic box -Audeze carrying case -warranty card, usb -all Audeze original ear...
  2. bogginhead

    (WTT) (US-AL) HIFIMAN Sundara (f) Audeze iSine 20, Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon, or Fostex T60rp

    Title says it all; mainly wanting the iSine 20 but would love either of the other two. Sundara in mint condition and comes with original packaging and accessories, as well as info / warranty info card. I have a couple of other pieces of gear I can add to a trade if that'll help (RE600s, Fiio...
  3. viveksaikia22

    [WTB/T] Looking for Audeze iSine 20

    Hi All, I am looking for an Audeze iSine 20 IEM. I can also trade my Campfire Audio Comet + cash from my end for your iSine 20. I prefer seller based in CONUS to avoid huge shipping charges. Please DM me if you have one for sale. Thanks Vivek
  4. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Audeze iSine20 [ SOLD]

    I have a pair of Audeze iSine20's for sale they come with the following accessories (Ear tips, Ear hooks, 3.5 mm cable, Cipher Cable V2, Carrying case and insert) and original packaging and are in excellent condition. I tried them out for less than 2 hours and found out quickly that they...
  5. Audeze

    Lightning to USB-C - For Audeze and other lightning headphones

    Anker released a Lightning to USB-C adapter that allow any lightning connected headphone to USB-C devices. This works flawlessly with the Audeze iSine, El8 and Sine headphones. We have tested it with IPad Pro, Windows surface, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy mobile phones Apple MFi Certified...
  6. Victorfabius

    [SOLD!] Audeze iSine 20 w/V.1 Cipher Cable $250

    Hello! Price includes shipping to ConUS and I assume all PayPal fees. I got these open box, but the warranty does not seem to be valid, which is why the cost is low on this listing compared to other iSine listings. Comes with everything pictured, which may not be all of the accessories...
  7. Tex Irie

    Gustard A20H for a Noble Audio Dulce Bass/Sage/Savanna , Audeze iSine20, or Westone W60 [Traded]

    I am looking to acquire a Noble Audio Dulce Bass | Sage | Savanna, Audeze iSine20 , Campfire Audio Lyra II | Jupiter, or Westone W60's in exchange for a Gustard A20H with a 4-pin XLR Balanced Male to 2.5mm TRRS Female Balanced Cable, AudioQuest Forest USB A to USB B Cable (1.5m), Gustard Remote...
  8. sklaus28

    Audeze iSine 20 + Cipher Cable V2

    No longer want to have them. Like new, only use for 20 hours. Can provide you receipt for warranty. Cipher cable v2 bundled. Asking price $460 Incl. Paypal fee, buyer pay the shipping fee. Thank you! Also for sale mirrorless Fujifilm XT20 Mint condition, no box, comes along with XF...
  9. shanecg32

    Like New Audeze iSine 20 In Ear Headphone

    This is a catch and release for me. These headphones offer incredible sound quality, but I could not get a good fit on my ear. Got a good deal on these, so I will pass it along. $400 net to me. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please see my feedback. Thanks for looking!

    What item shall I sell? Audeze iSINE 20 / Audeze SINE (close) / Audeze SINE DX (open)

    Right now I have three items as listed below. 1) Audeze iSINE 20 2) Audeze SINE (close) 3) Audeze SINE DX (open) I always use Dragonfly RED as my primary DAC/AMP and planning to sell ONE of my current rig for a money reason. I want to ask for your opinion. Which item shall I sell?
  11. scorp32

    For Sale: Audeze iSine 20 w/ Cypher cable 35% off MSRP

    ALL ITEMS SPLIT SHIPPING FEE 50% with WHICHEVER SHIPPING CARRIER YOU PREFER. SOLD---- Audeze iSine 20 w/cypher cable: $380 Shipping from Beijing, China. MSRP $599. I am the original owner. These are in like-new condition for being used for less than 50 hours of listening time. I personally...
  12. scorp32

    FS: Audeze iSine 20 w/lightning cypher, JH Roxanne (Custom), Westone W4R

    Hi guys, I am letting go of some things due to my upgrade to the Tia Fourte and Chord Dave. Chord Hugo (silver) in great condition. This has stayed home in it's leather case I separately purchased. I am the 2nd owner of the Hugo. I have purchased them from a member here "paul66" and have...
  13. scorp32

    FS: Chord Hugo (Silver) + Astell & Kern RWAK120 Titan

    Hi guys, I am letting go of some things due to my upgrade to the Tia Fourte and Chord Dave. Chord Hugo (silver) in great condition. This has stayed home in it's leather case I separately purchased. I am the 2nd owner of the Hugo. I have purchased them from a member here "paul66" and have...
  14. TimeSnow

    €500-€600 IEMs for audio professional

    Looking to spend €500-€600. I will need to be able to work with these from time to time, but would also like to enjoy them. LOL. Having sub bass is very important to me, but it can't overwhelm, etc. No V shapes, please. I have been asking around a bit and the suggestions that most stick out...
  15. siderak

    Audeze isine 20 cipher cable

    Nearly new condition only about 60 hours use. Includes both regular and cipher cable. Zero blemishes. Monitors and cable babied. All accessories new and include the later version groovy tips. I only used them with a pair of comply tips. I'll include the remaining 2 pair of unused comply tips...
  16. Audeze

    Audeze DSP presets now available in Roon

    Audeze is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Roon Labs to offer optional DSP presets for all our headphone models. Roon's Audeze presets apply carefully designed filters specific to the selected Audeze headphone models. In addition to using our headphones “flat (no EQ)” these...
  17. hillbilly559

    Will AK JR benefit with portable amp?

    I have had an Astell & Kern Jr. DAP for a while and love it. I just received an Audeze isine 20 to pair with it. It sounds pretty good, but I was wondering if I would benefit using a portable amp with it. I listen mostly to jazz, and lean towards V-shaped signatures, like my Fostex TH900. Thanks...
  18. Khragon

    FS: Audeze iSine 20 - Sold

    Sold. Purchased used. In great condition. Price is $old + fee. Thanks.
  19. Madcat207

    Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

    Details still coming out, but at IFA today, it looks like they released two new IEMs today, the iSine 10 and 20. Article on TheVerge: