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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. youngarthur
    Frank88 on here, makes iSine ear hooks Mine have been fine every since using them.
  2. billypepper
    I use the SpinFit ones and never looked back to the stock ones.
    I found out about them here, ordered from Amazon US even if I’m in EU.
    I ordered the CP155 (medium) ones, the 5.5mm nozzle hole fit snugly on the isine10 nozzle, with the stock ones they would eventually fall off! So while I’m not very sure about what’s the difference between the various SpinFit models, I’d say stick with 5.5mm nozzle hole, and maybe Large size in your case.

    So I gather I need to contact “Frank88” for good ear hooks..
  3. Uncle00Jesse
    Thanks for all the info on tips. Think I’m set now. The real debate now is going for a regular cipher cable or the Bluetooth module. I really like the thought of Bluetooth but concerned I’m giving up power/sq as opposed to the wired version. I know it’s relatively new but has anyone with both been able to compare?
  4. acia
    Assuming u r using iPhone .

    Lightning limited to 24 48

    Aptx-hd ditto .
  5. upsguys88
    Has anyone tried the MOSFIT isine20 dsp on the UAPP? I think it sounds amazing!
  6. billypepper
    I think, if you’re invested in Lightning devices, go with Cypher v2 so you can actually EQ them system-wise (thanks to the Audeze HQ app) on iOS devices.
    What if you buy the Bluetooth module and you don’t like the stock EQ? You would need to EQ on an app-by-app basis on iOS, and most non music player apps have no EQ at all, so you would open Youtube or a streaming radio app and have to live with the stock EQ. That’s my reasoning at least. I’m staying with iSine10+Cypher_v2 for wired and (soon) Airpods2 for wireless.

    Now what EQ to apply in the Audeze app is a whole other matter...mine used to be pretty bass heavy but I’m considering switching to this gentleman’s more natural EQ


    (note: don’t apply the above EQ to the Cypher v1, it is STRICTLY meant for the Cypher v2, as the response is completely different)
  7. MonsieurNiceGuy
    Has anyone had their bluetooth Cipher's ship out lately? A friend of mine purchased theirs in mid-Feb and hasn't had theirs ship out yet at all.

    It's made me really hesitant to order one for myself if its going to take over a month due to it being back ordered.
  8. areek
    Can you elaborate on this?
  9. upsguys88
    click the button at the top i circled, then press “morphit” and you will see this screen
    You have to buy it for like $2 or something and you choose isine20 under the headphone list
  10. areek
    Oh you meant morphit. I saw Mosfit and I got confused.
  11. upsguys88
    lol yeah wrong spelling. Have you used it?
  12. howdy
    I ordered mine sometime early to mid Feburary and have not received it yet either.
  13. drwhiteboy
    curious about how morphit on uapp compares to EQ or something like the reveal plugin.

    what morphit settings do you use?

    type and target both isine20? amount the full 200%?
  14. howdy
    All Cipher BT cables shipped Friday and some early this week, so we shall be getting them within a week.
  15. howdy
    Just got my Cipher cable today, can't wait to try it!
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